10 Latest and Most Popular Tourist Attractions on Obi . Island


Obi Island is one of the islands that is actually quite popular in Indonesia. This island is known for its high quality agate. In addition, this island has a natural tourist area that is truly enchanting. The environment there is so clean and beautiful, which adds to the beauty of every tourist spot presented.

The island, with the full name Obihara Island, is the largest island in the Obi Archipelago. Within the island there are several other small islands that can be reached by fishing boat or speedboat. There are many islands nearby that are no less beautiful and interesting for tourists.

Interesting places on the island are also quite diverse. On this island you will find various natural destinations, from beaches to mountains. With the many natural tourist destinations that Obi Island has to offer, the following is a list of popular tourist attractions that are recommended and it would be a shame not to visit them.

1. Galala Waterfalls

Galala Falls
Photo by Facebook Leni Akelou

Located in the village of Galala, Galala waterfall has a variety of charms that are so interesting and unique. You can play in the water bath under the waterfall. In addition, taking pictures or just relaxing and enjoying the time with your beloved family is quite a fun activity.

There are still not many public facilities in the area, but you can still enjoy a comfortable and exciting holiday atmosphere. Apart from the waterfall, there is also a very nice little cave not far from the area.

Inside the cave you will find hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites made up of natural minerals that are brightly colored. This is of course very unique as it is rarely found in other caves. You can take pictures and explore the cave with adequate lighting.

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Address: Gala, district. North Obi, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas.

2. Anggai Gold Mine

Anggai gold mine
Photo by Facebook Nadhar Yahya

This location does not have a natural atmosphere like some of the other natural attractions on Obi Island. However, in this area you will immediately find the gold mining process. From the process of mining gold in the field to separating gold from the sand. You can also see the gold refining process there.

The mine can be used as a suitable educational tour to increase knowledge in the mining sector. You can buy gold nuggets for the miners who were there as a souvenir or as a memento of a visit to the Anggai gold mine.

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Address: Anggai, Kec. Obi, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas.

3. Red and White Beach

red and white beach
Photo by Google Maps Theo S.A

This beach is quite interesting for you to visit while on Obi Island. On this red and white beach there are not only beautiful and enchanting natural panoramas. In addition, you can enjoy various facilities that have been set up around the beach, such as playgrounds, gazebos, but also various interesting and unique photo spots.

The sand on this beach is so clean and white. The waves also flow slowly so you can play comfortably on the beach. In addition, the seawater is clear and free of waste. All tourists who come there should maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the beach.

You can certainly rest in some shady and instagrammable gazebos. The view of the sunset on this beach can also spoil the eyes of any tourist.

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Address: New, district. Obi, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas..

4. Santari Island

Santari Island
Photo by Google Maps Aggras Annandah

Santari Island is a group of small islands north of Obi Island. Santari Island is not that big, but on the island you can enjoy the ocean more clearly. Many marine biota living there can be clearly seen. Moreover, the white sand there is still very clean.

Tourists can also see many small coral reefs around the island. The calm and clear sea water makes everyone feel comfortable during their vacation there. From this island you can enjoy a wide and beautiful panorama of the horizon.

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Address: East Madapolo, Kec. North Obi, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas.

5. Sambiki Island

Sambiki Island
Photo by Twitter Rudi Sapsuha

Sambiki Island has only 1 hour travel time by canoe or speedboat to cross there. Although the island is not large, you can enjoy a variety of fun tourist activities with natural wealth that is still beautiful and beautiful.

Activities often performed by tourists on this island include photo hunting and diving. The location is still very original with clean white sand and very clear sea water. You can see different colors and types of coral reefs whose marine biota ecosystems have never been touched by human hands.

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Address: Pascal, district. Central Mangoli, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas.

6. Striped Island

striped island
Photo by Google Maps Kas irin

This island is home to a variety of flora and fauna typical of Central Indonesia that are quite difficult to find in other areas. The endemic fauna that is the mainstay on Belang-Belang Island are forest deer and Maleo birds. This island is the natural habitat of this endemic animal.

Although you can visit this island freely, it would be nice if you keep nature there. You will also find various historical remains from the Dutch colonial period in the form of forts, wells, typical Dutch houses, and so on.

According to the locals, the Dutch came there during the era of the Nuku sultanate of Tidore. Although the island of Belang-Belang is now uninhabited, tourists can still enjoy its natural wealth and adequate amenities.

Tourists can rent a speedboat or a small boat to guide diving activities. The collection of coral reefs in this area is quite popular for its incomparable beauty.

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Address: surroundings. Obi Barat, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas.

7. Obika Falls

Obika Falls
Photo by Google Maps

Located in the middle of the forest in the Obika Village area, this waterfall offers several interesting things. To get to this area you have to take a long and challenging road. Arriving at the waterfall area you can enjoy the natural beauty of the forest.

There you can also hear the sound of the waterfall gurgling which makes tourists feel at home. The waterfall is quite high and flows from the top of the rock cliff with a dark brown color. Water drainage is not that strong and quite clear. Right below the waterfall you can take pictures or play in the water.

The natural charm of the Obika waterfall makes every tourist feel at home in the water. Invite friends over for a vacation there to make your tour more enjoyable.

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Address: Kawasi, district. Obi, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas.

8. Soligi Village

soligi village
Photo by Google Maps Obiyanto O

This village, which is located in the south of the island of Obi, has a peculiarity that is certainly interesting. Some ships that dock there are not tied to poles, but are hung directly with long ropes. This is because in certain seasons the waves crashing into the Seram Sea can sink ships.

This attracts many tourists to visit the harbor just to see the ships hanging high from the mast. Even though the pounding waves are not always the same size, the fishermen still hang up their boats as a precaution so that things don't happen that are not desirable.

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Address: Soligi, Kec. South Obi, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas.

9. Dobu-Dobu White Sand Beach

Dobu-Dobu white sand beach
Photo by Google Maps Dauf Wahid

Dobu-Dobu White Sand is quite soft and has a very good natural panorama. On this beach you can enjoy the charm of clean white sand. In addition, enjoying the panorama by cruising around in a canoe or speedboat rented by the local community is a very pleasant activity.

When you are on vacation, this beach is never deserted by local and international tourists. Other interesting activities that tourists often do there include diving, photo hunting, playing in the sand and many others. The white sand here has a fairly soft texture.

Some tourists come here mainly to see the beauty and cleanliness of the sand on the beach. If you see the sand by diving, the panorama you get will definitely feel more different and attract attention.

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Address: Mano, district. South Obi, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas.

10. Morodow

Photo by Destination-alam.blogspot.com

Morodow is part of a calm and wide river. A stream flows slowly between the large rocks that surround it. In addition, the water is very clear and very attractive for swimming. This Morodow has a wonderful natural charm with dense and shady woodland surrounding it.

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Address: surroundings. Obi, Kab. South Halmahera, North Moluccas.

Well, some of the above lists of popular tourist attractions are just some of the many natural resources that exist on Obi Island. Any tourist who spends vacation on this beautiful island is guaranteed not to regret it, but will have an exciting experience that will not soon be forgotten. Therefore, make Obi Island a must-visit tourist destination.

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