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DifaWisata.com – Batam Hill Smile Tourism is a hilly tourist spot where tourists can see the beauty of Batam city and the vibrant country of Singapore from a height. Batam City is an industrial and commercial city as well as the capital of the Riau Islands. Not many people know that Batam is not only an industrial city, but this city also has a lot of tourism that must be tailored to other tourist cities. One of the leading tourism in Batam is Bukit Senyum Tourism.

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Smile Hill View

Bukit Senyum Tour at night

A very special thing about this tour is when you visit Bukit Senyum Batam at night. From the top of the hill, visitors can see the glittering city of Batam from a height. The lights of passing buildings and vehicles make Batam City look like a sparkling diamond. The presence of the stars in the sky at night when the atmosphere is clear adds to a more beautiful and amazing atmosphere, really the perfect mix.

From the top of Senyum Batam Hill, visitors can not only enjoy the charm of Batam city at night, but also see Singapore very clearly, both high-rise buildings and by plane at Changi Airport.

Bukit Senyum is a favorite place for Batam residents during the New Year. Even when the new year arrives, not a few tourists from outside the area come to this place. Because they can watch the fireworks from neighboring Singapore during the New Year, and it's amazing.

Bukit Senyum Bintan Fireworks

Fireworks party

Isn't that cool, man?

Tourists generally enjoy the panoramic view by relaxing on the grass or sitting on the benches of the local residents. Besides seated, tourists can also order various snacks, specialties and drinks from the local population.

One thing that is very unfortunate about this Bukit Senyum tour is the lack of accommodation. Both hotels and tourist locations host family, so tourists who want to keep looking for other places that are some distance from tourist sites. This tour really needs attention from the local government to maintain and provide adequate facilities. Of course, this is nothing but the convenience of tourists visiting Bukit Senyum Batam Tourism.

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