Bali Lestari Coast, a must-visit attraction for North Sumatra


Bali Lestari Coast – You, the residents of Medan, North Sumatra, want to witness the exoticism of the beach in Bali? Now you don't have to go far to Bali, because Medan North Sumatra already has a beach tour with contours and views similar to beaches in Bali. The design is even comparable to the beaches in Bali, along with its features. This beach Bali Lestari Coast,

Bali Lestari Coast or North Sumatra

Bali Lestari Coast or North Sumatra

The manager has previously reviewed many attractions in North Sumatra. Apparently there are so many tourist attractions in North Sumatra, and it is not always about Lake Toba or the island of Samosir. There are many cool places in North Sumatra.

Bali Lestari Coast

margins beach

This beach was originally known as Pantai Lestari Indah, but with the beauty of this beach, along with the side and elements of a typical Balinese beach, it was eventually called Bali Lestari Beach. With a new look in the style of Balinese beaches, so that visitors have the feeling of being on holiday in Bali. Starting with decorations until the presented ornaments is a necessity with decorations and ornaments usually found on the coast of Bali. Interested in a visit?

This time Tempatwisataseu take you on vacation to visit the coast of North Sumatra in Balinese style in North Sumatra. These are the reviews:


Some interesting photo spots provide access to spoiled visitors who come to this beach. Here is also an open space with colorful umbrellas hanging from it. Of course you feel here at the umbrella festival when you come here. Guaranteed experience and extraordinary tourist sensations that you will feel.

An umbrella festival on the beach of Bali Lestari Parbaungan

The umbrella festival

In addition to taking photos with a hanging umbrella resembling an umbrella festival, other activities you can do at Bali Lestari Beach are relaxing while enjoying a meal. The food offered here is very varied indeed. You can choose from rice or fish dishes accompanied by fresh young coconut drinks straight from the coconut. Refresh and thirst of course.

There are various facilities and even facilities such as a chalet as a place of worship and various other facilities. You will find special mosques, toilets and large parking lots here. With these facilities you can of course enjoy your stay on this beach.

Even your campsite will be comfortable, because if you need anything, you already have access to facilities on the beach of Bali Lestari. Other facilities that are not left behind are offered by managers during this beach tour: fishing area and also children's playground. Very complete right?

Banana boat on the beach of Bali Lestari

Banana boat on the beach of Bali Lestari

Therefore, tourism on the coast of Bali Lestari is very suitable as a family holiday choice. During this tour you will befriend traditional Balinese music. If you are in Medan this is the only tourist place with full Balinese nuances of Balinese music you can find.

Tourists who come here can also explore this beach by boat. Feel the thrill of adventure on the boat. To enjoy this option, you pay Rp. 20,000 per person.

Bali Lestari Beach Ticket Prices

Visitors or tourists entering the coast of Bali Lestari in Medan will pay an entrance fee of Rp. 13,000 rupiah per person and Rp 5000 for parking vehicles. Indeed, this price is cheap compared to all the comfort and facilities for visitors, including fishing and play areas.

Bali Lestari Coast tourist location

Bali Sustainable Beach Tourism is a beach tour in the Perbaungan Serdang Bedagai area known to have very attractive beaches. In this line you will find besides Bali Lestari Beach also romantic beach tours, Mangrove Beach, Mirror Beach and Mutiara Beach.

Well, for those of you who want to visit this beach you have to travel about 1 hour from Medan before the city of Perbaungan turn left to the mirror beach. At the intersection to Gudang Garam Beach, turn right to view the amusement park, after the amusement park gate turns left.

Here is a map of beaches in Bali Lestari:

Map of Bali Lestari Coast

Map of Bali Lestari Coast

That's some tour information for you. You can visit you in Medan, North Sumatra Bali Lestari Coast. Happy holidays and get valuable experience here. Also see 25 tourist attractions in Medan, North Sumatra and surrounding areas

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