20 attractions you should visit in Laos in 2022


Tourist attractions in Laos are very suitable for holidays in 2022. This tourist destination in Southeast Asia has many attractions and cultural heritage full of charm. While it doesn't have a beach, there are many great temple and construction tours in Laos. Not to mention the enchanting natural beauty.

Unfortunately, there are still many tourists who do not know the beauty of tourist attractions in Laos. In fact, there are many interesting places in Laos that you can explore to get an unforgettable vacation experience. Laos also has a warm tropical climate, so you can always visit this country. Especially since Laos is a visa-free country.

Consider the following 20 tourist attractions in Laos to make your holiday in Laos more enjoyable. Get ready, don't want to go home!

The best tourist attractions in Vientiane

As the capital of Laos, Vientiane has many attractive tourist attractions with ample amenities. The city is loved by tourists because it is full of different kinds of charming tourism. The culinary tour is also good and you feel at home. This is a tourist place in Vientiane that you should visit during your holiday in Laos.

1. a Buddhist garden, a garden filled with Buddhist and Hindu statues

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram dayraleroyal

If this is a holiday in Vientiane it is really mandatory to come here. This tourist spot in Laos was built by Luang Pu Bunleae Sulilat in 1958. The Buddhist park or in Laotian called Wat Xieng Khuan is indeed some distance from the center of the city of Vientiane. It was near the land border between Laos and Thailand or the Friendship Bridge. The admission ticket is relatively cheap, namely 8,000 chickens (Rp. 13,000).

At this tourist destination in Laos, visitors can see around 200 statues and stone carvings. Everything is thick with nuances of Buddhism and Hinduism. The most famous works are Sleeping Buddha up to 50 m and Giant Pumpkin. Giant Pumpkin describes three places in the universe, namely hell, earth and heaven. After getting bored with the Buddha & # 39; s Garden, you can rest on the banks of the beautiful Mekong River.

2. Pha That Luang, golden holy Stupa

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram jpreem

Vientiane has a sacred tourist site in the form of a golden stupa of Pha That Luang, a symbol of Laos. Do you know if this target has a mystery? Golden stupas are said to have cavities and sacred objects. It must be a Buddha statue made of precious stones and metals.

The building itself is in a complex with many temples. In fact, Pha That Luang should not be randomly entered. Tourists can only enter to the first gate. But don't worry, the temple is still clearly visible from the outside. It is best to come here during the day so that the golden color of Pha That Luang shines beautifully in your photos. The entry fee is approximately 5,000 chickens (Rp. 8,100).

3. Vat is Khao, Sleeping Buddha statue

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram mcgjenjen

Summarize that Khao was in the same location as Pha That Luang. In this tourist destination of Laos you will see large and beautiful Buddha statues. The shape is very unique and classic. If you want to take photos with a full background of a Buddha statue, you have to go back further. It is best to come here during the day when it is sunny.

Arrange it

The most popular recommended places in Laos

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Setthathirath or Xaysettha is one of the great leaders in Laos history. You can see a statue or monument in the area of ​​Pha That Luang. The statue itself is black and wears yellow clothes. Very contrast with the background of golden stupa and blue sky. This tourist destination in Laos is surrounded by many beautiful buildings and stupas.

5. Patuxai, Parisian-style gate in Laos

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram daretodream.travel

If Paris has it milestone Arc de Triomphe de l & Etoile, Laos has a monument called Patuxai. This symbol of the city of Vientiane is a symbol of the struggle of Laos after being released from the shackles of French colonialism for over a century. This beautiful gate-shaped decoration combines elements of Laos and European design.

The Patuxai was built in 1962 and was not actually completed due to the unstable economic conditions in Laos. But this Laos tourist destination remains a favorite because it is right in the middle of the city of Vientiane. Tourists can climb to the top of Patuxai to see the whole view of the city. The climb to the top of Patuxai consists of seven floors and amounts to about 3,000 chickens (Rp. 5,000).

6. Mekong Riverside Park,

The most popular recommended places in Laos

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It is not complete to go to Laos if you do not visit the Mekong River. Mekong Riverside Park itself is a large park located next to the Mekong River. Here you can enjoy the sunset and the romantic evening atmosphere. Tourist attractions in Laos are widely used for relaxing, jogging and playing skateboarding, cycling, to gymnastics.

Mekong Park is well organized. Around the park are play facilities for children, sports equipment and a stage for certain events. Many people practice here on weekends car-free day in Indonesia that's allAfter this, you can go straight to the night market to buy typical Laos snacks or souvenirs.

7. Vientiane night market, shopping place on the banks of the Mekong River

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram matedz

Vientiane Night Market is located on the Mekong River. This kiosk has a red roof and sells a variety of crafts, clothing and electronics. The kiosk in Laos Shopping Tour only opens after sunset and is most crowded at 8am. Here you can buy various souvenirs from Laos such as Buddhist paintings, shirts with the Beer Lao logo and more.

Most sellers speak English because many tourists come here. Don't forget to bid on items to buy to get the best price. In addition to shopping, you can also relax in the surrounding parks or on the banks of the Mekong River. Very much worthy even if you don't plan on shopping.

8. Vientiane City Pillar Temple, beautiful little temple

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Facebook Fatima Jahan

The Pillar Temple of Vientiane City is a beautiful and charming little temple. The building itself was completed in 2012. It is located near Phaiwat village in Sisattanak district. Composed of 473 pillars, this Laos tourist site was built to preserve ancient relics and remains of artifacts from the city of Vientiane. Visitors can enjoy religious and historical tourism here. Although small, the architecture is great. Entrance fee is also free.

9. Wat Si Saket, ancient temple in its original form

The most popular recommended places in Laos

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Wat Si Saket is a 19th-century Buddhist monastery built in the center of Vientiane. This place is the oldest temple in its original form. It is now home to 10,000 Buddha statues surrounding the temple. This tourist attraction is open twice a day from 8 a.m. to noon and again from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The entry fee is approximately 5,000 chickens (Rp. 8,100).

10. Wat Mixay, Laos temple

The most popular recommended places in Laos

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Upon arrival at Wat Mixay you will see a small golden building. But the architecture and design are so unique and striking with bright colors. The gate is also brightly colored and is set high to welcome visitors who come. You will really feel that you are here in Laos. The photo paradise in Laos is numerous Instagene place!

11. Presidential Palace, residence of the President of Laos

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: traveltamkrasae Instagram

Do not forget to visit here during your holiday in Vientiane. The location is very close to several tourist destinations. You only have to walk a short distance to reach the Mekong River. Many tourists take photos in front of the palace because they are not allowed to enter. The building is very majestic and luxurious. Perhaps the place Unique photos during a holiday in Laos.

12. Phou Khao Khouay National Park, Vientiane National Park

The most popular recommended places in Laos

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Phou Khao Khouay National Park is a large national park. But unfortunately this place is rarely visited because it is about 40 km from the city center. This park means "Mount Terba Kerba", although it has a very nice view. The advantage lies in the diversity of flora and fauna, cold pine forests, rivers and beautiful waterfalls. Interested in this?

Tourist destinations in Luang Prabang you must visit

After satisfying the streets of Vientiane City, it's time to head to Luang Prabang. Because of its beauty, this city is a favorite destination honeymoon for European tourists. What happened at this tourist spot in Laos? Come onwe see.

13. Kuang Si waterfall, Turqoise colored waterfall

The most popular recommended places in Laos

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Kuang Si Waterfall is a must visit tourist place in Luang Prabang. The waterfall is very beautiful with clear green green water. Surrounded by dense forests, the Kuang Si Waterfall is very popular with tourists for being so instagenicIn the middle of the waterfall there is a bridge that you can use to take closer photos.

You will not be bored with this fantastic multi-level waterfall. Here you can swim in clear water like a swimming pool. To get to this tourist spot you have to climb for 15-20 minutes. With an entrance fee of 20,000 chickens (Rp. 32,500), this waterfall in Laos is open from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.

14. Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park, many beautiful butterflies

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram sl_authentictravels

Not only will you see the waterfall, you can also come to Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park. 300 meters before the entrance of the Kuang Si waterfall you can find and see the beauty of colorful butterflies here. This place is a two Dutch project that started in January 2014.

This park is used as a research center that studies the problem of butterflies, host plants and conservation due to environmental issues in Laos. This place is open to the public and is visited by many schools to raise awareness about nature. Before you hike further to the Kuang Si Waterfall, you can take a break in a small cafe while enjoying delicious coffee.

15. Meet the elephants at the Tad Sae waterfall

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram snack Pereira

This Laos waterfall is 19 km from Luang Prabang and is very beautiful during the rainy season. The water drainage is uneven, so it often dries during the dry season. This tourist destination is not as busy as the Kuang Si Waterfall, so it is suitable if you want to unwind. Don't forget to bring different clothes so you can swim while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Since a few years, Tad Sae has become a place where you can meet and see elephants. Many tours are available, ranging from travel agents, tour companies and even the local community.

16. Mount Phousi, the sacred mountain in Luang Prabang

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram clairestepleton

It is not complete to visit Luang Prabang without visiting Mount Phousi. To enjoy the epic landscape, tourists have to climb 300 steps to the top. The sacrifice is paid when it reaches its peak. You have a panoramic view over sustainable mountains, green forests and peaceful blue rivers.

This mountain is considered sacred by the local community. Protected by UNESCO, Luang Prabang is the spiritual heart of Laos, while Phousi Mountain is the heart of Luang Prabang itself. Many small temples are scattered in the mountains. The sisters explore the way in saffron clothes. Make sure to come here at dawn or dusk.

Landscape in Namtha City from an attractive heart

Tourist attractions in Luang Namtha offer natural beauty and attractive and fun parks. Here are some travel recommendations you should visit!

Forest Retreat Laos (ecotourism specialist)

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram mangelavsworld

This tourist spot in Laos is a climbing tourism company that focuses on bringing customers through beautiful places. The hiking trail passes through the Nam Ha Nature Reserve and then goes to the Luang Namtha Valley and surrounding area. The tour is complete while exploring Northern Laos.

By booking this climbing tour, you can simultaneously support the local community and environment in Northern Laos. In addition, the locals' economy was greatly helped by this tour. A meaningful journey.

Tourist attractions in the city of Champasak

Champasak is a town in the province of Champasak. Here are two tourist attractions on Champasak that you should visit during your holiday in Laos.

18. Wat Phou or Vat Phou, the ancient ruins of the city of Champasak

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram __andy.k

Apa Phou, meaning "mountain temple", was built in the late 10th century to the early 11th century. The age is even much older than that of Angkor Wat, built in the 12th century. Although it has now become ancient ruins, its magical appearance attracts many tourist attractions for historical education. Here you can also enjoy religious tourism, as it was converted into a Buddhist monastery in the 13th century. Even today, Wat Phou is still a place of worship for local Buddhists and is dedicated to Shiva, one of Trimurti's Hindu gods.

Located at the foot of Phu Kao Mountain, Wat Phou faces the mainland towards the Mekong River. In ancient Khmer times, Mount Lingaparvata was called, what & # 39; Mount Linga & # 39; means. Named so because the pillars above resemble phallus, a representation of Hindu Shiva. This tourist spot in Laos is open from 8am and closes at 6pm.

19. Wat Muang Kang Temple, the oldest active temple in Champasak

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Instagram manski.muetze

Wat Muang Kang Temple is the oldest active temple in Champasak City, Laos. In a way, this temple is the most interesting in the south of Laos. When you first enter, you are greeted with a towering Thai-style Ubosot, with a red roof and pillar rings. This building combines elements of Lao, Chinese, Vietnamese and French colonial architecture.

Although there are already some damaged parts, this tourist spot in Laos is still very beautiful and majestic. Located on the banks of the Mekong River, it makes it more interesting to visit.

An attractive tourist destination in the city of Nong Khiaw

Nong Khiaw City is no less interesting to visit, especially if you are a true adventurer.

20. Nong Khiaw Viewpoint, beautiful view from the top

The most popular recommended places in Laos

Source: Kasparboss Instagram

The perspective of Nong Khiaw or better known as Phadeng Peak by the locals is located in the town of Nong Khiaw, a quiet little village in the mountainous area of ​​Laos. To get here you need about 3 hours from Luang Prabang. Transport is generally not good so you need to hire a taxi or driver to get to this tourist destination. The walking path is very beautiful and not too difficult during the dry season. But during the rainy season, the road to the top will be muddy, requiring extra energy.

The view from above is great! Clouds march over a village so green and beautiful that you feel in a dreamland. Not to mention the mountains that surround you. You must come here if you like mountain climbing and like challenges.

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