An exclusive way to enjoy the charming Ayer Island


Ayer Island is one of the islands in the thousand islands with beautiful scenery and very fresh air and very clear water. This island has become a favorite holiday destination, especially for the people of Jakarta due to its proximity to the capital. Ayer Island can be reached within 25 minutes from Marina Ancol Jakarta. In fact, this island is one of the most popular of the other islands in the thousand islands.

Enjoy the resort with a floating house

An exclusive way to enjoy the charming Ayer Island

For many people, the fun starts here. Not only will you have a bumpy and windy journey due to turbulent seas and large sea breezes, but you will also see several small islands on your journey to Ayer Island. After about 25 minutes by speedboat, you will see several huts on the water, and you will soon realize that your boat trip is complete, as you have finally arrived at the exclusive resort of Ayer Island.

Ayer Resort & Cottages is the only accommodation on this island. They have 47 houses, 100% pure wood and many houses are built at sea. These houses look like houses typical of West Papua (a province in Eastern Indonesia), where the building is made entirely of wood, with a high thatched roof, and each house has a name derived from tribal names in Papua such as Fak Fak, Ayamaru and Oshibi.

The facilities in this house are very complete to meet your holiday needs. If you're lazy enough to leave the cottage, you can even enjoy the cool air, the charming view of Ayer Island, the vast ocean, the clear waters with sunset views and the twinkling lights of the capital Jakarta & # 39; at night. Everything feels very good and exclusive when you live in this floating house.

Do fun activities at the resort

Upon arrival you will receive a welcome drink (tea, coffee or juice) and the staff will help you carry your luggage and place it safely at the reception. Check-in at the resort is on time, and while you wait to check-in, there are many things to do, including hiking around Ayer Island. This is very pleasant even for tourists who have been on the island several times.

For your information: Ayer Island is a very small island (less than 10 hectares) and there are interconnected hiking trails throughout the island. The nice thing here is that you can rent a bike at the resort to get around with a rental price of around IDR 50,000 (~ 3.80 USD) for a day's rental. You may need less than 30 minutes to cycle around the island along the provided path.

If you bring children, they will enjoy their time soon after arriving on this island as there is a playground on the beach. Or you can also practice water sports on the resort's beach. You can take a Banan Boat (up to 5 people) for 375,000 IDR (~ 28.50 USD) or canoeing for 30,000 IDR (~ 2.25 USD). You can also jog in the morning, & # 39; go fishing, jet skiing, volleyball, basketball, karaoke and so on.

Sleeping in a floating house

For a package of 2 days and 1 night in a standard lodge, it costs approximately 919,600 IDR (70 USD) per person. The package includes 3 meals and transportation to and from Jakarta by speedboat. There are a number of cottage choices, but if you want to have an unforgettable experience and be closer to the sea, stay in the floating cottage. The lodge is 3 meters above the sea, so no water comes in at high tide.

Their foundations are built underwater, so it feels like staying here on a driftwood ship. Not only will you hear the sound of the ocean, but you will also feel the cabin moving when the waves hit the beach. Don't worry because this house is very strong made of resin wood that gets stronger when exposed to water.

All cottages are large, each has a living room and a terrace with sea views. Amazingly, you can also fish from the lodge terrace if you live in one of the floating huts! There are many fish you can catch and if you fish at night you can catch squid and bring your catch to the restaurant so they can cook it for you.

If you do not bring any fishing gear you can rent it at the resort for IDR 69,300 (USD 5.29) including bait (pellets). In addition, you should know some of the facilities offered. Each room has a private bathroom with hot water and each room is equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, minibar, safe and IDD telephone. There is no wifi in the entire resort.

Dinner special with music

An exclusive way to enjoy the charming Ayer Island

This resort restaurant is like a floating house on the water. They serve a buffet for lunch and dinner. The seafood, especially their fried squid, is very crispy and delicious, and for lunch and dinner you can choose the fish you want and the chefs will grill it right in front of you.

You can sit inside or in a floating restaurant and watch from the restaurant window to the sea, the boat, the island and the sea, or you can choose to eat outside or on the deck, where you can also watch the sunset and the city lights that see colors at night in Jakarta! & # 39; In the evening there is live music in the dining room, which makes your dinner even more special.

They play and sing old or classic songs that make your time more romantic. In fact, not a few who later felt nostalgic about the songs sung. They can also sing Elvis Presley songs! And of course they can also sing the requested song. It will be a colorful evening while you enjoy delicious dishes typical of Ayer Island.

Other facilities include a swimming pool, karaoke room, basketball court and volleyball court. Ayer Island staff are also friendly and they always welcome you when you meet them. Watching the sunset is also your best bet and you can see it all over the island, including the beach. The beach on this island is also a perfect place to watch the sunset. So when is your next visit to Jakarta? Make sure to go to Ayer Island and stay in this beautiful beach resort!

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