Curug Muncar, Hidden Waterfall Tour in Temanggung


Curug muncar temanggung – Temanggng is a district in Central Java that is not known for its tourist attractions due to the lack of promotion from the region or the private sector.

Although temanggung has very good tourist potential, like the waterfall that appears in the temanggung we will discuss.

Curug waterfall is not very well known to out of town tourists, even to local tourists themselves, many don't know about this hidden waterfall.

Location of Curug Muncar Temanggung

Curug appeared temanggung
village view appears via

Regarding the location of the waterfall, it is located in Muncar Village, Gemawang District, Temanggung Regency, Central Java.

Located in the Gemawang subdistrict itself, Muncar Village is the outermost subdistrict in Temanggung directly adjacent to Semarang Regency. And from the center to Temanggung, it takes about 45 minutes to use a motorized vehicle.

Access to Curb Waterfall

To access the curug curb you can start the journey from the center of temanggung or it can also be done from temanggung square. Upon arrival at Temanggung Square, take the road that leads to the Parakan area, which is next to the great Temanggung Mosque.

The road to Parakan is the same as the road to Wonosobo district, which is famous for Dieng tourism.

After arriving in Parakan District, take the road to Gemawang District and continue to Muncar Village.

Since there is no tourist parking in front of the sidewalk, you can leave the vehicle at the resident's house or the village headquarters and continue until the waterfall appears.

Or if you are having trouble with the above route location, you can follow the following map through the following Google Maps.

because the location of this waterfall is hidden, it would be nice if you ask the residents for help to take the waterfall.

Curug Muncar Temanggung

Curug Muncar Temanggung. Image by: @fitrianofitasari

The path we walked was difficult in our opinion because we first had to go through the population of rice fields, valleys to rivers, along with smooth rocks. But when they got to the waterfall they were all tired and struggling to fall with the beautiful waterfall of natural tourism which is really beautiful but very natural.

Maybe it's all the reviews about the waterfall hidden in Temanggung. Share this travel article to let others know that Temanggung has exotic hidden tours.

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