6 Most Popular Souvenirs of the Tidore Archipelago


Vacations to Tidore are fun for everyone. In addition to the many guided tours, there are local specialties that you can take home. Usually merchants sell a variety of heavy to light foods processed with special spices. Tourists should not miss that to buy it.

Souvenirs for sale can be found in various markets or nearby supermarkets as each place offers different preparations. The packaging is also lightweight and easy to carry anywhere, so you don't have to worry about taking it home. In some stores there are also those that sell it with a wide selection of flavors.

Tourists from out of town can choose souvenirs that will last a few days so that they do not get old quickly. You can buy and taste it directly on site. The unique taste and shape are guaranteed to make you addicted. In addition, Tidore's typical souvenirs are different from other regions, so it's not easy to find if you don't come here.

1. Kasbie

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If you pay attention to the shape of kasbi, it almost looks like white bread. The ingredients are made from ground cassava. It tastes very sweet with a slightly rough texture. Usually, local people make kasbi as a staple food substitute for rice because it contains carbohydrates. The content is good for health consumption.

There's also kasbi that tastes bland, so you'll need side dishes to top it off. You can immediately enjoy kasbi with a cup of coffee or tea. But you can also enjoy it with stir-fried kale, grilled fish and other typical side dishes. Kasbi is guaranteed to be tastier and spoil the taste buds of visitors.

Unique is that this snack cannot be found anywhere else. That is what always makes kasbi the target of many people. Visitors can also buy kasbi that is still warm as it is tastier. It's not complete when you go on vacation to Tidore without trying this snack. Moreover, kasbi is a well-known dish there.

This heavy food can be found in gift shops or traditional markets. Tourists in Tidore can stop by to taste and buy kasbi for their families at home. The production time is long enough for this kasbi up to several weeks. So even though kasbi is being taken out of town, it's not easy to get musty and moldy.

2. Tela Gule

Tela Gule
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Tela Gule is a food used as a substitute for white rice. This food is made from corn that is processed by grinding and steaming. This is what makes local people often refer to Tela Gule as corn rice. You can enjoy it as a snack or as a main course with various Tidore side dishes.

The carbohydrate content in Tela Gule makes this food healthy for consumption and certainly feels filling. The taste is slightly sweet and savory with a rough texture. In addition, the yellow color of Tela Gule is known to come from the corn processing process. Unique is that some stalls provide Tela Gule with banana leaves.

The delicious taste of Tela Gule with a combination of side dishes and banana leaf is a very complete dish to enjoy on holiday. Usually the locals, still full of customs and culture, make Tela Gule a daily staple food. That's why some curious travelers want to try it right away.

Tourists who go on holiday in Tidore do not forget to enjoy these culinary delights. Its signature flavor is guaranteed not to be found in other areas. Not only that, you can also take it home as a souvenir. However, this preparation does not contain any preservatives, which means that it does not have a long shelf life, so use it immediately.

3. Papada

papeda tidore
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Papeda is processed sago that is cooked until it becomes thick. Up close, the texture is almost the same as glue. This food is quite famous in Tidore as it can be enjoyed with various processed side dishes with thick spices. If you taste papeda without side dishes, it will taste bland and unpleasant.

Tourists who want to try papeda can buy it at traditional markets or stalls selling it. Usually this food is served with yellow fish sauce which is rich in spices. The taste of the sauce will make the papeda taste delicious. You will definitely become addicted, especially if the fish sauce and papeda are still warm.

During certain celebrations, papeda is made an indispensable snack. No wonder the locals often make it a staple food. The processing, which doesn't require many ingredients, makes papeda easy for anyone to make. In addition, the production process does not take long.

This unique food is rarely found in other areas, so many vacationers want to buy it. Usually the traders also provide special packaging so that papeda can be used as a souvenir. If you are on a long trip and the papeda has hardened, you can warm it up to make it thicker again.

4. Karawo Cake

My Shameless Karawo Cake
Photo by Instagram Maya Lamat

Pastry is a snack that many people enjoy while vacationing in an area. One of the cakes that can be found in Tidore is the karawo cake which is known for its distinctive taste. The ingredients are made from wheat flour, milk, butter and a little lime juice. This is what sets Karawo apart from other cakes.

When eaten, it will taste savory, sweet and slightly sour which mixes so much that the flavor is so complex. In its manufacture, this cake is baked in the oven for several hours to get a dry texture.

Usually, decorations are also drawn on the cake. This decoration is in the form of karawo embroidery with different patterns. This is what makes some visitors love karawo cake as it is different from other dry snacks.

The karawo cake has different flavors namely orange, chocolate and mocha. The shapes also vary, some are like donuts, round, love and many more. You can enjoy it with regular tea or black coffee. This snack is indeed suitable as a snack while relaxing or as a treat for guests who come home.

Tourists who just want to try the karawo cake can buy it at the nearest supermarket or market. Usually, merchants offer pie packs ranging from small, medium to large. This sustainable cake is perfect as a post-holiday gift. Plus, the lightweight packaging makes it easy to carry.

5. Sago Jaic

Sago Jaic
Photo by Twitter Meidiana Kusuma

Sago jai or sago pastry are snacks that are often hunted by visitors. The basic ingredient is sago which is added with flour and then dry roasted. It tastes sweet and savory, making it suitable to accompany you while relaxing. Uniquely, this cake is made with different colors that can attract tourists.

In addition to the savory taste, sago jai is known to contain carbohydrates. So when you taste it, you quickly feel full. Therefore, local residents often eat processed sago as a substitute for white rice. This snack is also often found during certain holiday celebrations to welcome guests who come.

These cakes can be used as souvenirs typical of Tidore. In addition, the dry texture can last for several months as long as it is kept at room temperature. Tourists can stop at the nearest store to buy sago jai. This processed sago is guaranteed to spoil the stomach with its delicious taste.

6. Layer cake

tidore layer cake
Photo by Facebook Habiba Djaenal

Tidore's signature layer cake is a wet cake that's a shame to miss when on vacation here. Its sweet and legit taste is sure to make tourists addicted when tasting it. The basic ingredients for making layer cakes are flour, eggs, butter and milk which are processed by baking. The process also takes quite a while.

This snack looks brown and yellow looks like a layer cake in general. However, layer cakes come in many varieties, including peanut butter. Its soft texture makes it very popular with tourists. You can taste it neat or with regular tea and it is certainly suitable as a snack while relaxing.

Travelers can easily find this cake at a pastry shop or gift center. The packaging is easy to take with you everywhere and the snacks can last for several days. So that those of you who are on vacation can taste and make cheap cakes as souvenirs. The delicious taste is sure to make your family or relatives happy.

Those are some recommendations for typical souvenirs from the Tidore Islands. Visitors can go to the nearest gift shop or grocery store. The most important thing is to budget and make sure that the snacks you want to buy can be sustainable. Enjoy an exciting holiday in Tidore by trying the existing culinary with family or relatives.

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