10 Newest and Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Tambrauw


Tambrauw is an area that offers a variety of beautiful recreational areas. Many natural tourist attractions are still natural because they are well managed. Even visitors will be amazed when they enjoy the surrounding scenery. Usually each of these destinations is crowded during the holidays as many tourists come from outside the area.

Although there are several places that have not yet been touched by many people, tourism in Tambrauw always has its own uniqueness. Moreover, the destination there is surrounded by hills, mountains and trees that make the atmosphere very beautiful. The natural atmosphere is suitable for relaxing as it is far from the hustle and bustle of residential areas and the city center.

Some tourist attractions are there to rent equipment to play so that tourists don't get bored. You can try to bring your camera to take pictures while playing. The cleanliness of the tourist area that is still being maintained can also provide its own beauty. So don't forget to go on holiday to one of the tourist attractions in Tambrauw below.

1. Wararemi Baths

Wararemi .attractions
Photo by Uzone.id

Wararemi baths provide warm water suitable for bathing. The environment, surrounded by lush trees, makes the atmosphere more comfortable. This pool is also natural because it is formed from rocks with flowing water. For tourists who can't swim well, don't worry, as the Wararemi pool doesn't seem too deep.

When visiting, tourists are expected to bring their own supplies and equipment. This is because tourist attractions are far from the residents' homes and the city center. Rentals and food stalls are not provided as the destination Wararemi is not frequented by many people. However, this tranquil atmosphere is often a favorite of travelers for a place to relax.

The warm water in the Wararemi baths is known to be very good for the health of the body. Visitors who feel pain and pain can enjoy it in the water. In addition, the bathing area also offers a very beautiful beauty to be photographed. The pictures will be more beautiful if you choose a place among trees and rocks that resemble a river.

ticket price: IDR 50,000; folder: Check location
Address: Kebar District, Kab. Tambrauw, West Papua.

2. Sontiri Hill

Sontiri Hill
Photo by Google Maps Travbuck Indonesia

Sontiri Hill is often referred to as Teletubbies Hill because it is at a certain height. You who are above can clearly see the beauty of Tambrauw. Even the Sontiri area is equipped with a patch of green grass that will amaze the eyes. This hill is also wide and far from the crowds, so it is often visited by all walks of life.

Tourists out there can picnic or camp if they want to enjoy the natural atmosphere. You can bring a tent and food to make the holiday even more enjoyable. However, visitors are advised to come in good weather. So if it rains you should not climb to Sontiri tour because Bukit road is very dangerous and can be foggy.

ticket price: -; folder: Check location
Address: Kebar District, Kab. Tambrauw, West Papua.

3. Sausapor Beach

Sausapor Beach
Photo by Google Maps Bleset Community

Sausapor Beach is a natural destination in Tambrauw that should be used as a place to unwind. The sound of the waves is very soothing with a light breeze. Visitors who come can see the clarity of the sea water accompanied by small ripples. Because of this, Sausapor Beach is often used as a place for jet skiing, parasailing and swimming.

The area around looks so clean as there is no trash littering around. Tourists can also picnic with close relatives to enjoy food in nature tourism. On the other hand, there is also sand that is always periodically cleaned by the agent. You can bring some games to pass the time on the beach.

If the traveler leaves from the morning, the traveler will see the sunrise or climb. This sky color looks so beautiful and can be photographed with a camera. Those of you who are on vacation are sure to feel happy even if you have been at the beach for a long time. So try playing in the Sausapor Beach area if you're near the interesting looking Tambrauw.

ticket price: IDR 20,000; folder: Check location
Address: Emmaos, district. Sausapor, Kab. Tambrauw, West Papua.

4. Anenderat Waterfall

Anenderat Waterfall
Photo by Travel.detik.com

Waterfalls falling from a height are the main attraction to attract the hearts of travelers. There is a seven-story rock that drains water to the reservoir below. This waterfall feels cool and cold because the source comes from the mountains. There are also many trees and other greenery nearby.

Usually, tourists who are at Anenderat waterfall often spend their holidays swimming. But the rocks around are very slippery and so large that travelers should be wary. This path in the middle of the forest is far from food stalls. So you have to prepare enough food so that you don't go hungry.

ticket price: IDR 50,000; folder: Check location
Address: Siakwa Village, Miyah District, Kab. Tambrauw, West Papua.

5. Werur Beach Beach

Beach Beach
Photo by Facebook Robert Rumbiak

Werur Beach looks very nice with an exotic stretch of sand. During the day, visitors will see small fish swimming freely around the beach. Usually there are also crabs, seaweed, to shellfish that will spoil the eye. No wonder this popular destination is often visited by local and foreign tourists.

For tourists who want to see coral reefs, they can dive and snorkel. There are different types of colorful fish, squid and other marine life that can be captured by the camera. On the other hand, there are remnants of the World War that are stored around Werur Beach and are often visited by tourists.

ticket price: IDR 20,000; folder: Check location
Address: Woah, district. Sausapor, Kab. Tambrauw, West Papua.

6. Senopi Village

senopi village
Photo by Google Maps towix asen

Senopi Village is inhabited by several residents who can be used as a tourist list in Tambrauw. The houses in Senopi are still very traditional because some are made of wood and bamboo with paint. However, this village area is still natural and very clean, which is a sight to behold. You who come to visit can get to know the culture and see the house.

Several places in Senopi Village offer the beauty of the bird of paradise that is closely guarded so as not to die out. This bird is very beautiful and certainly not easy to find in other areas. Usually, guests take pictures with the bird because of its unique shape. Not only that, tourists can also capture the moment with local residents.

ticket price: -; folder: Check location
Address: Senopi Village, Kab. Tambrauw, West Papua.

7. Dua Beach

Dua Beach
Photo by Facebook Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Located at the tip of the island, Pantai Dua is frequented by tourists from different regions. This beautiful beach is known as the historical site of the early accession of the Tambrauw religion. Tourists can learn history while enjoying the available water games. You will also feel like you are on a private beach as it is quiet.

In the afternoon, visitors often see the sunset from the beach. As the sun sets, the color of the sky will slowly turn red and orange. That always makes this beautiful beach an unforgettable holiday. In addition, the atmosphere is very calming and suitable as a family tourist spot.

ticket price: -; folder: Check location
Address: Surface. Tambraw, West Papua.

8. Warmandi Beach

Warmandi Beach
Photo by Facebook Erwin Rate

Warmandi Beach is a natural tourist attraction that offers beauty and tranquility. Along the beach you can see coconut palms that make the air fresher when inhaled. The sea water in Warmandi also has a combination of blue and turquoise green. This color combination makes tourists want to take pictures as well as swim around the water.

Tourists who want to sunbathe can also sit on sand chairs or beach chairs. Sunlight that is beneficial to health will make you comfortable. In addition, visitors can also use numerous bicycles to explore the beach. This wide tourist spot is indeed suitable for doing various exciting activities.

ticket price: -; folder: Check location
Address: Warmandi, Abun District, Kab. Tambrauw, West Papua.

9. Kebar Valley

Kebar Valley
Photo by Twitter new Paul3

This valley surrounded by green grass has a unique natural panorama. As far as the eye can see, guests are treated to the beauty of the mountains and hills that overlook the valley. Destinations with natural nuances suitable for picnics. Not only that, travelers can also take advantage of the Kebar Valley as an aesthetic backdrop.

During the holiday season, many visitors come with close friends and family. The sound of birds chirping when the wind blows can refresh the body. But during the day you will be hot as there are rarely any trees in the Kebar valley. There is only grass covered with different kinds of colorful flowers.

ticket price: -; folder: Check location
Address: Central Kebar, Kebar District, Kab. Tambraw, West Papua.

10. Jeen Womom Beach

Jeen Womom . Beach Beach
Photo by Facebook AL-Esty Kazuya

Jeen Womom Beach is a habitat for leatherback turtles that often lay their eggs around the sand. This turtle is so rare that it is closely guarded in the Jeen Womom Beach area. Usually at certain hours turtles are released to take a walk to the sea water which looks beautiful. Guests can see and capture moments with some of the turtles.

The clean environment is perfect for playing volleyball or taking a walk. Even a traveler can try a banana boat with the family during a visit. This fun activity can make you feel at home by spending time. Therefore, don't miss out on a variety of games when you are at the destination Jeen Womom Beach.

ticket price: -; folder: Check location
Address: Warmandi, Abun District, Kab. Tambrauw, West Papua.

That is a list of tourist attractions in Tambrauw that are popular and certainly suitable as a family destination. The variety of beauty makes tourists do not want to go home soon. Invite your close family to play thrilling rides and see the tourist panorama. The main thing is not to destroy the beauty of nature with plastic waste.

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