31 tourist attractions in Manado, North Sulawesi, should be visited during your vacation


Tourist attractions in Manado – Hi friends wherever you are. Do you want to enjoy a pleasant holiday with family or loved ones in the city of Manado? Manado has many interesting tourist destinations that we can visit. The most famous tourist attraction in Manado is Bunaken Island or Bubaken Marine Park.

This marine park has an extraordinary beauty of the seabed, with its diversity of seabed biota making Bunaken famous not only domestically, but also abroad. Moreover, there are still many tourist attractions in Manado interesting to visit.

Before we discuss anything tourist attractions in Manado which should be visited, it is better if we get acquainted with the ins and outs of Manado or also known as Menado. The city of Manado or Menado itself is the capital of the North Sulawesi province. The people of North Sulawesi have a living motto Tou Timou Tumou Tou which means "Someone who lives to humanize others" or "Someone who lives to educate others".

31 tourist attractions in Manado, North Sulawesi

The following is 31 tourist attractions in Manado and surroundings to visit DifaWisata.com summarize it for you

1. The most famous tourist attraction of the Bunaken Marine Park in Manado

As explained above, Bunaken Marine Park is the most famous tourist attraction in Manado and one of the main attractions for tourists coming to Manado.

The most famous tourist attraction is the Bunaken Marine Park in Manado

The most famous tourist attraction is the Bunaken Marine Park in Manado

This attraction made UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 2005. The Bunaken Marine Park is very rich in sea life, you can see some coral reefs and fish with beautiful colors.

For lovers of diving, snorkeling and water photography, Bunaken is a must-visit destination. At least it was there 39 dive sites here, making you feel at home and keep diving here. If you can't swim, you can still enjoy the beauty of this underwater tourist spot with the help of specially designed submarines. The walls of the ship are in the form of transparent glass, so you can clearly see the extraordinary underwater landscape.

You can dive here at any time, but the best time is between May and August. The water is clearer during this period, which improves visibility. In addition, the temperature is also ideal for diving.

This attraction can be reached in 35 minutes by speedboat from the port of Manado, the distance is about 11 km from the port of Manado.

Some of the best places in Bunaken you must try Lekuan 1, Lekuan 2, Lekuan 3, Fukui, Mandolin, Tanjung Parigi, Ron & # 39; s Point, Sachiko Point, Pangalisang, Muka Kampung and East Bunaken.

Some tourist activities in Bunaken to choose from are guided tours

2. An exciting tourist destination on Siladen Island in Manado

In addition to Bunaken, Siladen Island also has a beauty & # 39; Heaven not to be missed, to get there you can drive a motorboat for about 45 minutes. Siladen Island is known for its white sand beaches and is clean. Siladen Island is located east of Bunaken Island.

A great tourist destination on the island of Siladen in Manado

A great tourist destination on the island of Siladen in Manado

One of the attractions in Manado has the most interesting dive sites in locations called Siladen 1 and Siladen 2. This Siladen Island has a number of resorts and homestays with good accommodations. If you want to enjoy maritime tourism with enchanting peace and beauty, Siladen Island in Manado is a good choice.

3. The object of the Kima Atas waterfall in Manado

Kima Waterfall is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Manado, the distance is only 15 km from Manado city, if the journey takes about 20 minutes. This waterfall is on Upper Kima District.

Tourism Object of the Kima Atas waterfall in Manado

Tourism Object of the Kima Atas waterfall in Manado

There are many trees around the waterfall that cool the air in this tourist spot. This waterfall consists of three levels with a not too heavy current making it safe to swim in puddles.

If you don't want to play water, you can spread your mat and sit and relax while enjoying culinary products sold on site.

Lake Tondano Tourism in Manado

The next tourist destination in Manado is Lake Tondano. This lake has become one of the tourist destinations in Manado with families not to be missed.

Tourism Object of Lake Tondano in Manado

Tourism Object of Lake Tondano in Manado

The lake itself was created by ancient volcanic volcanic activity, similar to events in Lake Toba in North SumatraThis tourist lake also has an island in the center and is located on a plateau 600 meters above sea level. The 4,000-acre lake is flanked by Tampusu Mountain, Kaweng Mountain, and Masarang Mountain.

You can also ride a motorboat around the lake for 10 passengers, to sail this motorboat you pay 50,000 Rupiah and you have to wait until it is full for 10 passengers.

5. Challenging tourist attractions Whitewater Sawangan in Manado

Do you like rafting? Then you must conquer the Sawangan River. Sawangan River is one of the interesting rafts we can try.

Tourist attractions that challenge Sawangan Rafting in Manado

Tourist attractions that challenge Sawangan Rafting in Manado

The river flow is quite heavy so it is challenging for us to try it. You are invited to conquer the current and the rock for about two hours. The length of the river path taken is 9 km. The journey begins at River Park Resort, Sawangan Village. While on the boat, enjoy the view of the lush trees on the edge of the river. If you're lucky, you'll also see monkeys hanging from trees.

To enjoy this extreme sport you need to spend 180,000 Rupiah.

6. Tourist attractions Malalayang Beach in Manado

Another must-see beach attraction in Manado, Malalayang Beach is around it 4 km from the center of Manado. This tourist spot also has a natural beauty under the sea that is no less interesting. do not worry If you forget to bring scuba gear, this is the location for renting scuba gear.

Malalayang Beach Interesting places in Manado

Malalayang Beach Interesting places in Manado

The waves on this beach are relatively calm, so you can play on black sand. In addition to diving and playing with water, another interesting activity is enjoying the culinary specialties of Malalayang Beach, fried bananas with dabu-dabu sauce. This tourist spot in Manado is known for its beautiful sunset views. Nothing wrong with enjoying this beautiful view with a plate of fried bananas and Manado sambal.

Tandurusa Tourist Park in Manado

Are you an animal lover? Now you can see a variety of typical Manado animal collections or in North SulawesiSafe trip Tandurusa.

Tandurusa Tourist Park in Manado

Tandurusa Tourist Park in Manado

This park is located at Jl Aertembaga Regency, about two hours from the center of Manado.

You can see animals The typical Sulawesi starts from babirusa, black monkey, more ghosts and different kinds of birds.

Most interesting, of course, is the tarsier that has become an icon of North Sulawesi. This tarsier looks like a monkey, but its body is no more than 15 cm. His arms and legs are longer than his body. One of the most striking features are the large round eyes and almost half of the face.

8. Interesting tourist attractions Bukit Kasih in Manado

Bukit Kasih is an interesting tourist attraction in Manado to visit, the location is in the village of Kanonang or about 55 km from the city center of Manado.

Interesting tourist destination Bukit Kasih in Manado

Interesting tourist destination Bukit Kasih in Manado

Unique, as the name Hill of Love suggests, you can see it a place of worship of five official religions in Indonesia in one place.

Not far from the entrance you will be greeted with a 22 meter high monument called the Tolerance Monument. This monument has the shape of a pentagon, on each side a symbol of every religion with quotes from the scriptures.

There are five places of worship, each connected by a spiral staircase. To get around this tourist spot, you have to go up and down hundreds of steps, and then you have to wear comfortable footwear.

Next to the Tolerance monument there is a white cross tower with a height of 53 meters. This tower can even be seen from the boulevard in the center of Manado.

9. Historical sites at the North Sulawesi State Museum in Manado

Want to get to know Manado better? You can visit the North Sulawesi State Museum in Manado. Here you can get to know culture Minahasa tribe from the province.

Historic sites in the North Sulawesi State Museum in Manado

Historic attractions at the North Sulawesi State Museum

Tourist attractions on Jalan WR. This supratman has a diverse collection that reflects the culture of the local community. You can find miniature traditional houses, traditional clothes, fishing equipment, household equipment, to the heroes heritage. In total there are about 2,810 collections in this museum.

To access these tourist attractions in Manado, you only pay 1000 Rupiah for adults and 250 Rupiah for children. The museum is open every day except Sundays and public holidays.

10. Culinary attractions on the boulevard in Manado

Boulevard area is a location that is always busy with tourists, both the surrounding community and from different regions in Indonesia visiting Manado.

Culinary attractions in the Boulevard Manado district

Culinary attractions in the Boulevard Manado district

Active location along Pierre Tendean Street. This area itself becomes a landmark in the city of Manado.

In the afternoon, this tourist spot is packed with locals to enjoy the sunset view. If you want to prove the beauty of the sunset here, you must leave the bank before 5pm.

& # 39; At night, this area becomes a culinary center in Manado. Not only is Manado's specialty food served here, but there are also many culinary delights from other regions on the islands. While enjoying food, you can see the beauty of Manado Tua Island over the ocean.

11. Tomohon Flower City Tourist attractions

In addition to Bandung, Manado also has a beautiful and beautiful flower garden, this park is not located in Manado, but in the town of Tomohon, about 22 km from Manado.

Tomohon Flower City tourist attractions

Flower City Tomohon tourist attractions – tourist attractions in Manado

In this city, the residents plant various beautiful flowers because the land is very fertile. Here every house has its own garden full of beautiful colorful flowers.

Ornamental festivals are usually held between June and August. Flower parades and various art performances can be seen in the city streets. If you are not satisfied to enjoy this city in one day, don't worry as there are many hostels in Tomohon.

12 Visit the statue of the blessing of Jesus

This statue is one of the icons of the city of Manado that you must visit. The statue with a height of about 50 meters is located in the elite residential area Citraland Winangun. The ring road or Manado ring road divides this area into two parts.

Visit the statue of the blessing of Jesus

Visit the statue of blessing of Jesus – tourist attraction in Manado

Go to the other side of the road and don't worry, because even if it's in elite homes, no fees will be charged.

& # 39; The morning is the best time, because you can see the morning sun splashing on the body of the statue as the sun rises behind Klabat in the distance. You can also see the natural environment that is no less beautiful.

Once you are satisfied with the sunrise view, head to the sculpture garden and try to go down the stairs and enjoy several fragments of stories about the life of Jesus arranged in this location in this way.

13. A great vacation spot in Manado Tua

Old Manado is one of the islands we must visit. Manado Lama is located about 16 km from the city of ManadoYou have to travel by boat for about 60 minutes. On this island is a volcano that rises and is covered with green and shady trees.

A great vacation spot in Manado Tua

A great vacation spot in Manado Tua – tourist attraction in Manado

Not much different from Bunaken Marine Park and Siladen Island, the waters in this region have spectacular underwater panoramas. There is nothing wrong with this place being one of the locations of the World Ocean Conference in 2009.

Do not miss either 16 of the most famous tourist attractions in Tangerang are visited

14. Mount Tumpa in Manado

Mount Tumpa is one of the tourist attractions in Manado not to be missed, especially for photography enthusiasts.

Mount Tumpa in Manado

Mount Tumpa in Manado – tourist attractions in Manado

Mount Tumpa is located in the village of Meras, in the Bunaken district and can be reached in about 50 minutes by public transport from the center of Manado. You can see green trees and coconut plantations here. When you are at the top of a mountain, your eyes are spoiled by the overall view of the city of Manado.

For photography enthusiasts, this location is a must for you to visit as here you can get a panoramic view of the sun as you drive on the eastern horizon (sunrise) and sink to the western horizon (sunset)).

15. Attractions in the Tumbak Marine Park

Besides Bunaken, Tumbak Marine Park also has beautiful coral reefs that are very amazing. Despite its extraordinary beauty, Taman Latu Tumbak is still unknown and tourists rarely know.

View of Tumbak Sea Park

Tumbak Marine Park Sightseeing – Tourist Attractions in Manado

Tumbak marine park is not in Mando, the location is active Southeast Minahasa Regency, located in a village called Tumbak. From Manado city, the distance to Tumbak takes 3 hours by land vehicle. Like Bunaken, the charm of Tumbak Marine Park lies in the beauty of coral reefs.

There are 20 diving and snorkeling spots in Tumbak that you must try, including Napo Kipas, Mangrove Bohaga, Bohaga Kecil, MFT 1, MFT2, Taman Karang and Pintu Samudra.

16. Tapahan Telu waterfall in Manado

Another natural tourist object in Manado that is worth a visit is Indonesia Tapahan Telu waterfall or Kali village waterfall, located earlier in the forest, with a calm atmosphere, the water splashes quite loud so that the environment (including the classic bridge) is mossy, but instead adds to the artistic side.

The natural appeal of the Ratahan Telu waterfall in Manado

Tapahan Telu waterfall in Manado

Getting to the waterfall is quite easy, even I came here by bicycle (but this is only recommended for those used to cycling uphill). When calculated, the distance is only about 20 km from the center of Manado to the entrance gate. To get to the waterfall itself, you have to walk through the forest for about 20 minutes. You don't have to worry because although there are no traders, there are toilets and rest areas. Location Tapahan Telu Waterfall is located in Kali Village, Pineleng Regency.

From Manado City, go to Tomohon Toll Road (towards Tomohon City or Lake Tondano). After traveling a distance of 8 km, he met a gate on the left side of the road that reads the grave of the national hero Tuanku Imam Bonjol. Tapahan Telu Waterfall is in line with Tuanku Imam Bonjol's tomb, so visitors on a pilgrimage can continue to the waterfall.

17. Free attraction on the Soekarno Bridge in Manado

The Sukarno Bridge is perhaps the newest tourist attraction in Manado, as it was only consecrated in May 2015.

Unobstructed view of the Soekarno Bridge in Manado

Unobstructed view of the Soekarno Bridge in Manado

Don't forget to take photos against the Candle Tower, which is also close to Soekarno Bridge. Wait for the night sky to turn golden red, a sign that the sun is setting. Don't worry if you don't have a camera as there are several photo service providers here. You can take the results home right away because they print it out when it's ready.

18. Interesting holiday to a Chinese village in Manado

In the center of Manado there is an interesting Chinese village to visit. The Chinese village is mentioned because almost all traders here are of Chinese origin.

An interesting vacation to a Chinese village in Manado

An interesting vacation to a Chinese village in Manado

They are located in old shophouses built since Dutch colonialism. Some buildings are still preserved as original buildings with colonial style architecture. If the location is very busy during the day with buyers commuting back and forth, including vehicle density.

In Kampung Cina, you can also visit the oldest temple in Manado, Ban Hing Kiong, which was built in 1819 and stands majestically next to another temple, Kwang Kong. If you bring a parking vehicle in the National Park, it is not far from Kampung Cina.

Tourist attractions around Manado

Here are tourist attractions in Mando that are also interesting for us to visit. Although it is not in Manado, but because of its close location, it doesn't hurt us to visit either, as some places are highly recommended to fill holiday time with loved ones, consider the following:

19. Enjoy the underwater beauty of Lembeh Island

The next attraction in Manado is the island of Lembeh, which has a very enchanting beauty. This island is no less beautiful than the Bunaken Marine Park. No half-hearted tourists are spoiled for this 88 beautiful dive sites are waiting for us.

Enjoy the beauty of the underwater island of Lembeh

Enjoy the beauty of the underwater island of Lembeh

This island is a tourist spot in Manado that should be visited by fans snorkeling, diving and photography. This exotic island is rising Bitung City, not far from Manado. The entrance fee to Lembeh Island requires 8,000 rupiah.

But we can explore attractions around Manado by renting a boat, although it requires a significant amount of about 300,000 rupees, but we can rent a boat to travel around the island and around Manado. For those not so fond of water activities like diving and snorkeling, you can also take pictures around the island with clear and white sand water.

How can you not wait to try the sea of ​​Baawah island Sesasi Lembeh? What are you waiting for, let's go straight to the scene.

20. Fun holidays are coming Ratatotok Beach

The next tourist attraction in Manado is Ratatotok Beach, located on Jl This beach belongs to the gold mining of Newmont and is located in the southeast of the Minahasa district, 3 hours drive from Manado. But that does not make this beach dirty and unkempt. Beautiful landscapes, clean beaches, clear blue sea, comfortable white sand make visitors feel at home because the air is clean and good for health.

A pleasant vacation to Ratatotok Beach

Pleasant vacation to Ratatotok Beach – tourist attractions in Manado

There are 24 dive and snorkel spots, coral reefs and various types of fish and corals that are the result of PT. Newmont. The depth of diving and snorkeling locations varies, ranging from 5-40 meters with a view of 10-25 meters and water temperatures around 26 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Hmmm, for those who like to snorkel, this beach should also be included in the list of tourist attractions in Manado that you must visit.

21. Have a nice holiday The exotic island of Lihaga Nan

Lihaga Island can also be an alternative tourist spot in Manado you deserve to consider. The island is alive The Minut area, near the town of Manado, is exotic, and visitors can get white sand beaches with clear waters and clear waters. Friendly and calm waves prevent visitors from surfing, but tourists can relax, sunbathe and play water on this beautiful beach.

A wonderful holiday on the exotic island of Lihaga Nan

A wonderful holiday on the exotic island of Lihaga Nan – a tourist spot in Manado

Although visitors have to pay an entrance fee, the view pays off extraordinary and beautiful landscapes on this island. Lihaga Island is indeed not too many visitors because it is not exposed. However, you can enjoy the view of Lihaga Island with tourist attractions in the Maldives.

Who is not amazed at her beauty? Apparently, there are many tourist attractions in Indonesia that are more beautiful than abroad.

22. Enjoy the adrenaline rush on Rafting

Especially for those who like extreme sports, you can try the challenging thrill at Timbukar rafting. Reaching this sports location takes only 2 hours from the city of Manado on the way to the village of Timbukar, Minahasa. There are many interesting places along the way, so the journey won't be boring.

Enjoy the adrenaline rush at White River Rafting

Enjoy the adrenaline rush at White River Rafting

Arriving at the village of Timbukar, visitors can choose an existing package and start the rapids on the Nimanga River while enjoying the natural beauty and cliffs to the right and left. It takes 2 hours from start to finish, about 9 kilometers away. Of course, visitors can also enjoy culinary tours in the village of Timbukar.

How do you feel challenged to try white water rafting here?

23. Overcome Mount Duasaudara

In addition, you can try the thrill of climbing Mount Duasaudara about 12 kilometers from the center of Bitung. This inactive mountain around the east of Mount Klabat is located directly opposite the Tangkoko Nature Reserve. The beauty of the top of Mount Duasaudara is clearly visible from the Lembeh coast and is very impressive.

Conquer Mount Duasaudara

Conquer Mount Duasaudara

Especially for those who like to climb, it doesn't hurt to climb this mountain. The height of the mountain is about 1,351 meters above sea level, which is considered difficult, but many tourists are very happy with hiking at the foot of the mountain and enjoying culinary excursions and beautiful scenery and fresh air.

24. Holiday on the site Waruga Sawangan

Are you looking for a historical site? Well this is the place. You can visit the famous Sawuga waruga site in North Sulawesi. People in North Sulawesi, especially the Minahasa tribe, have a unique tradition of being buried by burying the dead in a container called waruga.

Holidays to the Waruga Sawangan site - tourist attractions in Manado

Holidays to the Waruga Sawangan site – tourist attractions in Manado

Waruga itself consists of two parts, namely the body and the head or cover. All of them are made of solid stone, and body parts are generally rectangular in shape with an empty space in the center to place the body for burial. Waruga Sawangan is located in Sawangan village, about 45 minutes from Manado city.

25. Feelings of conquering Mount Mahawu

You can also try the thrill of climbing Mount Mahawu, which is located not far from the Tomohon flower area, the Gunung Mahawu Crater is the right choice if we are satisfied with a walk in the flower garden and want to see the depth of the exotic crater.

The thrill of conquering Mount Mahawu - tourist attractions in Manado

DCIM101MEDIASensification of the conquest of Mount Mahawu

Concrete walkways, concrete steps and traps make it easy for tourists to travel. The landscape in the form of the crater of Mount Lokon, Mount Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, Tomohon City and Manado can be seen as tourists walking on the lower lip.

26. Middle Pulutan ceramic

Ceramic crafts are known here for producing the highest quality products. In addition, ceramic models and cartridges are very good and are not inferior to ceramics elsewhere. Pulutan ceramic craftsmen usually live in Pulutan Village, Remboken District, Kab. Minahasa. If you come from Manado, this place can be about 31 km from the city center.

Pulutan Ceramic Crafts Center - tourist attractions in Manado

Pulutan ceramic craft center

Recommended culinary places in Manado

Don't forget the delicious food from Manado after you get tired of traveling. Here are some that we recommend for you:

  1. Saroja yellow rice

Saroja yellow rice is the first culinary in Manado that we recommend. Yellow rice is quite popular and is guaranteed to make you hooked if you enjoy it. Just come to Diponegoro Street, Manado, 95112. For the price of Manado culinary tourist destination, Saroja Yellow Rice is also quite affordable between Rp. 3000 to Rp. Only 11,000.

  1. City Extra

You can also visit City Extra, a place to eat on the Tanawangko highway, Kalasey Village, Manado. For the price of the food menu at City Extra, Rp. 15,000 to 2,500, but this price spoils you with delicious food. City Extra is a delicious culinary tourist spot in Manado that is known as the most delicious fish restaurant in Manado.

Some main menus you can try, such as Black Pepper Crab, Grilled Shrimp, Bobara Woku Blanga, Sweet Sweet Bobara, Padang Sauce Shrimp, Grilled Bobara and of course many other food menus.

  1. Marine Fish Tourism Restaurant

Then you should also stop at the Seafood Tourism Restaurant at Jalan Wolter Monginsidi 1 Bahu Mall, Manado. With a food menu for a price of Rp. 30000 to 75000, which of course includes an affordable price. No less than at other seafood restaurants, Wisata Bahari Seafood Restaurant offers exceptional quality dishes with beautiful views.

When you come, try Vegetable Ferns, Various Processed Grilled Goropa Rica Shrimp, Bobara juice and Tomatoes that you can destroy after enjoying the food at Wisata Seafood Seafood Restaurant.

  1. RM Pondok Maengket Teterusan

Then you can also try a variety of delicious culinary dishes at Jalan Terusan Mapanget, North Sulawesi, where the name is Manado RM Pondok Maengket Teterusan. The price range of places to eat RM Pondok Maengket Teterusan starts from Rp. 25000 which is certainly an affordable price. Grilled fish menu in Manado culinary tour, RM Pondok Maengket Teterusan is amazing.

The main menu here is Woku Blanga Mujair Fish, Fried Mujair Fish and Rica Roasted Mujair Fish. If you want to taste a special flavor from Manado, you can try Woku Blanga Fish, which tastes unique because of the spices in it.

  1. Wakeke

Then you can also enjoy a delicious meal at restaurant Wakeke. Here you can try a typical Manado dish, which is made from rice which then turns into porridge, after it has turned into porridge and then mixed with cassava and red pumpkin. Wakeke is a Manado culinary destination on Jalan Wakeke No. 1 Manado, North Sulawesi.

Prijzen in dit restaurant beginnen vanaf Rp. 1500 tot Rp. 22000.

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