24 tourist attractions in Mojokerto Most Ngehitz !!


24 Mojokerto Tourist Attractions – For those of you who are real travelers who know Mojokerto District for sure, yes, Mojokerto is a district in East Java province. Like other districts in East Java, Mojokerto also has tourist attractions no less beautiful than other cities in East Java such as Malang, Surabaya, Surabaya and also Pacitan.

The things that make Mojokerto worth your visit as there are different types of tourist attractions in Mojokerto seen from natural attractions to cultural tourism. You can travel with family in one place and also family members or close friends would be more fun. Do you want to know? like several tourist attractions in Mojokerto. See the review below.

24 tourist attractions in Mojokerto you must visit

1. Museum of the Conservation Hall of Mojokerto Purbakal

The first tourist attraction in Mojokerto is an old museum. As the name implies, this place is a place for the preservation of various types of ancient relics. This museum is located at Jl Mojopahit Street, No. 141-143, Trowulan Mojoketo.

tourist attractions-history-in-mojokerto
Mojokerto Purbakal Conservation Center Museum

there are still many historical places in Mojokerto that are interesting to visit. among them are the Kedaton site in Dsn Kedaton, Ds Sentonorejo, Kec Trowulan. In that spot you can see a complex of remains of old buildings made of red brick molds and it is estimated that this brick is the remains of the 13th century from the Majapahit kingdom. In addition, you can also see the Upas Well and the Kedaton Temple, which is located near the Kedaton site.

2. Bajang Ratu Temple in Mojokerto

Wisata mojokerto, -Candi-Bajang-Ratu

Bajang Ratu temple in Mojokerto

Just like the location of the Archaeological Preservation Hall & Kedaton Site, this temple is also located in the Trowulan district. Located exactly in Temon Village, Trowulan District. This temple is equipped with a garden that makes visitors more comfortable. And it can also be made as an interesting photo object to easily decorate your instagaram profile.

3. Troloyo Mojokerto & # 39; s historic cemetery

grave-troloyo, history-tourism-in-mojokerto
The historical grave of Troloyo Mojokerto

Troloyo's grave turned out to be a historical state, which has so far been one of the destinations of historical sites worth visiting. This tour has succeeded in creating a special attraction for everyone who visits this tourist location. Troloyo's tomb is located in the Trowulan district, more specifically in the Sentonorejo region. This grave is also often used as a place of pilgrimage and as a religious tourist site.

4. Brahu temple in Mojokerto

Candi Brahu, Candi Wisata in Mojokerto
Brahu temple in Mojokerto

After visiting Bajang Ratu temple, you can also visit one of the cadres in Trowulan district, Brahu temple in Bejijong village can be visited during the holidays and study history by exploring the temple more widely. .

Rats in Mojokerto

Candi-mouse, tourism-historical temple-in-Mojokerto

Rat Temple is one of the tourist destinations that you should visit in this neighborhood. It is located right on Ds Temon, in the same village as Bajang Ratu temple.

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6. Wringin Lawang Temple in Mojokerto

Wringin Lawang temple in Mojokerto

Apart from a historical tour in the Triwulan district, another temple location you can visit is Wringan temple. Wringin Temple is one of the majapahit relics in the Trowulan district. This temple is perfect if you are visiting with family or close relatives. This temple is located exactly on the Jati Village market.

Fresh pool in Mojokerto

Fresh pool in Mojokerto
Fresh pool in Mojokerto

Once you are satisfied with a visit to the temple site, it might be a good idea to continue your tour in Mojokerto by visiting historical sites next to the temple, a swimming pool also located in the Trowulan district. This large pool is also a remnant of the Majapahit kingdom and also that the Majapahit kingdom was a success in ancient times. Swimming pool in Segaran village is also considered to be the largest ancient swimming pool in Indonesia.

8. Sleeping Buddha statue Mahavihara Majapahit in Mojokerto

Mahavihara Majapahit is a tourist attraction considered quite unique and interesting. Because in that place you can see the Buddha statue in a sleeping position and it is identical to the Buddhist place of prayer.

Buddhist statue, tourist-in-mojokerto
Sleeping statue of the Mahavihara Majapahit Buddha in Mojokerto

The Buddha statue is located next to the temple and is large enough to be a sleeping Buddha statue with the third largest gold color in the world. This is one of the interesting attractions for tourists visiting the location. The exact image is in the village of Bejijong Trowulan.

9. Pendopo Agung Trowulan Mojokerto

historical tourist attractions in Trowulan mojokerto
the great hall of the Mojokerto Quarter

Still talking about Mojokerto attractions in the Trowulan Regency area, this time different from the previous tour, you can visit the amazing Trowulan Pavilion. This temple is located in the village of Temon, Kec Trowulan. It is not complete to visit Mojokerto, but not to visit this one pavilion.

10. Mojokerto Trowulan Museum

Like the Temanggung regency, Trowulan doesn't want to be defeated by the museum tour. Namely mojokerto trowulan musem located in the village of Trowulan, Trowulan Morowerto district.

Mojokerto Trowulan Museum

This museum has a collection of relics from the Majapahit kingdom. Not only objects from Majapahit kingdom, this museum also preserves historical objects from Kediri kingdom, Kahuripan kingdom and Singasari kingdom.

11. Coban Canggu Mojokerto waterfall

After discussing historical tourism, Difa Wisata.com will now discuss natural attractions in Mojokerto that are very interesting to visit. Namely Coban waterfall which is still natural. This waterfall is located in Pacet Regency.

natural tourism-mojokerto, -air-plunge-coban-canggu
Coban Canggu Mojokerto waterfall

This tour is well suited to be visited as a place to relieve fatigue every day. Visiting this place can refresh your mind as it is presented with a view of a waterfall and green trees.

In addition, there are several villas and inns in the area that you can rent with family or close relatives.

12. Ubalan baths in beautiful Mojokerto

an artificial tourist spot in Mojokerto
bathe mojokerto ubalan

After visiting Canggu Coban Waterfall, it can be more complete by visiting Ubalan Bath not far from Coban Waterfall in Pacet District. The baths in Sesa Padusan are suitable to visit with your family as this place is a family tour in Mojokerto.

13. Dlundung waterfall

natural attractions in mojokerto
dlundung mojokerto waterfall

The next Mojokerto natural tourism object is tejun dlundung water, located in Kemloko village, Kec Trawas. This nature tour offers a unique view of waterfalls and mountain air which is very cool.

14. Jalatunda Temple in Mojokerto

temple tour in mojokerto
jalatunda mojokerto temple

After visiting the natural attractions in Mojokerto, which are very charming, you may want to visit Jalatunda Temple, the location of which is still a district with Dlundung Waterfall. Namely in the village of Seloliman Trawas mojokerto district.

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Taman Mini Pacet Mojokerto

Taman Mini Pacet, an artificial tour in Mojokerto
Pacip Minipark Mojokerto

after you are satisfied with visiting the natural and historical attractions in Mojokerto, the Taman Mini Pacet tour may be worth a visit with your family. This tour takes place at Jalan Warugunung Mojokerto. This place contains several water reserves and parks. if you are with your family it may be appropriate to visit the Pacet Park Father Tour

Joglo Park Mojokerto

water tourism in Mojokerto
joglo park mojokerto

just like lamongan, mojokerto also has an artificial tourist vehicle that is fairly complete. One is a joglo park tour that offers a very interesting water game as a superior spot in that location.

17. The eternal flame of Mojokerto

mojokerto tourismThe tourist object of Eternal Fire is one of the relics of the Majapahit kingdom. Historically, there was an & # 39; eternal fire & # 39; which was used by the Majapahit kingdom to make royal equipment and weapons.

The location of the Abai Mojokerto fire was in Bekucuk Hamlet, Tempuran Village, Soko District, Mojokerto Regency.

The best time to visit this tour is & # 39; At night.

18. Reco Lanang, Mojokerto Historical Tourism

24 tourist attractions in Mojokerto Most Ngehitz !!
Reco Lanang is a statue of Buddha. The image is shaped like the position of Aksobya Buddha.

This image resembles the statue in Borobudur. This photo has a height of 5.7 meters.

If you plan to visit this place, the statue is in Reco Lawang village.

19. Mount Penanggungan Tourism

Mojokerto natural tourist objectJust like Wonosobo, which has many mountains that can be climbed, Mojokerto also doesn't want to lose. There are mountains you can climb.

20. Padusan hot spring

mojokerto water tourism

Another popular bath in Mojokerto is the bath in the village of Padusan.

Since it is located in the village of Padusan, this bath house is also named after the village.

These hot springs are usually used by people to treat various diseases.

Mojokerto Culinary tourism

21. Pecel Madiun Sambal Tumpang

Mojokerto culinary tour

In Mojokerto there is also a typical culinary madiun that you can try. That is the madiun pecel sauce that you can try as a breakfast menu.

The location is at Jl. Bhayangkara No. 30A Mojokerto.

22. Your deposit

Mojokerto culinary tour

Your depot is a white rice dish and side dishes can be taken alone. Many people mention the buffet restaurant.

The location is at Jl. Bhayangkara No. 26 Mojokerto.

23. Sate Bangil Bang Soleh

typical mojokerto food

Mojokerto also has delicious special satay. This special food is called Sate Bangli.

You can buy it at the Bang Soleh store at Jalan Majapahit No. 428 Mojokerto.

24. Ken Mojoagung Mix

typical mojokerto food

The next culinary tour of mojokerto is tofu mix mojoagung. This tofu is cooked with charcoal to create its own flavor.

To enjoy this delicious tofu dish, you can come directly to the Jalan Mojoagung toll road.

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