Ciwidey Rabbit Park, an interesting new destination in Bandung


Ciwidey Rabbit Park – It's no secret, Bandung is a city with many very interesting and popular tourist attractions. One of the tourist attractions in Bandung that has been very viral on social media lately is Ciwidey Bandung Rabbit Park.

For those of you who have visited Bandung, you are certainly familiar with this exciting tourist spot. Due to its unique location and unlike others, you shouldn't be surprised if this tour is a destination to spend vacations together.

Before visiting this park, it never hurts to know a few things about tourist attractions. From the attractions in this rabbit park to the tickets you have to pay.

Speaking of ticket prices, don't worry as the ticket prices at the Ciwidey Rabbit Park can be considered affordable. So you no longer have to worry about the costs to be incurred when entering the Rabbit Park tourist attraction in Bandung.

As the name implies, Bandung Ciwidey Rabbit Park is a rabbit tourist attraction, located on the main route of Bandung-Ciwidey city. Being a famous destination in Bandung, this tour is always crowded with visitors, both from local and from outside the area.

So what are the attractions on offer in this Bandung destination? And how much is the admission ticket and facilities offered? Consider the following review for more information.

Ticket prices for Ciwidey Rabbit Park

Entry fee for Ciwidey Strawberry Farm

As explained above, the entrance fee to Ciwidey Rabbit Park is quite affordable. The entrance fee in the official price of 15 thousand rupees per person.

But keep in mind that ticket prices don't include the price of every vehicle in a tourist destination. So for those of you who plan to bring your family on vacation to this place, you should bring a big enough budget.

What are you waiting for, make sure to invite the whole family to relax and play together in this rabbit park in Bandung.

Also visit the tourist destination Cai Ciwidey which is still nearby.

the road to Ciwidey Strawberry Farm


For those who want to go on vacation to this place but don't know where it is, don't be confused or concerned. The address of Ciwidey Rabbit Park itself is located in Cikembang, Bandung, West Java.

You can come to the location by private or public transport. But for an easier and smoother journey, you only need to use private transportation.

For those of you coming from the direction of Bandung city, you can follow the Kopo or Miko Mall & Kopo Square. Then you can go to Ketapang, Soreang and Ciwidey Square.

When you reach Alun-Alun, you can ask questions or see instructions around the square. The gate or road to Ciwidey Rabbit Park is not far from the location of Alun-Alun.

For those who want to get to the location of the Ciwidey Rabbit Park by public transport, you can ride Eleven. The route used by public transport usually runs through the long Leuwi Ciwidey Terminal.

Ciwidey Rabbit Park Facility

the location of Ciwidey Strawberry Farm

In order to make tourist activities more interesting and fun, the park manager has provided various support facilities. Some of the facilities you can find while visiting this Rabbit Park include:

  1. Large parking lot
  2. Clean toilets and prayer rooms
  3. Restaurant or place to eat
  4. Souvenir shop and souvenirs typical of Bandung
  5. Rabbit market
  6. The rabbit garden is equipped with nearly 50 species of local rabbits.
  7. A large open green field.

With so many facilities that support your family vacation, it gets even more fun. So what are you waiting for, let's invite the whole family to visit the Rabbit Park tour in Ciwidey Bandung.

Tourist attractions in Ciwidey Rabbit Park

Ciwidey Strawberry Farm

For those of you who have just come to this tour site, don't be confused. On this Ciwidey tour, there are several activities that you can do with your family.

Some of these activities, such as feeding rabbits, buying rabbits and enjoying delicious Bandung specialties.

If you visit this rabbit park tour it is not complete if you do not try the tourist attractions in the area. As is known in Ciwidey there are many interesting sights and also hits.

For those of you who don't know, the following points will be assessed that surround the Ciwidey Rabbit Park tour in Bandung.

1. Zoo / mini zoo

Petting zoo

One of the famous places around Bandung Rabbit Park is the Petting Zoo or also called the Mini Zoo. As the name suggests, these zoos are generally smaller than zoos. Even though the animal collection is no less complete, you know!

For those of you who want to bring a holiday baby. Petting Zoo Zoo is perfect to play and play.

Here you can introduce different animals from pets to wild animals. Certainly very interesting, right?

2. Drive

horse riding

The next interesting place to try while visiting the Ciwidey Rabbit Park is a moving vehicle. Enjoy the natural beauty and the fresh air typical of the mountains will be more complete if you enjoy it while driving.

Keep in mind that this trip has become one of the favorite attractions for children when they visit here. Is this vehicle safe? You don't have to worry about safety or safe driving.

The manager has prepared a professional or trained escort or guide to accompany your baby.

Comes to: Situ Patenggang tour with very beautiful natural environment.

3. Candy House

candy house

Candy House is the next place your kids will love. Candy Houese or better known as Candy House is one of the newest photo spots.

In this photo place you can invite all your family or friends to capture beautiful moments in Ciwidey. By taking photos at this location, your photos will of course be seen and presented. So for those of you who like to sit on incomplete cell phones, if you don't take pictures in this modern place.

Well, that's some quick information on the Ciwidey Rabbit Park attraction that is so popular and popular. If you are planning a vacation to Bandung you should definitely visit this place.

Also visit other nearby destinations:

In addition to traveling, you can also go on vacation to teach your baby. Spot is not only fun, but also guaranteed to be fun. Hopefully the above information is useful and inspiring at the same time!

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