Curug Jackfruit, nice nature attractions in Bogor


Nangka Curug, is a natural waterfall tourist attraction in Bogor that is interesting to visit. The appeal of this waterfall is to have 3 parts of the waterfall, each with a height of 10 to 20 meters. This waterfall is located around the base of Mount Salak, so that the waterfall has a cool mountain air, the waterfall is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 22-24 degrees Celsius. Jackfruit Curug can be a cheap alternative tourism as it doesn't cost much to travel in this place.

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Location / address Curug Jackfruit Bogor

This jackfruit waterfall is located in Ds Warung Loa, Kec Tamansari, Bogor Regency, West Java Province.

Jackfruit Curug map GPS map coordinates: 6 ° 40 ′ 4.12 ″ S 106 ° 43 ′ 37.09 ″ E

Jackfruit waterfall, a natural tourist attraction in Boror

To get to the waterfall, pass Ciapus, which is 25 kilometers from the center of Bogor and can be reached by land vehicles within – + 30 to 45 minutes. After arriving at the entrance to the Nagaga waterfall, continue the journey by walking to – + 1.5 kilometers.

For those of you who use public transport to reach Nangka waterfalls, you can use public transport from Bogor Ramayana terminal then search vehicles with direction Bogor – Ciapus. then down at the last T-junction for the jackfruit waterfall. The distance from the T junction to the jackfruit waterfall is about 700 meters, for those of you who don't want to walk, at the T junction taxi drivers are ready to take you to the gates of the jackfruit falls. to carry.

Ticket prices for Nagka waterfalls

Jackfruit curug, a natural tourist attraction in Bogor

The entrance fee to this location is usually cheap, that is, with Rp. With 4000 rupiah you can enjoy jackfruit waterfalls and you have insurance. For those of you who use vehicles, a parking fee of Rp 2,000 per vehicle will be charged for one parking space.

Facilities and accommodation in Curug Nangka

Since this tourist spot is managed by the government of Bogor, the facilities are quite complete. Your facilities include:

  • homework
  • sentry
  • parking spot
  • Channel display
  • a place to sit
  • MCK
  • Information space
  • bin
  • Warung

In addition to offering fairly complete facilities, tourist attractions in Bogor are also often used as campgrounds due to the availability of campgrounds in the waterfall area. And also often used for walking activities.

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