15 attractions in Rangkasbitung at Most Hits 2022 must be visited


Tourist attractions in Rangkasbitung – The name Rangkasbitung may still not be known to some people because the name of this area is rarely heard.

Rangkasbitung is a city in Banten Province that is none other than the capital of Lebak Regency. While the name is still rarely heard, Rangkasbitung has a million charm and natural beauty that is amazing.

Even beauty is like a hidden paradise, because not many people realize it.

Of course, the beauty owned by Rangkasbitung can be found in tourist places quite diverse ranging from beach tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism and so on. So that tourist attractions in Rangkasbitung can be the best choice to fill your vacation.

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Tourist attractions in Rangkasbitung that should be visited

Behind the name that is still rarely heard, especially among travel enthusiasts, but apparently Rangkasbitung has a cool tourist spot. You can even say that tourist attractions in Rangkasbitung are just as beautiful as popular tourist spots in other areas.

For those of you who are near Rangkasbitung or from outside the area and want to visit this area, visit several tourist attractions.

Well, to add your insight to a holiday to Rangkasbitung, the following will explain the list of tourist attractions for you to explore.

1. Mary Hill Hills Canada

Canadian Hill Cave Canada by the Diocese of Bogor

Canadian caves in Canada via Keuskupanbogor.com

This attraction in Rangkasbitung is a tourist attraction developed in 1988 by the people of Rangkasbitung and supported by the leadership of the Fransiscan Sukabumi Congregation of Sisters.

Initially, construction of the Bukit Maria Cave in Canada started with the SPK mission of the Lebak Rangkasbitung regency, which was believed to meet the requirements to be fulfilled as the Maria Cave. For this reason, the construction of the Mount Maria Cave in Canada began on May 1, 1988 with the laying of the foundation stone by the parish priest as the beginning of the construction of the Maria Cave.

The process of building Mary's cave was finally completed on August 15, 1988 to coincide with the celebration of the appointment of Mary's Day in Heaven and the end of the Year of Mary. This cave is also used as a place for the first pilgrims in the Banten region.

Moreover, Mary's cave is used as a Yatna Yuana Rangkasbitung nursing school, which is in the front, while the back is Mary's cave. For this reason, to make it easier for you to search for Maria & # 39; s Cave, ask about Akper's location because it is so close.

2. Rangkasbitung Square

Rangkasbitung Square via the Jakartaby train

Rangkasbitung Field via Jakartabytrain.com

Rangkasbitung Square can be a tourist destination when you set foot in this area. The square's location is also not far from Rangkasbitung Train Station and can be reached by public transport.

When you arrive at Rangkasbitung Square, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the shady garden. Not only seated, but just relaxing, you can buy a variety of snacks sold around the square.

There are also various fields on this square that can be used as a sports location. When visiting the square, you obviously do not have to pay an admission ticket, because it is free.

3. Multatuli Museum

The Multatuli Museum via Bbccom

Museum Multatuli via Bbc.com

After visiting Rangkasbitung Square, you can stop at the Multatuli Museum, which is not far from the square.

This museum is located exactly on Jalan Alun-alun Timur No. 8 Rangkasbitung. In this museum you can undertake historical tourist activities because this museum building is the old house of Multatuli.

Where the name Multatuli is actually a pseudonym that Eduard Douwes Dekker used when creating a novel entitled "Max Havelar".

The Multatuli Museum is divided into seven rooms and four segments. The first part tells the history of the arrival of colonialism in Indonesia.

The second segment explains Multatuli and Max Havelar. As for the third segment, it explains the history of Banten and Lebak, and the four segments that tell the history of Rangkasbitung.

4. Balong Ranca Lent

Balong Ranca Lentah via Merahputihcom

Balong Ranca Lentah via Merahputih.com

Balong Ranca Lenta is a tourist attraction in the form of a dam with clean water. In this attraction there are many exciting game rides that can be played by children and adults.

In addition to the various game drives available, Balong Ranca Lentah also offers a variety of local culinary offerings ready to spoil visitors' mouths. Indeed, the presence of Balong Ranca Lentah tourist property can show a more complete atmosphere in the middle of Rangkasbitung city.

Even at night, the Balin Ranca Lentah area is getting busier with visitors looking to have dinner. Because more and more food vendors who serve different kinds of food at night ranging from ketoprak, meatballs, fried rice to seafood.

While enjoying a meal, you can witness the beauty of the dam and the cool atmosphere so it feels better while eating. You don't have to worry about price issues, as most of the food sold in this region is offered at affordable prices.

Curug Sata

Curug Sata by Teluklove

Curug Sata via Teluklove.com

Curata Sata tourist object is a tourist attraction in Cimangyangray, but not yet fully developed as a commercial tourist destination. For pests, the Curug Sata waterfall still looks very natural and certainly not a lot of clutter.

This waterfall is not only beautiful because of its large and clear drainage, the atmosphere around the waterfall is also very beautiful because it is surrounded by shady green forest. The combination of natural beauty like this can certainly be the best choice for those of you who want to relax and unwind.

6. Al-Araf Rangkasbitung Grand Mosque

Al-Araf Grand Mosque Rangkasbitung via Fatahilahfaris.wordpress

Al-Araf Grand Mosque Rangkasbitung via Fatahilahfaris.wordpress.com

The Al-Araf Rangkasbitung Grand Mosque is the mosque of pride of the Rangkasbitung community standing firmly on Sunan Kalijaga Street or close to Multatuli Street to Rangkasbitung Field.

The mosque is estimated to have been built in 1932 on a waqf land with a built area of ​​1,632 square meters. Since its construction, the mosque has undergone several renovations to ultimately remain as it is today.

The uniqueness of this mosque building is in a minimalist modern architectural design and is decorated with simple geometric shapes. This mosque has a small conical dome that tapers and is made of red tiles to make it look traditional.

This two-storey mosque on the first floor is used as the office space of the Lebak Regency Religion Department and the mosque manager. While the main room as a place of prayer. This mosque also has a tower with a height of 40 meters as a place of prayer.

7. Karang Bokor Beach

Karang Bokor Beach via Lebakuniquecom

Karang Bokor Beach via Lebakunique.com

Karang Bokor Beach is a beach in Rangkasbitung with the charm of beauty that is still very natural. Although it is part of a beautiful beach in the Banten region, there are still many tourists who know nothing about the existence of this beach.

So don't be surprised if the condition of this beach looks clean, natural and calm. While on this beach, you can watch the big waves on the south coast from the top of the cliff.

In addition, the reef on this beach is also very striking because it is separate from the mainland and is not accessible to get there.

But in the end, management provides access to coral reefs so that tourists can better see the beauty of beaches and corals. The beauty of Karang Bokor Beach can indeed hypnotize anyone, so don't miss the chance to go along this beach while in Rangkasbitung.

8. Ciantir beach

Ciantir Beach via Sawarnanet

Ciantir Beach via Sawarna.net

The tourist object Ciantir Beach is a tourist attraction consisting of clean white sand and a long beach.

Even this beach is a paradise for surfers who like challenges. While on Ciantir Beach, you can also witness the beauty of the towering coral reefs and contribute to the exoticism of this beach.

Ciantir Beach is also a beach with a view of the Indian Ocean, so it is not surprising that the waves of this beach are usually large and the currents are also strong. If you want to stay on this beach, choose to spend the night as there are many cheap accommodations available and of course comfortable to rest.

9. Tanjung Layar Beach

Tanjung Layar beach via IG

Tanjung Layar beach via IG

The Tanjung Layar Beach attraction is one of the best attractions in Rangkasbitung. As a tourist attraction, the beauty of Tanjung Layar Beach cannot be denied as it has a natural panorama of sand, sea water and coral reefs along the coast.

While on this beach you will feel the thrill of the actual beauty of the beach and you may not find it on any other beach.

When the beach water decreases, you usually see rocks on the beach and interspersed with sea water. For those curious about the beauty of Tanjung Layar beach, come to the Sawarna Rangkasbitung area.

10. Curug Munding

Curug Munding via Rahadianluthfycom

Curug Munding via Rahadianluthfy.com

This waterfall is a waterfall tour in the mountains. However, this waterfall is still rarely visited by tourists because it is not exposed much.

But most visitors to this waterfall are a community of nature lovers who want to enjoy the beauty of nature that is still very natural. To get to Curug Munding it takes quite a long journey and steep terrain.

But the battle pays off when you see the panorama around the waterfall, which is very beautiful and spoils the eyes. The sound of waterfalls and throbbing water hitting the body adds to the impression of cool and calm. If you are lucky you will see a rainbow appearing bent over the waterfall.

11. Saidjah Adinda Library

Saidjah Adinda Library via Sindonews

Saidjah Adinda Library via Sindonews.com

This tourist attraction in Rangkasbitung is a library named after one of Multatuli's works. The Saidjah Adinda Library, along with the Multatuli Museum, is an iconic building in Lebak Regency, located at Jalan Rt Hardiwinangun number 3, West Rangkasbitung.

This library has a unique form of construction in that it resembles a Baduy granary called leuit. The uniqueness and beauty of this library building often makes visitors take pictures against the backdrop of the Saidjah Adinda library building.

In addition to the unique building design, there are also tens of thousands of book collections in this library that can be read by the general public. For those who like to read, visit this unique library.

12. Rafting in the Cangkasang River, Rangkasbitung

Rafting on the Ciberang River Rangkasbitung via Okezone

Rafting on the Ciberang River Rangkasbitung via Okezone.com

Traveling is not only enjoying the beauty of the panorama, but also trying to challenge things to follow one by rafting at Sungai Ciberang, Rangkasbitung.

Even the location of rafting will be as insignificant as rafting on the Citarik River. For those of you who like challenges, this location is great. When you do white water rafting or rafting on the Ciberang River, you will then ride a dinghy with 6 people and coaches.

When the dry season arrives, usually only one ship can be transported by 4 people. Rafting costs are also quite affordable and include rental equipment, food and nature tourism guides. Of course, during rafting, participants are invited to cruise the Ciberang River through a winding and challenging river field.

The excitement caused by adrenaline, as if it could cause fatigue from heavy workload. After rafting, participants are usually invited to explore nature to complete the excitement of traveling to this one rafting location.

13. Rangkasbitung Temple

Candi Rangkasbitung via Merahputihcom

Pura Rangkasbitung via Merahputih.com

This tourist attraction is opposite the old Rangkasbitung terminal. This monastery is also called the Ananda Avalokitesvara Rangkasbitung Temple, which is located in the middle of a residential area.

This monastery looks very unique and interesting which makes it a special tourist attraction for tourists to visit. But there is an important value for the existence of this monastery, namely the presence of a tolerant attitude reflected in the native community.

In addition to the Vihara, there are other places of worship that stand firmly around the town of Rangkasbitung. The existence of the Vihara in Rangkasbitung is closely related to the story of the Sino-Indonesian ancestors who emigrated thousands of years ago through commercial activities in waves.

This is the background to their arrival in Rangkasbitung. In addition, their arrival often appears at important events in Indonesia, which makes the monastery in this area safe.

14. Culinary Sate Milkfish Tourism

Sate Bandeng Culinary tourism

Sate Bandeng Culinary tourism

Rangkasbitung presents not only beautiful tourist attractions, but also culinary dishes that are no less enjoyable and certainly addictive.

Sate Bandeng is a typical culinary dish of Rangkasbitung that has always been the target of tourists. Fish satay is very tasty and you don't have to worry because satay bones are cleaned from milk so you just have to eat them.

Sate Bandeng Culinary has also grown into a special government food menu. For those of you looking for saturated milk fish, come to Jalan Jendral Sudirman

15. Kupat Tahu Rangkasbitung

Kupat Tahu Rangkasbitung via Wongkamfungcom

Kupat Tahu Rangkasbitung via Wongkamfung.com

Another culinary dish in Rangkasbitung that you must taste is Kupat Tahu Rangkasbitung. Where this dish consists of sweets, grilled tofu and marinated with a special nut mixture.

At first glance, it looks like a gado-gado or ketoprak, but you know that the unique kupang Rangkasbitung still has its own uniqueness. To enjoy this kupat tofu dish, you can come to Jalan Sunan Kalijaga because there are delicious kupat tofu sellers in this area.

That is information about the list of tourist attractions in Rangkasbitung that can be a reference for your holiday trip. With the above information, don't worry if you want to go on holiday in the Rangkasbitung area as there are many interesting and complete attractions to visit.

Naturally, each of these tourist attractions offers benefits that will make your holiday atmosphere more memorable and memorable. Do not miss it: 45 The newest attractions in Pandeglang Banten

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