Curug Cigamea, a must-visit natural attraction in Bogor West Java


Cigamea waterfall – Holidays were best. Especially when our mind is bored and too sure we want to visit a beautiful place and freshen up our mind. Bogor is a city rich in natural attractions.

It doesn't hurt to visit one of the interesting natural attractions by visiting the Cigamea waterfall. This waterfall tour is located in the Salak Mountains, which is almost the same as Curug jackfruit.

This time Interesting tourist attractions invites you to a pleasant holiday in Curug Cigamea, one of the best natural tourist destinations in Bogor.

This waterfall attraction, of course, has two types of waterfalls with different characters. The first waterfall is not far from the tourist entrance with a fairly steep rocky surface and black rocks.

Cigamea Waterfall Tours Bogor

Cigamea Waterfall Tours Bogor

The second waterfall is located some distance from the entrance with a distance of about 30 meters. The second waterfall pool can be used for swimming, the second part of the waterfall looks very fertile. In addition, there are many plants such as tropical forests that can make waterfalls cooler and more natural.

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Cigamea waterfall location

Make your vacation even more enjoyable by visiting this nature tour of Curug Cigamea. If you want to visit a tourist site, the location is in Gunungsari village, Pamijahan subdistrict, Bogor Regency.

Enchantment of the beauty of Cigamea Waterfall Tourism

Natural tourism Curig Cigamea has become one of the tourist attractions that can be easily visited by many people. You who don't know how to feel very tired. But your fatigue is paid for upon arrival at the tourist site of the Cigamea waterfall. You can feel the splash of a heavy waterfall and the chirping of birds in the trees can make your holiday atmosphere more romantic.

Cigamea Waterfall Tourism Object Bogor Waterfall

Cigamea Waterfall Tourism Object Bogor Waterfall

If you plan to swim, you can do that now as there are already two waterfalls available. Each waterfall, of course, has its own characteristics. You just have to choose what you want. Of the two waterfalls, it is actually the same for the atmosphere. You can enjoy the coolness of nature while splashing fresh water.

According to a traveling photographer, nature tourism in Curig Cigamea is indeed quite popular when we compare it to other waterfalls in the area around Mount Salak. Cigamea Waterfall also has two waterfalls with a height of 30 meters and 5 meters.

Talking about the available facilities in nature tourism is also very good. There are various facilities that are offered to you as a visitor. Starting from the baths, hotels, restaurants and so on. If you want to enjoy coffee drinks there too.

All you have to do is order coffee and pay IDR 5,000 per glass. Meanwhile, if you want a clue, you definitely need about Rp. Pay 10,000 for each serving. I think it can meet the needs of visitors in terms of quality. It is incomplete if no tourist facilities are available at all.

Although nature tourism is available, at least many facilities are needed for visitors, such as toilets and bathrooms and even food stalls. This way visitors can enjoy their holiday with pleasure.

The route to the tourist area Cigamea Curug

The route to take to get to the tourist location of Cigamea waterfall is quite easy for you. If your journey starts from Parung, all you have to do is walk straight until you reach the Semplak Bogor bend and walk back to the IPB campus.

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From there you can continue the journey with the Cibungbulang-Pamijahan-Salak Endah route. If you drive your motorcycle at a speed of about 60 km per hour, you will need about 2 hours to get to the tourist sites.

Road conditions when entering the Salak Endah tour are good enough to pass. The road on which you drive is paved. Only the road is not that big. Therefore, you should be careful when transporting vehicles.

From the alley leading to the Salak Endah tour, you will need to cover a distance of about 15 to 20 km. Even though the journey you have to make is quite long. But you can enjoy the beauty of the natural environment such as seeing a villa for accommodation, enjoying a house so unique and even the green rice fields are the main attraction for visitors.

The Curig Cigamea tourist car park is very safe. Visitors can walk through stairs that are quickly placed and also on blocks, especially if there are handles that make it easy to walk. The distance you need to travel from the parking lot to the Cigamea waterfall takes about 15 minutes. of course the time is short enough to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall.

Map On the way to the location of the Cigamea waterfall

Ticket prices Cigamea waterfall tourist area

Traveling is indeed a very pleasant experience. Only when you sometimes want to travel, we are limited by the budget. You can really get an economical vacation if you know the tricks. When you want to go on vacation, it never hurts you to find information in advance about the ticket you are going to visit. That way you can estimate how much budget you need to prepare for a holiday.

For this tourist location in Curug Cigamea you actually have to pay the ticket twice. First you have to pay when you arrive at the main entrance. For motorized vehicles, a rate of Rp 10,000 per engine is charged. For the second payment you pay a parking fee of IDR 4,500 rupiah. As for the entry fee per person, they have to pay entry fee of Rp 6000.

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Obviously, the price of admission and parking of vehicles is still very affordable for everyone. Especially there you can enjoy the natural beauty that is so great with quite a heavy waterfall and exotic scenery around the tourist attractions of this Cigamea waterfall.

When you decide to travel there, you have the right choice. You can let go of fatigue and release countless activities that can be refreshed after the holidays.

Don't miss one of the natural attractions in Bogor, this Cigamea waterfall. You will find the experience and excitement worth capturing the moment.

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