Embung Nglanggeran Yogyakarta, this gigantic lake of water in an ancient volcano has great enchantment


Embung Nglanggeran Yogyakarta, a giant water lake in this ancient volcano has an extraordinary charm – For those of you who are quite up to date with the development of information on new tourist destinations, of course you are already familiar with the Gunungkidul area in Yogyakarta.

An area known for its warm weather with different types of dry karst mountains, it is no wonder that there are beautiful and exotic beaches around it.

However, Gunungkidul's charm isn't just limited to the beauty of its beaches. Gunungkidul also has a lot of charm with different options such as waterfalls, volcanoes and different caves to visit.

Is that all ?! Of course not, Gunungkidul has a different angle that can captivate hearts. (Also Read: Here Are 11 New Primadonna For Jogja Tourism In Gunungkidul)

Embung Nglanggeran, giant water pool in old volcano

Embung Nglanggeran Yogyakarta, a giant water lake in an ancient volcano with extraordinary charm, can be a photogenic place
Could be a photogenic place (source)

It is called Embung Nglanggeran and it is located in the Mount Pendem area, Nglanggeran Wetan Hamlet, Nglanggeran Village, Patuk District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta.

Embung Nglanggeran is actually a gigantic pond or water reservoir built on a hill about 500 meters above sea level, carved on a hill adjacent to the ancient Nglanggeran volcano.

The name of this tourist spot is actually "Nglanggeran Fruit Garden" because it functions as a fruit garden and was inaugurated on February 19, 2013 by Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

But besides the existence of a giant water hole at the top, the directions to this tourist spot usually use the name Nglanggeran Embung, so many people now prefer to call it Nglanggeran Embung.

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The location is on the hill!

This gigantic water lake on the hill is a unique tourist attraction.
This gigantic water lake on the hill is a unique tourist attraction. via Instagram @deviwidiyanti

Besides enjoying the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape and the reflection of the sky on Lake Embung Nglanggeran, you can also enjoy several other tourist charms in this place, such as: Nglanggeran Fruit Garden Area, Nglanggeran Purba Gunung Api, City Tower Area , White Clouds Above Wonosari City, Scenery beautiful village Nglanggeran and the beauty of sunrise and sunset phenomena.

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The sunsets from this place are beautiful!

the charm of the sunset at the Nglanggeran reservoir
the charm of the sunset at Embung Nglanggeran (source)

Embung or meaning artificial water lake serves to conserve water from various sources such as springs and collect rainwater so that it lies on the hill.

Embung Nglanggeran can be reached in 1 hour from Jogja city. Since Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano was originally popular, you can go here first as Embung Nglanggeran is only about 1.5 km from this ancient volcano.

The road conditions which are not too wide make it difficult even for small buses to enter the embung area so it is better to use a private vehicle or motorcycle.

There are several fairly complete facilities at this tourist attraction, such as a lakeside security gate, a large parking lot, comfortable restrooms, food stalls, gazebos and several seating areas, as well as a highway that stretches around the beach.

Embung Nglanggeran Yogyakarta from the air
Embung Nglanggeran Yogyakarta from the air via the Instagram account @novallio_rfl

For those of you who are very interested or planning to come here, it is strictly forbidden to swim or dive into the dock and throw nothing. Enjoy the beauty, happy holidays! (Also Read: Salute Still the Morning Sun, Chase the Sunrise in Borobudur)

How to get to Nglanggeran Reservoir is also a route that can be reached from Yogyakarta city

Embung Nglanggeran Yogyakarta can be seen from a distance
Embung Nglanggeran Yogyakarta can be seen from a distance via the Instagram account @triasnainggolan

You can start the journey from Ring Road Ketandan intersection and walk along Yogya-Wonosari road, which is about 15 km away. From the traffic lights at Piyungan, take the straight road up towards Bukit Bintang or Hargo Dumilah. About 500 meters from Bukit Bintang you will find Bukit Patuk, an intersection on a hill.

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At this intersection, turn left towards Ngoro-Oro Village. About 3 miles from the intersection you come to the TV and broadcast mast section known as Tower City. Please drive slowly as about 300 meters there is a Puskesmas Patuk II office on the right side of the road.

Right in front of it there is a T-junction, here you will find a way up. Go in the right direction and continue for about 1 km and you will immediately find a parking lot in front of Nglanggeran volcano. You can also find the location of the Nglanggeran Yogyakarta Embung on Google Maps here.

Embung Nglanggeran Yogyakarta, a gigantic water lake in an ancient volcano, has an extraordinary charm
Embung Nglanggeran Yogyakarta, a giant water lake in an ancient volcano, has a lot of charm through the @giswagama Instagram account.

So how? Interested in visiting one of the tourist attractions in Jogja in the form of this cool embung? If there is a chance, come by!

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