5 culinary tourist areas in Semarang you must try


Semarang, apart from its cool and beautiful nature, can also be a charm, but when traveling to Semarang, there is nothing wrong with trying some of the clinics that are very popular in the area, and here are 5 culinary tourist areas that you can visit. to attempt "

1. Semarang spring rolls

5 culinary tourist areas in Semarang you must try

This is a popular dish from Semarang. While this food is a Chinese Peranakan culinary delicacy, it is very much attached to Semarang's specialty.

There are so many culinary attractions in Semarang, but he also said there are 4 really top class, namely Geng Lombok, Jl. Pemuda, Jl. Mataram, Jagalan and Pandanaran Semarang. The food stall is located near Tay Kak Sie temple, around Pasar Johar Semarang and does not open a branch.

The spring rolls here are wet too and some are grilled, depending on your preference you can choose your own taste. The combination of young bamboo shoots, shrimps and eggs tastes good and does not smell, great to enjoy with the sauce and fresh green onions. Spring rolls are set to Rp. Including expensive but a matter of champion taste. Swinkel's spring rolls are open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. But during the holiday season or on weekends, it is not uncommon for stalls to close around 1 to 2 am due to high demand.

2. Tofu dreadlocks

5 culinary tourist areas in Semarang you must try

Know that this is already known and loved by tourists who go on vacation to Semarang.

To taste it, you can come to KB Park area, opposite SMA Semarang 1, Jalan Minister Supeno. Eating dreadlocks tofu can immediately gasp in the garden. Another option is around Baiturrahman Mosque, Simpang Lima Semarang. But the famous Gimbal Tofu treat is in Plampitan. Open during the day and closes at 21:00 WIB. It is normal for this store to close quickly when it runs out. The average price of the tofu gimbal offered is Rp. 8 thousand to Rp. 10 thousand.

Making tofu gimbal consists of pieces of fried tofu, rice cake, bean sprouts, fried eggs, raw sliced ​​cabbage and dreadlocks. The gimbal itself is a tangwan shrimp. Generally, traders do not cut rice cakes, tofu and dreadlocks with a knife, but cut them with iron scissors with a black handle. And mix the ingredients garnished with peanut sauce with shrimp paste. Yum! Jln. Minister of Supeno Park number 1

3. Pong Tahu

5 culinary tourist areas in Semarang you must try

Besides tofu gimbal, you can also taste tofu pong, one of the delicious culinary delights in Semarang.

If you want to taste it, you can use Jl. Gajah Mada, opposite the Bethel Church. This place is easy to visit from Simpang Lima, twice as far from the red light intersection. Here, Tahu Pong is very popular and it is always full of buyers.

A serving of 6 tofu pong costs only Rp. 6,000. But if you want to know full version of tahu pong, gimbal and egg, prepare IDR 12 thousand for one serving.

4. Banana Plenet

5 culinary tourist areas in Semarang you must try

The planet banana production technique itself does not use a frying pan, but instead burns the coals until it appears wilted and brown, then popped using a small plate, such as a cutting board. Then coat the banana with margarine. There are 3 types of flavors, namely meises, pineapple jam and white sugar. Then a banana plenet was formed again, a kind of sandwich.

For plenet bananas, kingkepok bananas are very sweet and yellow in color. This type of banana is widely available in Semarang markets, unlike the white kepok which tastes separately and is often used as bird food. If you're curious, go hunting during the day when plenet basket sellers arrive. Some plenet bananas are sold for IDR 6,000. Jln. Youth, Semarang

5. Bando Presto

5 culinary tourist areas in Semarang you must try

If you are in Semarang don't miss this Bandeng Presto. Presto milkfish is a popular souvenir from Semarang. Presto milkfish is also sold alongside Jalan Pandanaran, if popular, he said, Bandeng Juwana.

This fish can last for weeks because it is packed airtight. Presto milkfish is milkfish processed in a high pressure (presto) pan. Generally, foremilk fish is only fried or covered with eggs. There is also a separate sambal. It's great to use as a milk fish that you can enjoy with lighter hot rice.

Now the presto milkfish sold is becoming more and more diverse. There is milkfish presto kremes, brain of milkfish to milk that includes & # 39; with eggs. For souvenir choices, presto original milkfish is the best choice.

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