By attracting foreign tourists, the DIY local government has been quite aggressive in promoting the tourism potential


DifaTourism, YOGYAKARTA – The DIY local government is very serious about offering investment potential abroad. After exploring the potential of food, the tourism industry in Yogyakarta has become a mainstay to attract foreign tourists.

Investment potential in DIY has been handed over to foreign investors at the Indonesia Festival Frankfurt (IFF) on September 16-18, 2022. The investment objects in focus are the development of the tourism potential in Bokoharjo, the development of the Piyungan TPA to Cargo Desa in the YIA area.

The head of the DIY Tourism Office, Singgih Raharjo, said DIY’s participation in the IFF was a momentum to increase the number of tourist visits, which dropped dramatically during the pandemic. Simultaneously with the latest updates on the tourist potential in DIY.

The tourism forum also discussed the challenges of turning DIY into a tourist destination, including high travel costs between Germany and Indonesia.

“In addition to tourism forums and exhibitions, the Tourism Office is also conducting informal discussions with the diaspora who can become do-it-yourself tourism promotion agents,” he said on Saturday (22/10/2022).


In the cultural field, DIY also gained recognition by enlivening the cultural arts performance at the Colloseum Main Hall Indonesia Festival Frankfurt. Several dances with typical Jogja styles, both traditional and contemporary, were performed by experienced dancers promoted by the DIY Culture Office.

To conclude, Yogyakarta performed Laksmita Alep Ngayogyakarta’s dance choreographed especially for this IFF activity. The DIY Culture Office had the opportunity to host the Gamelan Workshop every day during the two-hour exhibition, he explained.

Head of the DIY Investment and Licensing Agency, Agus Priono, added that the event also showcased the trading potential of several of DIY’s superior export quality products.

“This is welcomed, attended by as many as 40 participants from different countries. As a follow-up to the presentation on DIY’s investment and trading potential, a one-on-one business meeting was also held at IFF,” explains Agus. ,

At the IFF product fair, DIY recorded a direct transaction worth 4,380 euros or Rp. 65 million. Then the trade and investment potential was set at 800,000 euros or the equivalent of 12 billion rupees, coming from wood pellets (wood powder) as an alternative material to overcome the energy crisis facing German entrepreneurs today.

“The tourism potential of DIY has also been highlighted at IFF 2022 through tourism forums and exhibitions. The tourism forum, attended by about 30 participants, consisting of travel agencies, tour operators, for the general public in Germany, became the main topic shown and offered in this tourism forum,” he explained.

Besides Bali, Yogyakarta is also one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world in Indonesia. The natural beauty and familiar culture are the reasons why this city is never empty of visitors.

Not just local tourists, Yogyakarta is always filled with foreign tourists also known as whites. They were amazed by the atmosphere of this cultural city. In fact, these foreign tourists have their own favorite tourist destinations.


Yogyakarta is one of the most charming cities in Indonesia where tourists go to enjoy the local culture. It has endless narrow alleys to get lost in looking for street art, food stalls, wayang makers, batik and silversmiths Yogyakarta is undoubtedly an important cultural and historical center in Java. It is the gateway to the most beautiful temples in the country, namely Prambanan and Borobudur.

However, there are still many tourist destinations in Yogyakarta that are in high demand by tourists, especially from abroad, including:

1. The beauty of Parangtritis Beach is very charming, especially at sunset. Traveling along the coastline by train is a favorite with tourists.

2.Taman Sari is a royal garden built in the 18th century. Even though it may seem old-fashioned, you can find a variety of unique and aesthetic photo spots here.

3. The double banyan tree in South Square also attracts foreign tourists. The myth is that people who can walk between two trees with their eyes closed will see their wishes come true.

4. The streets of Malioboro alone make the hearts of whites happy. They always mingle with the locals when shopping for souvenirs.

5. The Progo River is the best place for white water rafting and kayaking. As they flow along the river, tourists can enjoy the lush flora and fauna.

6. Next up is the Yogyakarta Palace which is also loved by whites. The palace complex where the Sultan of Yogyakarta lived is filled with beautifully decorated stained glass windows

7. No wonder white people love to go to Borobudur Temple. Seeing a row of stupas with green nature certainly calms the heart for a moment.

8. The Ullen Sentalu Museum is the most suitable place for Caucasians to learn Javanese culture. There are old batiks, paintings, artifacts and old letters.

9. The dashing and beautiful Mount Merapi did not escape the attention of foreign tourists. Most climbers start climbing at 1 am to catch the sunrise.

10. Caucasians also like extreme tracks in Yogyakarta, such as in Goa Jomblang. The cave entrance is on the ground floor, so access is by rope only.

Those are some tourist destinations in Yogyakarta that have always been a favorite destination for foreign tourists or white people.


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