8 Recommended Singapore Shopping Spots 2022


Are you planning to travel to Singapore this year? Are you sure you want to visit Singapore's tourist destinations? Or do you plan to go shopping in Singapore? Incidentally, this time Difa Wisata will make recommendations for cheap Singapore stores for 2022.

Cheap stores in Singapore buy souvenirs

Famous for being comfortable, clean and organized, Singapore remains a tourist favorite. To get the best prices for all groceries and souvenirs in Singapore, we looked at shopping places in Singapore that we recommend below. Guaranteed cheap and do not burst the bag!

1. Mustafa Center: 24-hour shopping in Singapore

Cheap store in Singapore

Source: Instagram joojoo8896

The first cheap mall in Singapore we'll discuss is Mustafa Center. Famous as a cheap shopping paradise in Singapore, here you can buy various electronic goods, souvenirs and chocolate for souvenirs. Although not negotiable because all goods are sold at net prices, the price is still much cheaper. Even compared to Indonesia.

Singapore's shopping destination is actually a lot of fun Department store or square. The building consists of large buildings that are connected to one complete block. The goods sold also vary, ranging from medicines, toiletries, soap, perfume, DVDs, electronics to home appliances. Complete, everything is there.

For full and cheap reasons, Mustafa Center is also a favorite shopping spot for Indonesian tourists. Indonesians usually buy chocolates, luggage, souvenirs, watches, sports equipment, perfumes and medicines. This shop is open 24 hours a day, so you can shop without haste.

Shopping tips at Mustafa Center prepare with great views of Indian men on Sunday evenings. Even if you're very busy, don't worry, there are always police officers lurking at every turn of the road. If you want to offer prayers, the Mustafa Center Mosque is opposite the Mohamed Mustafa & Syamsuddin Co. PTE LTD.

Don't forget to compare prices with Indonesia before you shop. Because there may be cheaper goods in Indonesia. Don't overload it, but it seems DrowningIf you want to buy chocolate and a suitcase you can go directly to the second floor.

address: 145 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207704
Opening time: 24 hours
How to reach Mustafa Center: Take the MRT and get off at Farrer Park Station. Leave exit L and take the escalator. Location across the street

2. Orchard Road, a branded paradise

Cheap store in Singapore

Source: Instagram wi_anti2000

Orchard Road is Paris Van Java in Singapore. This store is known as a fan paradise mode in Singapore. Along the way are malls and shops that sell clothing, jewelry and furniture.

This area is the same as Jalan Malioboro in Yogyakarta. The difference is that goods sold on Orchard Road are branded products sold at affordable prices. When Singapore is Great Sale, prices can be much more skewed because there is a big discount.

There are many shopping centers with premium brands such as Cartier, Luis Vuitton and others. Indonesians like to shop in Singapore as they can get a 7% GST refund. GST refunds are 7% goods and services tax returns if you buy more than $ 100. Travelers can redeem up to 3 coupons / invoices the same day at shops participating in the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS).

After shopping at this shopping destination in Singapore, don't forget to eat Uncle Ice Cream sold along the way. The price is cheap, with 1.2 SGD you get ice cream and white bread. The taste is different, there are chocolate, durian, strawberries, cappuccino, etc.

address: Orchard Road, Singapore
Opening time: 11:00 to 22:00
How to reach Orchard Road: Orchard Road is on the red MRT line. Get off at Orchard Station, located below the Ion Orchard shopping center

3. Bugis Street, Tanah Abang Singapore

Cheap store in Singapore

Source: Instagram quangvinh.npharm

Bugis Street is a must visit shopping tour in Singapore. This shopping street is almost like the Tanah Abang market in Jakarta. You will find a variety of Singaporean goods, clothing and souvenirs at affordable prices. Goods can also be negotiated here. Please test power bargains guys here!

Bugis Junction consists of two parts, a shopping center and an open shop. In this favorite shopping destination, there is often a market for quality products at low prices. Since there is not a bazaar every day, be sure to check the exhibition schedule before arriving here.

But calm, comes when even the market isn't a problem. Because at the entrance you will find many clothing stores with cheap prices along this shopping center. Bugis Street is the right place to buy souvenirs from Singapore. From key chains, fridge magnets, t-shirts, bags, purses to snacks such as chocolate, cakes and serikaya jam can be found here.

This store is very extensive, so you have to have good stamina if you want to make ends meet. Not to mention, Bugis Street is always busy with buyers. If you're too hot and tired of shopping, head to the widespread food and beverage outlets in Singapore here.

A tip for shopping on Bugis Street is to carefully check the items you buy so you don't regret it. Then don't buy things right away. Take a look around first, who knows, there is something easier in another store.

address: 3 New Bugis Street, Singapore 188867
Opening time: 11:00 to 22:00
How to reach Bugis Street: take the East West Line MRT (green line) and get off at Bugis Station (Exit C)

4. Chinatown, shopping is much cheaper

Cheap store in Singapore

Source: Instagram gemwisata.id

Buying large quantities at low prices? Come to Chinatown. Chinatown is a shopping center where many small shops sell quality clothing, shoes, bags and accessories at low prices. Cheap shopping in Singapore is very popular with local and foreign tourists.

If you enjoy taking photos it is very suitable to come here as there are many interesting photo spots in Singapore. In addition, photography enthusiasts will also be spoiled for choice by the huge camera store on the second floor. When you come here you must be excited to explore all the shops here. The goods sold are unique, OK,

There are many shops selling souvenirs with the words of Singapore, such as T-shirts, key chains, luggage tags, wrappers, bags and other Singaporean souvenirs. The streets are similar to Pasar Baru Jakarta, right and left with souvenir shops.

Shopping tips in Singapore's Chinatown do not rush to buy something. Check and check first because many of the same items have different prices. The real reason lies in the quality of the goods. While the shape is the same, some have better raw materials than others. You should pay close attention to this when shopping here.

If you spend a lot, don't forget to ask for a bonus. Usually a bonus key ring or fridge magnet. Not bad Can!

Opening time: 24 hours, but many shops close at 10pm.
How to reach Chinatown: Take the MRT and alight at Outram Park Station. Walk to Chinatown for about 5-7 minutes

5. Lucky Plaza, a popular shopping area for tourists in Indonesia

Cheap store in Singapore

Source: Instagram bogs.jacinto

Previously, Lucky Plaza was a thrift store held every weekend. Now this shopping destination in Singapore sells a variety of snacks, accessories, souvenirs, clothes, electronic goods, facial makeup, etc. at affordable prices. This store is located on Orchard Road so it is very popular. It looks like a market so you can negotiate here.

The mall used to be as good as today, when they went to Orchard Road people definitely went to Lucky Plaza. This cheap shopping place in Singapore is also known as a gathering place for female workers. Many migrant workers also come here to send money meeting placeespecially on Sunday afternoon.

The special thing about Lucky Plaza is that many sell Indonesian food! For example chicken penyet, grilled chicken, sour vegetables, to the rib soup. Therefore, this shopping destination is known as a place for Indonesians to let go of their desire. While the price of food is quite expensive, it is worth it.

Tips for shopping at Lucky Plaza are careful when buying, especially checking the quality of clothing material and expiration dates. Since this store is always busy, you need to be extra vigilant. It is also prone to fraud, so you should be able to place good bids on goods.

address: 304 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238863
Opening time: 10:00 to 22:00
How to get to Lucky Plaza: take the MRT to Orchard. Leave the MRT and follow the arrow to Lucky Plaza

6. Kebun Cineleisure, fashion trends and branded products

Cheap store in Singapore

Source: Instagram fvlkylelea

Kebun Cineleisure has the same feel as Tanah Abang Market. This cheap shop in Singapore sells many popular clothes, mobile phone accessories, contact lensetc. This shopping destination is always chasing young people mode famous for its cheap prices. The place is relatively small, but so famous among tourists.

Many here sell branded items at low prices, for example, Charles & Keith, G2000, Giordano, Cotton On, Pedro and many more. You can also buy souvenirs typical of Singapore here. Since it is very popular, you need to prepare to fight with other buyers.

address: 8 Grange Rd, Singapore 239695
Opening time: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
How to reach Cineleisure Orchard: Somerset MRT (NS23) via Exit B, walk for about 4 minutes

7. Anchorpoint Shopping Center, 30% -70% discount

Cheap store in Singapore

Source: Facebook Anchorpoint, Singapore

Anchorpoint Shopping Center is a place to shop for high quality cosmetic products at low prices. The cheap shopping places in Singapore should not be missed by women. Too many brand bags are sold here at reasonable prices. FO concept or from the factory present in this shopping center. Some of the famous FOs that opened their stalls here include Giordano, Cotton On, Billabong, FOX, Charles & Keith, Pedro, G2000 and TYPO.

The Anchorpoint Shopping Center itself stands for Market of Artists and Designers. This shopping place in Singapore offers 30% to 70% discounts all year round. If you like unique and antique items from artists, designers and artisans, this is the place to be.

Indeed, Singapore is known for a variety of branded items sold at affordable prices. Many Indonesian tourists go to Singapore especially for shopping. Compared to the prices in Indonesia, the prices of branded goods are much cheaper here.

address: 370 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159953
Opening time: 10:00 to 22:00
This is how you reach the Anchorpoint shopping center: Leave Queenstown A MRT (EW19), walk for about 10 minutes

8. China Square Central Flea Market Weekend, a paradise for antiques

Cheap store in Singapore

Source: Pinterest Alyse Lasley

Central China Square Flea Market Weekend is a flea market open only on Sundays. This shopping destination is a paradise for lovers of antiques and collectibles. Visitors can find rare recordings, comics and watches at super cheap prices. Where else can you get quality antiques for just a few dollars!

In addition to antiques, Singapore's shopping destination also sells a variety of souvenirs typical of Singapore.

address: 150 South Bridge Rd, Gedung Fook Hai, Singapore 048423
Opening time: Sunday 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Those are 8 recommendations from cheap Singapore stores you should visit. Come on share it and register to get renewal about tips and guidelines to travelDon't forget to book a flight to Singapore on Difa Wisata. Buy an airline ticket online guaranteed safe and many promotions. Let's go

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