37 Attractions in Lebak The most hits to visit during your holiday


Tourist attractions in Lebak – Lebak is one of the regents in Banten Province and has its capital in Rangkasbitung. The name Lebak may immediately come to mind is a city rich in local cultural values ​​of the local community.

This assumption is indeed true, because up to now Baduy still lives in the Lebak region. But the location of their house is quite far from the center of the crowd.

Behind the richness of Lebak culture, it appears that this area has many tourist attractions that of course have their own charm. Tourist attractions in Lebak can be the best choice on weekends or holidays, especially for those of you who live in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

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Lebak's location is indeed close to the beach, so it is not surprising that this area has a lot of maritime tourism that can be explored.

However, tourist attractions in Lebak are not only limited to marine tourism, but also several other types of travel, such as waterfalls, historical tours, mountain tours and so on.

For this reason, for those planning a holiday to Lebak, know which tourist attractions can be visited to facilitate your tour.

16 attractions you must visit in Lebak

For those of you who have never visited Lebak Regency, you may get confused looking for tourist attractions that can be visited. Because it doesn't feel complete when it's in Lebak, but doesn't stop at attractions.

But don't worry because below is a list of tourist attractions in Lebak that may be your reference before you travel:

1. Karang Bokor Beach

Karang Bokor Beach

Karang Bokor Beach

Karang Bokor Beach is one of the beaches in Lebak Regency, located in Sawarna Village, Bayah, Lebak.

This beach is really a must to visit because it has a very beautiful natural panorama. When you arrive at Karang Bokor Beach, you will see a large coral in the middle of the sea.

Coral reefs are also an icon of Karang Bokor beach, so many curious tourists want to see large corals.

When the sea water is high, corals are usually blown by the waves and make a roar. Such moments are highly anticipated by tourists as they can witness firsthand the violent waves on Karang Bokor Beach.

address: Sawarna, Bayah, Lebak Regency, Banten

2. Sawarna white sand beach

Sawarna Beach tourist destination in Banten

Sawarna Beach tourist destination in Banten

This beach is known to have unique waves because the waves on the beach have shrunk and can be played by tourists.

On the beach you can see a net stretching over a stretch of sand as an intermediary for beach volleyball matches. Of course, the white name on the beach is synonymous with white sand and clean.

The beauty of Sawarna Beach

The beauty of Sawarna Beach

When you are on Sawarna & # 39; s white sand beach, you will be spoiled by a 5 kilometer stretch of sand and coastline. The texture of the sand on the beach is very smooth and soft, so it feels cold to the touch with your feet.

But if you go to the beach, the sand will also change to a harder and black color. Tourists who come to this beach often use soft beach sand to play sand while enjoying the waves.

area: Jl. Sawarna Km. 12 No. 1, Sawarna, Bayah District, Lebak Regency

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3. Ciporolak waterfall

Ciporolak Waterfall via @megasucilestari_msl

Ciporolak Waterfall via @megasucilestari_msl

Tourist attractions in Lebak is also a waterfall tour, including the Ciporolak waterfall. Curug tourist object is located in Cibeber Lebak with natural conditions that are still natural and well maintained.

No wonder when you are in this tourist area you can feel the natural atmosphere that is fresh and cold. The water temperature in this tourist attraction is always stable with a temperature range of 15 degrees Celsius.

The name Ciporolak Waterfall itself has a unique meaning derived from the word Ciporolak, which means debris or falls.

Indeed, this naming is based on small stones that usually fall, often carried by the flow from the top of the waterfall down to produce the sound of falling objects.

When you visit Curug Ciporolak, you will feel the splashes of water combined with the singing of birds spoiling your ears.

In addition to seeing the natural environment, visitors can also swim at the edge of the waterfall due to the deep center. But to get to these tourist attractions you have to be careful because of the steep and extreme road terrain.

Location: Kampung Lebak Picung, Hegarmanah, Cibeber District, Lebak Regency, Banten.

4. Curug Cihear

Curih Cihear via @jons_iskan

Curih Cihear via @jons_iskan

Curug Cihear is one of the tourist attractions in the interior of Lebak. For this reason, it is not surprising that access to this waterfall is indeed quite difficult and requires battle.

Due to the lack of information, it is not surprising that the number of tourists who come to this waterfall is not much. The road to Curug Cihear is quite difficult because you have to go through a rocky and tired road.

But the fatigue was rewarded by the beauty of the landscape of this waterfall. This waterfall is actually located on Mount Leutik or in the area of ​​Mount Halimun Salak.

Waterfalls with a height of 28 meters and a width of 6 meters can indeed be the best choice to combat fatigue.

Location: Lebaksitu, Lebak Gedong, Lebak Regency, Banten

5. Kanteh workers

Kanteh Labor via IG

Kanteh Labor via IG

Another waterfall attraction in Lebak region and you must visit Kanteh waterfall. Where this waterfall is still very difficult to reach because you have to divide the forest and along the river to get to this waterfall.

Heavy terrain will certainly be a challenge for you to overcome them. But fatigue during the journey seemed to pay off when he arrived at Curug Kanteh and witnessed the beauty of the natural landscape and its beauty.

In addition, this waterfall appears to have a height of about 80 meters, so it is an extraordinary attraction. Water drops fall as if you are destroying your fatigue on a long and arduous journey.

area: Cijengkol Village, Kec Cilograng, Lebak Regency

6. Cikuya Agro tea plantation

Cikuya Tea Plantation Agro Tourism via @ iilf.azz

Cikuya Tea Plantation Agro Tourism via @ iilf.azz

This attraction officially opened in 2006 and is operated by PT. Harendong green agriculture.

The area of ​​this tea garden is 120 ha, so it looks very wide and stretched. When you visit this attraction you will see the beauty of the tea garden which is neatly decorated and adds to the cool atmosphere of the mountains.

Indeed, the beauty of the tea kebu is not much different from the tea kebu in other areas because the tea garden is well maintained and looks so clean.

To go to this tea garden, you don't have to make a difficult journey because the terrain is quite good. Along the way you will also be spoiled by beautiful panoramas with neat rows of trees.

In fact, you can see the beauty of the beach in the South Lebak region, which is very charming. Farmers seem to pick tea leaves in the garden so that it gives a different feeling.

Not only can you enjoy the beauty of the tea garden, you can also visit the tea processing factory to see the processing of tea leaves until it is ready for consumption.

area: Cikuya Village, Cibeber District, Lebak Regency

Curug Kumpay

Curug Kumpay via @ rbangkit177

Curug Kumpay via @ rbangkit177

Tourist attractions in Lebak have a mysterious story that makes many people more curious. Because the existence of this waterfall has not been revealed by many tourists due to its location in the forest.

But if you want to explore Curug Kumpay, you have to use the services of a local guide so you don't get lost.

The location of this waterfall is not only hidden but is also considered sacred as it is used as a ritual location at certain times.

When you travel to a waterfall you will find a steep rocky descent. During the trip you will see the green hills and rice fields.

The journey continues to the village in the valley and across the river with clear water. Behind the bushes came the roar of a beautifully flowing waterfall.

The waterfall with a height of 20 meters is very beautiful indeed and makes you tired during the trip.

Location: Kumpay Village, Sajira, Lebak Regency, Banten

8. Cibangkit curve

Cibangkit waterfall

Cibangkit waterfall

Curung Cibangkit is a waterfall attraction in Maja Village, Sobang, Lebak. The location of this waterfall is indeed quite hidden, so there are still many tourists who know nothing about the existence of this waterfall.

But from the information that circulates, this waterfall has a very good view and is surrounded by forests. The uniqueness of this waterfall is the form of water flow on different levels with different heights. In addition, there are also large stones at the bottom of the waterfall, which makes it feel better.

Location: Majasari Village, Sobang District, Lebak Regency, Banten

9. Sipayung waterfall

Sipayung waterfall

Sipayung waterfall

Attraction Curay Sipayuh is a natural tourist attraction often frequented by tourists both locally and outside the Lebak area.

For this reason, the village council of Pairhaur is trying to make a breakthrough, making this attraction more attractive and inviting many tourists.

Indeed, the beauty of this waterfall is not to be missed due to the vast natural landscape and rivals any other place.

In addition, its location in the mountains ensures that this attraction has clean and cool air. Sipayung Waterfall also has five levels of water flow, so it is suitable for those of you who like to travel through nature.

Location: Sipayung Village, Cipanas District, Lebak Regency, Banten Province

10. Situ Palayangan

Situ Palayangan

Situ Palayangan

Tourist attractions in Lebak Regency are also mentioned in situ in the form of lakes or by local residents. This time, Situ Palayangan, one of the most famous locations in Lebak, is perhaps the best choice for tourist destinations to fill holiday time.

If you leave from Rangkasbitung, you must travel a maximum of 2 kilometers. When you arrive at Situ Palayangan, you can see beautiful natural scenery, especially around the lake.

Situ Situ is also a way to Baduy, so it doesn't hurt to stop by. Situ Palayangan is not only a tourist attraction but also provides water to irrigate rice fields for residents of Karanganyar and Cimarga Regencies. There is also a small island that adds beauty there.

Location: Marga Jaya Village, Cimarga District, Lebak Regency, Banten

11. Talanca Beach

Talanca Beach

Talanca Beach

Talanca Beach is also often referred to as the Golden Beach, which has a stretch of white sand that stretches as if it were unlimited.

Along the beach you see shady beach trees, which gives a cool impression. On the east side of the beach there is also a combination of fresh water and sea water separated by a small hill.

Since opening to the public in 1981, the number of tourists coming to this beach has increased from year to year. No wonder there are many houses and hotels around the beach nowadays as a residence for tourists.

area: Cilangkahan Village, Malingping District, Regency low Country

12. Typical Lebak Batik art tourism

Lebak Typically Batik Art Tourism

Lebak Typically Batik Art Tourism

Batik is a typical work of art in Indonesian society and many regions have signature batik art, including Lebak batik art.

For those of you visiting Lebak, take time to stop at the Lebak batik art center in the Lebak area.

Even Lebak's unique batik art has also been patented, so it won't be easily recognized by other countries. At present, the Lebak batik has 12 motifs that are constantly being developed to improve the economy of the Lebak community.

Each batik motif, of course, has a unique and distinctive motif, so you must have it.

Location: Lebak Regency, Lebak Regency, Banten, Indonesia

13. Cibedug Site

Cibeduk site via Tribunnews

Cibeduk site via Tribunnews

This attraction is indeed very suitable for those who love history. The Cibeduk site is located in Cibeber Lebak and is the name of a village in the village of West Citorek.

This village is indeed known for its megalithic remains in the form of terraces and menhirs in the complex.

However, this complex is now isolated and is called the Lebak Cibedug site. For the remnants of the megalithic era in Cibeduk, there are at least nine terraces with oval-like structures like menhirs.

The location of this site is also in the mountainside area, so that gives an even more impressive impression.

area: Lebak Cibedug Hamlet, Citorek Village, Cibeber District, Lebak Regency

14. Senanghati Hot Spring Tourism

Senanghati Hot Spring Tourism

Senanghati Hot Spring Tourism

Attractions Senanghati Hot Springs are also known as Citando Hot Springs, a favorite tourist destination.

Hot springs in the Malingping area are not yet known to tourists, especially from outside the Lebak region. But still, this hot spring tour has been around for a long time and was famous in the past.

It is even believed that a grandmother in her forties found a story about the discovery of this hot spring. Since then, hot springs have become increasingly famous and are visited by tourists.

Location: Senang Hati Village, Malingping District, Lebak Regency

15. The beach is like rain

The beach is like rain via Merahputih

The beach is like rain via Merahputih

The name of this beach is indeed quite unique, but apparently the name comes from the location of the beach in the village of Rain.

In addition, this beach is also close to the mouth of the Rain River, so very few people do water activities on this beach.

But the rain beach has white sand and coral around the beach which is great.

On this beach there are clouds that are so close to the beach that the view can be captured.

Just as the rain beach is not as wide as other beaches in Lebak, but if you are vacationing on this beach there are still many interesting activities you can do. For example, by walking on a rock and talking to fishermen along the coast.

area: Village like rain, Cihara District Court, Lebak Regency

16. Cihara Beach

Cihara Beach

Cihara Beach

Cihara Beach is one of the beaches in Lebak with undoubtedly natural beauty. Because there is a unique cliff around this beach and is perfect for those of you who like photography.

But unfortunately, because this beach has a sandy area that is not too wide, it cannot be used to play sand and sea water.

But you can still enjoy the beach atmosphere with the sound of waves and coral clusters that are so beautiful. In fact, there are many tourists who call Cihara Beach a romantic beach and suitable for relaxing with a partner.

area: Sukahujan Village, Ciparahu Village, Cihara, Lebak Regency

17. Goa Langir Sawarna beach

Goa Langir Sawarna Beach via @anisayuniara

Goa Langir Sawarna Beach via @anisayuniara

Talking about nature tourism in Lebak, especially beach tourism is endless. One is Goa Langir Sawarna beach, which has incomparable beauty.

The location of this beach is about 2 kilometers from the center of the crowd, so for those looking for a quiet tourist spot, this beach is the solution.

When you arrive at Pantao Goa Langir Sawarna, you will be greeted by a stretch of white sand that looks stretched. There is also a simple gate that welcomes you at the entrance of this beach.

A cool breeze and a typical beach atmosphere combined with blue sea and high waves will be a very good combination.

In addition, this beach is also bordered by solid cliffs on the left, so it looks even more amazing. As you relax, you can sit under a cliff to see the vast blue ocean that pampers your eyes.

Location: Sawarna, Bayah Regency, Lebak, Banten

18. Cave of a thousand temples

Temple of a thousand caves

Temple of a thousand caves

Tourist attractions in the Lebak region are also cave tours that guarantee you an unforgettable tourist experience.

These attractions are located in Sawarna or behind the beach. Of course this cave has very beautiful and unique stalactites and stalagmites.

The stalactites in this cave look unique and are at first glance similar to the stupas in Borobudur Temple. When you enter the cave you can feel the cold feeling of the water droplets falling from the top of the cave.

The condition of the ceiling is very short and dangerous, so that the exploration of the cave takes only 50 meters from the mouth of the cave. Because the deeper the cave becomes narrower and more dangerous for visitors.

But your exploration in the cave will be even more exciting because of the stalactites and stalagmites that formed naturally from water droplets in the cave thousands of years ago.

area: Sawarna Village, Bayah District, Lebak Regency, Banten

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19. Travel on giant Kabayan footprints

During the tour, travel to the great footprints of Kabayan

During the tour, travel to the great footprints of Kabayan

Attraction Kabayan Giant Footprint is indeed one of the unique attractions and makes many people curious.

You can reach attractions in Sawarna Lebak by first crossing a suspension bridge. But the road to this location can only be passed by two-wheeled vehicles.

The uniqueness of this tourist attraction is the existence of gigantic footprints about 2.5 meters wide and 0.7 meters wide.

Based on local stories, the myth of the right footprints is a legacy of Kabayan footprints. Until now, the giant footprints are still intact and become a tourist attraction.

Even natural stone in the form of footprints is generally very similar to human feet, but the difference is very large. But no research has yet been done to uncover the truth of the giant footprints.

20. Cipanas Hot Springs Tourism

Cipanas Hot Spring Tourism via Triptrus

Cipanas Hot Spring Tourism via Triptrus

The Cipanas hot spring is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Lebak. Until now, Cipanas has often been a tourist destination on weekends and public holidays.

This hot spring tour is indeed very suitable for a family holiday, because there is a hot spring on this tourist site that can be used for both children and adults.

But usually there is a special pool depending on the age of the visitors, so it is safer and more comfortable. The hot springs in these baths give a different feeling and make the body feel relaxed.

In addition, the atmosphere around Hot Springs is usually cold and cold, so it is suitable for use in warm baths.

Location: village Raya Cipanas, Cipanas District, Regency low Country

21. Tourism from the village of Baduy

Travel from Baduy Village via IG

Travel from Baduy Village via IG

The Baduy are a tribe that lives isolated from the bustle of the outside world. Baduy people live simply and unite with nature.

Indeed, baduy life encompasses nature as a place to live and culture that is still very important. But it turns out that the Baduy's uniqueness and culture is actually a tourist potential in Lebak.

No wonder so many tourists are curious and want to visit the village of Baduy. You should know that Baduy is divided into 2 types, namely Inner Baduy and Outer Baduy.

From the outside, Inner Baduy usually wears white clothes and headbands. Outer Baduy, they usually wear black clothes with blue headbands.

From a cultural point of view, the Baduy Dalam tribe still adheres to the customs of these tribes. For the Outer Baduy, they were influenced by outside cultures. However, the uniqueness of the two Baduy tribes bears similarities in their abstinence from shoe wearing, technology and modern transportation.

Therefore, Baduy lives in villages far from external interventions and there are no external disturbances that endanger them. But when traveling to this village, you have to follow the rules and know the boundaries.

Location: Leuwidamar, Lebak Regency, Banten

22. Karang Beach Malang

Karang Beach Malang by Jalan Wisata

Karang Beach Malang by Jalan Wisata

Karang Beach Malang is a natural tourist object that is still very natural in Lebak Regency. In addition to seeing the expansive blue sea water and white sand, you can also see cassava plants growing on the beach sand.

Sweet potatoes are often called sweet potatoes because they grow on sandy beaches. Of course, cassava plants in Karang Beach Malang become an attraction and tourists become curious.

But the visit to this beach is guaranteed not to be lost, as the beauty of Karang Malang beach is still natural, although access to the beach is still quite difficult.

Location: village Muara, Wanasalam District, Lebak Regency

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23. Amusement park Bukit Samaun

Attractions from Samaun Hill Park via Orbitbanten

Attractions from Samaun Hill Park via Orbitbanten

The next tourist attraction in Lebak is Samaun Hill Park, which was originally a grain garden. Now the family-run corn garden in Jamidemang village is full of tourists.

Bahrudin is the chief manager of Taman Bukit Samaun and believes that the corn garden has extraordinary tourist potential with a cool view and atmosphere.

Now Taman Bukit Samaun Bahrudin has many photo spots or selfies for visitors, the love bridge and the manager will add other facilities.

To enter the Bukit Samaun Park attraction, you must enter Rp. Pay 5,000. And in the future, the manager will also add amenities such as water and outbound tourism such as arum and Flying Fox.

24. Ciantir beach

Ciantir Beach via IG

Ciantir Beach via IG

The next tourist attraction in Lebak is Ciantir beach. This smart guy is still in Sawarna village. This beach has clean white sand and a long beach. For those of you who like to surf, this beach is great for conquering.

For those of you who want a more exciting vacation, you can stay at many standing beaches. To go to the beach you only have to pay IDR 5,000 per person.

Location: Sawarna Village, Bayah District, Lebak Regency, Banten

25. Procedural beach bag

Beach procedures via IG

Beach procedures via IG

The beach bag procedure must be included in the list of tourist attractions in Lebak that you will be visiting. Located in the Malingping district, the beach is currently very popular with tourists.

This beach offers a wide view because this attraction has a very long coastline of about 15 kilometers. Here you can try different activities in the form of skiing and banana boat.

area: Sukamanah Village, Malingping District, Lebak Regency

26. Tanjung Layar Beach

Tanjung Layar beach via IG

Tanjung Layar beach via IG

The next tourist attraction in Lebak is Tanjung Layar Beach, which is also located in Sawarna village. This beach is different from other white sand beaches, but Tanjung Layar beach has an enchanting form of coral reefs.

This beach has milestone in the form of a tall coral in the form of a screen. Come here during the day. Because you can enjoy the beautiful sunset here

Location: Sawarna Village, Bayah District, Lebak Regency, Banten

27. Curug Munding

Curug Munding via @ nengolis_1878

Curug Munding via @ nengolis_1878

The next natural tourism object in Lebak is the Munding waterfall in the village of Cicaringan. This waterfall is indeed a hidden location.

So that the waterfall is still not too crowded by tourists. Air Munding itself is a buffalo, it is said that a buffalo jumped out of the waterfall in ancient times, so Munding was chosen as the name for this exotic waterfall.

Location: Cicaringan Village, Gunung Kencana District, Lebak Regency, Banten

28. Situ Cicinta

Situ Cicinta

Situ Cicinta

If you want to get wet, it is not wrong to visit Cicinta in the Maja district.

The not too big situation is indeed often used as a location to play water by tourists who visit or as a fishing spot. The location of the reservoir is close to Maja Station, not far from the Rangkas Bitung area.

Location: Maja Regency, Lebak Regency, Banten

29. Curug Sata

Curug Sata via @ 4k_dragneel

Curug Sata via @ 4k_dragneel

The next tourist attraction in Lebak is the Sata waterfall in Gunung Kencana district, this natural waterfall is very clean. This waterfall is indeed not too high, but the drainage is very large.

Oh yeah friend if you come here during durian season you can try durian on a trip before arriving at the venue.

Oh yes friend, to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall you don't pay an entrance fee or it's free. Wow, that's good too.

The location of this waterfall is behind the wilderness. However, it is easily accessible with two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles.

area: Cimanyangray, Mt. kencana, Lebak Regency, Banten 42354

30. Ciberang Rafting river tourism

Tourism of the Ciberang River Rafting via IG

Tourism of the Ciberang River Rafting via IG

Do you like extreme and challenging sports? Try to conquer the Ciberang lion. You will feel a challenging thrill along the river Ciberang, Lebak, Banten.

The starting point is in Muhara Village, Ciladeun Village, Lebak Gedong Regency. During the trip you will see a beautiful natural landscape, because it is located on the mainland.

The river water flow in Ciberang is quite heavy, so it will be a big challenge for anyone who wants to raft here.

There is a choice of route packages, beginners are advised to try the 750-meter route, while for those of you who are experts, you can try the 25-kilometer route which takes about 5 hours.

Location: Ciberang River, Muhara Village, Ciladaeun Village, Lebak Gedong, Banten

31. Curug Cimayang

Cimayang waterfall via @olloytrip

Cimayang waterfall via @olloytrip

Locatie: Cimayang, Bojongmanik District, Lebak Regency, Banten

32. Canadese Mount Maria-grot

Gua Maria Bukit Canada via @anton_ardy

Gua Maria Bukit Canada via @anton_ardy

address: Jatimulya, Rangkasbitung, Lebak Regency, Banten

33. Rangkasbitung-plein

Rangkasbitung-plein via Kompas

Rangkasbitung-plein via Kompas

address: Jalan Alun-Alun Utara, Muara Ciujung Barat, Rangkasbitung, Lebak Regency, Banten

34. Lebak Multatuli Museum

Lebak Multatuli Museum via @tamanlangitrita

Lebak Multatuli Museum via @tamanlangitrita

address: Jl. Alun-Alun No.8 Timur, Bar Rangkasbitung., Rangkasbitung, Lebak Regency, Banten

35. Karang Songong-strand

Karang Songong Beach via @ ivanzuliansyah_69

Karang Songong Beach via @ ivanzuliansyah_69

Locatie: Cibobos Village, Karangkamulyan, Cihara District, Lebak Regency, Banten

Culinair toerisme in Lebak

Daarnaast bezoeken we de toeristische attracties in Lebak die we hierboven hebben uitgelegd, het is niet compleet als je de heerlijke snacks in Lebak hieronder niet proeft:

Peper Angeun

Angeun Pepper via Merah Putih

Angeun Pepper via Merahputih

Kuliner pertama yang harus Anda coba adalah lada Angeun atau sayuran lada. Kuliner khas Lebak ini terbuat dari sayuran yang dicampur dengan daging kerbau atau sapi dan menggunakan daun khas yang disebut daun walang.

Asal kuliner ini berasal dari bagian selatan Banten, sekitar bagian selatan Serang, Pandeglang dan Lebak.

Sate Bebek Cibeber

Sate bebek Cibeber via Inet

Sate bebek Cibeber via Inet

Jangan lupa mencoba sate bebek dari Cibeber, Kabupaten Lebak. Cibeber khas dibuat dari daging bebek dan sausnya bukan saus kacang atau saus tepung, tetapi sausnya dibuat dari gula merah yang dicampur dengan berbagai rempah seperti lada hitam, daun serai, kunyit, kemiri, ketumbar, dan bahan-bahan lainnya.


Selain tempat wisata yang dijelaskan di atas, sebenarnya ada banyak tempat wisata di Lebak yang bisa Anda kunjungi.

Tetapi beberapa informasi objek wisata di atas tampaknya cukup untuk menambah referensi dan perjalanan liburan Anda ke Lebak. Tentu saja, dengan merencanakan liburan terbaik dan memilih tempat wisata terbaik, liburan Anda akan lebih berkesan dan menyenangkan.

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