Amazing Art World Bandung, the best place for Instagrammable photo hunting

ticket price: IDR 50,000; folder: Check location
Address: jl. Setiabudi, Isola, Kec. Sukasari, Bandung City, West Java.

Amazing Art World is one of the tourist destinations you can visit in Bandung city besides tourism in general such as beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls or other natural attractions. So for those of you who want to enjoy a different and unique tour, you should try to come to this 3D museum. You will find a variety of cool 3D paintings, amazing and spoil our eyes.

Amazingly, Amazing Art World has been named one of the largest 3D painting museums in the world. Due to the location of the museum, it is built on an area of ​​15,500 square meters consisting of outdoor spotlights and indoor spotlights. The paintings here are not only paintings by Indonesian artists, there are several paintings painted by artists from Korea.

Good entrance fee to the art world

Amazing Art World Bandung Tickets
Photo by Google Maps Rezky Antares

If you are really interested in visiting the Amazing Art World, you need to prepare money for the entrance ticket to this museum, on weekends it is IDR 50 thousand per visitor and for weekdays the ticket price is about IDR 35 thousand per visitor. The normal ticket price is for children of 4 years.

Opening hours of the 3D Museum in Bandung every day from 10am and closing at 6pm. So make sure you don't come here too late, because if it's closed you can't visit it of course. And make sure when you come here you have to show your vaccine card when you come in and wear a mask.

Addresses and routes to tourist sites

Nice address in Art World Bandung
Photo by Instagram Kholid Muhammad

How, are you interested in visiting the Amazing Art World in Bandung? If you want to enjoy extraordinary 3D paintings, you can go to West Java Province, Bandung City, Sukasari Regency, right in the Isola area on Jalan Dr. Setiabudi number 293-295.

For the route to the site, when departing from Bandung City Square, the distance is very close, only about 9 kilometers with a journey time of about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. So whether you are traveling by private vehicle or by public transport, the museum's location in the center of Bandung is very easy to reach.

Major attraction in the art world

Major attraction in the art world
Photo by Instagram

There are many attractions of Amazing Art World that visitors can find, especially there are about hundreds of paintings consisting of different main places including:

1. Animal Zone

In the animal zone spot, of course, you will find many 3D paintings with friends of different animals in the world. Here are some iconic places with unique animal paintings like 3D paintings of gorilla/King Kong, sharks, octopuses, whales, pandas, eagles, lions, bears, elephants and other cool and unique 3D paintings and optical illusion paintings of animals.

2. Great Hall

The Great Hall is the largest place in Amazing Art World because in this place you will find a very wide attraction with 3-dimensional images, optical illusions and original attractions such as bridges that take you on location in Egypt when you take pictures.

Especially for those of you who want to ride on a magic carpet like Aladdin, you can take pictures in this place. Or if you want to take pictures like you are in the Egyptian pyramids then you have to take pictures in the place in the Great Hall.

3. Dinosaur Zone

For those of you who like ancient animals and want to take pictures with dinosaur paintings background or other ancient animals. Then you must do a photo shoot in the Dinosaur Zone at Amazing Art World. By taking photos here, people who see your photos will think you are in ancient times.

4. Winter zone

For those of you who have never experienced winter or snow directly. So you can take pictures first in the Winter Zone with a winter theme or a snowy area. You can have your picture taken with a snowman against the backdrop of a fantasy castle. Or you can take photos as if you were skiing in the snow, sitting on a bench against a backdrop of snow mountains and photographing spots in other hardiness zones.

Great attractions in the art world
Photo by Instagram Wisata Bandung

5. Fantasy Zone

In the fantasy zone you will find photo spots with 3D paintings or optical illusion paintings with some unique and cool fantasy paintings. You can take pictures with the background of fantasy paintings, such as those in the Black Art Zone and the movie Avatar. In addition, there are many other fantasy paintings that are certainly very interesting to serve as best optical illusion images to share on social media.

6. Italy Zone

For the next zone is the Italian zone, where in this Italian zone we can take pictures with the feeling of being in Italy. Above all, we can find places such as famous tourist spots in Italy, such as the water city of Venice, and some iconic places in Italy.

7. Horror Zone

This is one of the places in Amazing Art World Bandung that presents various paintings of horror nuances with very unique and cool themes of course. So for those of you who want to find a photo spot with a spooky 3D painting background, the Horror Zone spot can be the right choice. But for those who are afraid of horror pictures, this place may not be interested.

Lots of interesting activities to do

Great Activities in Art World Bandung
Photo by Instagram Selli Oktaviani

1. Take pictures with 3D painting backgrounds and optical illusion paintings

Of course, the main purpose of visiting Amazing Art World Bandung is to get unique and cool photos to share on social media. You can do multiple shoots at more than 500 photo spots from 20 local artists and Korean artists. You can come with your loved one, with family or with friends to take pictures of each other in places that you think will be interesting to capture.

2. Make a vlog

Besides the fact that you can photograph many places in the 3D museum, you can also capture exciting and fun holiday moments during your stay here by making vlogs. You can also share the vlog on social media or upload it to Youtube.

Fun Activities Amazing Art World Bandung
Photo by Instagram Lalan Sutini

3. Learn about painting

For those who have painting and drawing as a hobby, come to Amazing Art World. Here you can gain a lot of knowledge and knowledge about painting and drawing. You can learn the techniques artists use to draw these cool and unique 3D works and optical illusions.

4. Family gathering and study trip

You can also do family gatherings and study trips with the packages offered by the manager of this modern museum in Bandung, but the quota for these activities is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

Facilities available at Amazing Art World

Great facilities of Art World Bandung
Photo by Google Maps Paulina Ping Kueng Bang

Talking about the facilities in this 3D museum tour, it is of course very complete, you will easily find toilets, prayer rooms, restaurants or food stalls, the parking lot is also quite large and there are also Wifi facilities. So if you are out of quota to upload photos then don't worry as Amazing Art World manager has provided free wifi facilities for its visitors.

So, we can say that Amazing Art World Bandung can really be the right choice for tourist destinations when the holiday is coming. So when the holiday arrives, you can visit artistic and contemporary tourist attractions in Bandung that are no less exciting than natural tourism.

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