Exploration of Angel Island; Charming beautiful island near Jakarta


enter Thousand Islands RegencyYou can find interesting places called Angel Island. This island was formerly called Pulau Sakit because the Dutch built a hospital in the 17th century that no longer existed. On this island you will find the famous tourist icon house. This island has huts or huts on land and water (floating). Angel Island also has beautiful scenery and calm nuances. Not to mention that this island is closest to Jakarta. So many tourists come to this island.

Shadows of tranquility and beauty on Angel Island

Exploration of Angel Island; Charming beautiful island near Jakarta

Angel Island is part of the island with extraordinary natural beauty, shady and green trees, beaches with beautiful white sand and clear water make this island famous among other tourist islands in the Thousand Islands. The word "angel" comes from Indonesian and means angel more or less describes the beauty of the island as a place for angels to live. This island is also suitable for divers and snorkelers who want to enjoy the underwater panorama.

Most tourists like to come here because they can see clear turquoise water with small waves. You can enjoy the beauty of nature, the peaceful atmosphere and of course be very happy to enjoy everything on this island. Sometimes you see tourists around the island relaxing, diving and snorkeling. If you want to spend your vacation in a quiet place, Angel Island is the right choice.

Try snorkeling to make your time more valuable. You can see amazing marine life, coral reefs and marine life with colorful fish on a white sandy bottom. If you dive deeper, you can meet other sea creatures. Snorkeling is your best experience on this awakened Angel Island. You will certainly do it addiction to snorkel again and again. Of course

In addition to diving and snorkeling, you can still do other water activities such as water sports like jet skiing or banana boat. Guaranteed, you will not get bored or have ideas to do anything on this island, because everything feels very nice even if you live alone in a floating cabin, bike or walk in peace with the air, so clean and cool here.

Explore Angel Island

Exploration of Angel Island; Charming beautiful island near Jakarta

There are not many trees or plants, but enough to make the island shady and restful. This is because Angel Island is small in size. With an area of ​​only six hectares, Pulau Bidadari is a small island but offers extraordinary beauty. Due to its natural beauty and historic sites, Angel Island is currently developing as one of the most popular tourist destinations. The beaches on this island also have beautiful white and clear white sand.

In addition, Angel Island has an old fortress that has become an icon of the island. This fort is known as Martello Castle or Martello Castle. Many visitors are interested in Fort Martello. This Martello castle attracts more visitors from time to time. This is due to the history of the building, an important building in the 17th century, where the fort was used as a defense site.

Exploration of Angel Island; Charming beautiful island near Jakarta

Due to its popularity, the Martello Fort is also often used as a backdrop for photography activities. There you will find several photographers. In addition to taking pictures, you can also do other things like diving, swimming and snorkeling as the sea water is clear, beautiful and calm. Other popular activities include island hopping or exploring other islands. People also call it 3 islands, because around Angel Island are Kelor Island, Khayangan Island and Onrust Island.

In addition to the historic fortress, Bidadari Island has beautiful beach views. You can sit on the beach and watch a few boats. Ships back and forth and very interesting. You can also enjoy the feeling of the beach. A breeze will certainly relax you. This will make your time on this island slower or very fast because you don't really feel and enjoy it.

If you don't want to regret it, you really have to explore the island and the coast, including the underwater scenery. The fact is, this is it. in the morning, afternoon, night and & # 39; a very good evening to explore this beautiful island. & # 39; In the evening you can see a beautiful view of Jakarta with flashing lights, sitting on the beach with friends or family during the BBQ or grilled fish, squid and corn.

In addition, there is something unique on this island, namely the existence of a statue called "Horn of the Seventeen". This photo is actually a photo of a deer. The upper part of the body is a deer and the bottom is a fish. This is a unique figure. As the name suggests, the statue has 17 horns. The color is white and has an attractive pose. Tourists often make it as a background or object of photography. There are also some rare plants. This is an opportunity to see this unique flora first hand.

Don't forget the time to eat after exploring different parts of the island. Angel Island has a traditional restaurant. The most famous culinary is Skuk Squash. This dish is made from mackerel tuna. In terms of taste, it tastes spicy and delicious. Other local dishes include fried squid, fish pastels, talam fish cakes, and more. Make sure to try everything.

How do you reach Angel Island?

Exploration of Angel Island; Charming beautiful island near Jakarta

The main departure point for Bidadari Island is at Ancol Marina, where you can find more information on how to easily organize your trip to Angel Island. You can reach Angel Island in 30-45 minutes from Pier 17 Marina Jaya Ancol, with a small boat or ferry.

Many types of ships are available to get to Angel Island. The most common is a wooden boat. Some tourists opt for grouper boats. There are also several speed boats. Speedboat is considered the fastest. Well, first you have to go to the port of Muara Angke. Or there is the marina of Ancol and the port of Muara Kamal. The best time to go is in the morning. The atmosphere is cool and you can even see the sun rise.

Exploration of Angel Island; Charming beautiful island near Jakarta

KM Kerapu, is a very well known ferry company and is used by most tourists to and from other islands in the Thousand Islands. They have a speed boat that can accommodate 25 people, while another option is to use a traditional boat they offer with a maximum capacity of 100 people. The ticket price is IDR 32,000 per person. (This does not include access to the Ancol area.) There is a daily departure time from Marina Ancol at 8-9am. And back, between 1:30 AM and 2:00 AM

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