12+ exciting rides and latest ticket prices for the Taman Matahari 2022


Taman Matahari Ticket Prices – Who doesn't know the city of Bogor? City of Rain is one of the cities in West Java quite known for its culinary and natural tourism. This city, famous for its many villas, has a million possibilities of natural and artificial beauty that can lure visitors to the city, including the solar park.

Taman Matahari is one of the must-visit attractions when you visit Bogor. It is not complete if you do not pass this park when you visit Bogor. This park is very suitable for recreation and education for families.

In addition to being filled with several tourist attractions great for family tourism, visitors can enjoy the silhouette of Gede Pangrango Mountain, the beautiful stretch of Ciliwung River and breathe the mountain air as this tour is located on the Peak.

Taman Matahari Bogor

Taman Matahari Bogor

The history of the Bogor Sun Park

The park, which was founded in 2007 by Hari by the chairman of the Sun Group, had the theme "Recreational and educational parks& # 39; And it was originally built with an area of ​​16.5 hectares.

But over time, this tourist park started to develop rapidly, so that the owner expanded the park area to 40 hectares.

When constructing this park, the owner does not use construction services such as advisory, architectural and contract services. But the owner chose to involve the local community in the construction of this tourist park. The reason is to help the economy of the people there. Wow, really extraordinary right?

Basic information of Taman Matahari Bogor

Location: Jalan Raya Puncak KM 77 Nr. 132 Cilember, Cisarua, Bogor 16750,

Telephone: 0251-8252239 | 8252337 or 0251-8258505 (Marketing).

Opening hours: 08:00 – 16:00 WIB Monday to Friday and 8:00 to 17:00 WIB Saturday and Sunday

Location and route to Sun Park

This tourist park at Jalan Raya Puncak KM 77, Cilember, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java is often the target of tourists by tourists visiting Bogor. The park is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekdays and from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekends and holidays.

To get there, there are many lines that can be easily traversed by private vehicles or public transport. However, it is easier if you use a private vehicle to be freer and avoid traffic. However, you need guidance and direction to reach Park Sun. This is the route you can take to get there. L.try this!

  • From the direction of Jalan Mayjend Sutoyo

If you are coming from Cawang you can take the Mayjend Sutoyo road and also have direct access to the Jagorawi toll road until you arrive via Gadok Puncak toll road. Then you can go directly to Jalan Cisarua, which leads to the top where the tourist park is located.

If you are not a Bogor person and are from Bandung then you must go through the Pasteur toll gate. From there you pass the Purbaleunyi toll road (Cipularang). After arriving in Padalarang you can go directly to Cipatat, Rajamandala, Cianjur, Cipanas, Puncak, Cisarua until you reach the tourist location of the solar park.

If you are not a resident of Bogor and use the train to get there and continue your journey by public transport, after arriving at the station you can use the bus to go to the Baranang Siang Terminal. From the terminal, search for L300 transport and drive it to Puncak. Easy right?

This tourist destination in West Java is easily accessible, but also requires patience to drive there. However, if you travel by public transport, all you have to do is wait until you reach your destination. Whatever you choose, adjust your taste.

Games and facilities at Taman Matahari in Bogor

You have to be curious about the facilities and games there. When you visit Sun Park, you will not be bored. Because there are several games that will cheer our heart up.

There are several tourist attractions that we can play in Sun Park. From land trips to water rides that are very exciting and fun. There are people with natural themes and some with themed themes. You certainly can't wait to find out what facilities and games are available there, let's discuss it one by one, yes!

1. Sun Water Park

Sun Water Park

Sun Water Park

For you water attraction enthusiasts or those who bring children, there is a vehicle that is perfect for you. Especially if it is not a water park. There are many interesting places you can try there. Starting with the wave pool, double slide, spiral slide, children's pool, spa bath and also the Tot pool. Isn't it very interesting?

2. Rafting

Rafting on Taman Matahari Bogor

Rafting on Taman Matahari Bogor

Well, for those of you who love adventure and adrenaline testing, there is one vehicle you should try and a rafting vehicle. Ride a dinghy and the Ciliwung River up to a distance of 4 km to take you to the world of adventure.

Only by spending 25,000 rupiah can you enjoy an unusual holiday sensation. This vehicle is also equipped with complete equipment and is guided by experts in their field. So you don't have to be afraid!

3. Water ball

Water ball via Youtube

Water ball via Youtube.com

For those who don't like to get wet but want to play water, there is one vehicle you should try. This trip is quite unique and interesting in that you feel that you walk on the water without touching the water.

How is that possible? You sit on a large enough ball with three of your friends and you can walk over water by rolling the ball to the surface of the water.

Requires balance and teamwork for the ball to run smoothly. Otherwise you will definitely fall into the ball. Should you try it?

4. Dino Park

You don't have to worry if your child wants to see old animals like dinosaurs. You don't have to go far to enjoy it as there is already a Dino Park vehicle in Sun Park. This vehicle is especially for children who love dinosaurs.

Dino Park is designed to entertain children. There are different types of dinosaur designs that will make your child feel at home there.

5. Playland images

This vehicle is a vehicle with many interesting play areas. Departing from Flying Elephant, Alibaba zone, Pol Bus, train and boat. The price is very cheap, with only 10,000 rupees per zone and of course you can enjoy the game to your heart's content.

6. Flying fox

Do you want to feel the tension of the tower with steel slings? In this one vehicle you can feel the thrill. Don't worry for those of you who are overweight, you can still drive this vehicle as it can carry up to 10 tons of weight.

Haunted House

Those who like horror movies should try this one vehicle. This vehicle has been designed as precisely as possible so that you can feel the real sense of guts. There are scary characters who have never been in a horror movie.

Red Kanilanak is ready to welcome you to a haunted house in Taman Matahari. For visitors suffering from heart disease, epilepsy and asthma are prohibited from participating in this game because they fear the disease will come back. Surprised, huh?

8. Animal park

The Wildlife Park Zone is an educational area for children. You can introduce children to different types of fauna. This zone is generally transformed into a zoo. There are different types of fauna you can see there. Wow, kids will love it!

9. Agro Vegetables and Agro rice fields

Rice field agro

Rice field agro

Another educational zone worth trying. In this area, children learn how to plant and plant crops. Many activities can be performed, from planting, maintenance to harvesting. There you can also introduce children to different types of vegetables and plants and of course how to grow them.

10. Pedal boat and pedalo

Paddle Boat official photo

Paddle Boat official photo

When we usually cycle on land, we will feel a new cycling feeling. In this vehicle, visitors feel that they are cycling on the water. Not only cycling on the water, you can also try out different games like dragon boats, bumper boats to play water.

11. Inflatable boats and motor boats

Ride a dinghy

Ride a dinghy

For those of you who want to relax and unwind around the lake, try taking a boat. With a capacity of 10 people, the boat takes you around the lake while enjoying the cool atmosphere.

12. ATV and motorcycle climbing

Play ATV via Flickrcom

Play ATV via Flickr.com

For those of you who like adventure and challenges, you can try ATVs like Lara Croft at Tomb Rider Cinema. With this vehicle you know what it is like to conquer the road. You can also overcome challenges above height by driving a vehicle that climbs against walls. Would have been nice!

In addition to the above attractions, there are many more playgrounds available at Taman Matahari Bogor. Starting from the outgoing area for teams that you can use to test your ability to break barriers and sharpen cohesion, a vehicle no less interesting is a reflection of fish therapy.

In this vehicle, you will feel how it is massaged through the mouth of a small fish that tickles your feet. Reflection from fish therapy itself has many benefits, including maintaining healthy skin, blood circulation and making the leg muscles more comfortable. Many benefits right?

You also don't have to miss the safari train and green car to travel through Sun Park. Not only children can ride it, but also teenagers can enjoy it. Wow, this is perfect for you who don't like being tired.

In addition to games, managers also prioritize visitor needs as their main reference. This is because visitor comfort and happiness is their main goal. To achieve this, managers provide adequate and complete facilities, ranging from physical needs to spiritual needs. So you don't have to go outside the tourist area to search for it.

Tired and tired after swimming? Don't worry, there is also an arbor for visitors looking to rest after a swim. We can relax and soak up the atmosphere while relaxing after swimming.

There you will also find prayer rooms to worship for those of you who are Muslim. There are also enough toilets for visitors. You don't have to worry about hunger as there are also restaurants, food curt and also cafes to spoil visitors' tongue and stomach.

Not only that, for those who want to buy souvenirs, there is a market where you can buy souvenirs. There is even an ATM, so you won't run out of money if you travel there.

Rides Game Sun Garden Water

Rides Game Sun Garden Water

Accommodation around Taman Matahari Bogor

A day may not be enough to get around and enjoy all the rides in this solar park. So you want to stay overnight?

Take it easy, there are many hostels available with high quality services. You can choose from Rumah Manado, Villa Bambu or Vila Merah as accommodation. There are also Saung Jogjogan, Bambu Kuning, Agro 2 and Cilember that you can rent for parties or other events ranging from 350 thousand rupiah to 750 thousand rupiah. Affordable right?

For company meetings, you can rent fields such as Ciliwung Field, Manggis, Central Park and Durian. Isn't the facility that the Sun Park manager offers complete? What are you waiting for … visit this park now.

Taman Matahari Ticket Prices

You must be curious how many Sun Park tickets many of these games and attractions offer. It has to be expensive, maybe that's what you have in mind now. Now, instead of asking yourself, let's take a look at the following information that can help you when you go on vacation to Sun Park.

Taman Matahari Ticket Prices

Taman Matahari Ticket Prices

The price of this tourist ticket per person is subject to a dance of 50,000 rupiah for weekdays and 60,000 rupiah for holidays and weekends. And for you foreign tourists, you will be charged 100,000 rupiah on weekdays and public holidays.

Ticket prices include five free rides, 50% off water park rides, and 10% off Sunda Express Resto for valid entry ticket presentations. If you want to drive another vehicle, you will have to pay again according to the applicable rates for that vehicle. Even if you have to pay again, you will feel the same price.

If you want to go on holiday there and want to rent or give a party, please contact the parties involved for more information. Or you can go there and negotiate directly with the parties involved.


Likewise, the assessment of tourist information on the entrance fee to Sun Park tourism and various other aspects such as the history of Sun Park establishment, routes and vehicles to get to Sun Park and various games and facilities in Sun Park. parks that can help you make tourist choices. Is it not complete?

If you want to go on vacation and don't have a destination yet, don't forget that Taman Matahari is the right choice for you and your family. It not only refreshes your mind, you can also have unforgettable experiences with it.

Come on, visit this educational and inspiring park right away and enjoy the comfort and beauty of the visit there. Hopefully useful and happy to visit you!

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