Hidden paradise in the forest of Mount Lawu Ngawi, a complete package for extreme sports


DifaWisata, NGAWI – Mount Lawu has a million beauties. A small part of the “paradise” descended to the forest area and entered Sanan Hamlet, Ngrayudan Village, Jogorogo, Ngawi. In a place away from the hustle and bustle of city life, there is natural beauty with many possibilities.

It is not wrong to say that there is a ‘hidden paradise’. Right behind the residential area there is a natural panorama that is so charming. There are at least three spots that have the potential to excel if managed wisely.

“There is the Ondo Wesi hill, the place is stone climband the Teleng Waterfall,” the head of the local hamlet, Nur Kholis, told DifaWisata Indonesia on Wednesday (October 19, 2022).

Citizens-show-spot-rock-climbing.jpgResidents show rock climbing spots. (PHOTO: Miftakul/DifaWisata Indonesia)

Nur Kholis along with local residents led DifaWisata Indonesia in exploring sites predicted to be suitable for extreme sports. The locals believe that these places can be used for outdoor activities such as: hiking, climbor for camping.

Ondo Wesi Hill

The first interesting place on the hill Ondo Wesi. At least that’s what the locals call it. Although it is called Ondo Wesi, or iron ladder in Indonesian, there is no iron element in the tens of meters high hill. Only scattered rocks, smoke from the bottom of the hill to the top.

Ondo Wesi Hill is called Nur Kholis as the place? camping or camping. In some parts of the hill, scattered patches of land that are quite soft. Ideal for pitching a tent.

Waterfall-Teleng.jpgTeleng waterfall, hidden behind the bushes of plants. (PHOTO: Miftakul/DifaWisata Indonesia)

As for the view, Nur Kholis dares to guarantee that visitors will be satisfied. On the hill, if you look south, the view of Mount Lawu and the forest cover is clearly visible. If you look north, you will see a residential area. Then in the afternoon the view the sun has set served. When the sun returned to the match, it appeared behind the western rim of Mount Lawu. Beautiful scenery will be seen as long as the weather is sunny and friendly.

“The cool air typical of the mountains, as well as the beautiful scenery that is much sought after, is on the Ondo Wesi hill,” said Nur Kholis.

When you camp in the hilly area of ​​Ondo Wesi, you don’t have to worry about the water. There are abundant wells and latrines (MCK) facilities, even though they are simple buildings.

On the hill of Ondo Wesi, nature lovers have often camped at this location. A number of events with the concept of tadabur nature were held several times. This hill is also a favorite for local residents to relax and hang out in their free time.

Andesite cliffs, the first potential rock climbing site in Ngawi

Rock climbing or in foreign terms is called rock climbing, is one of the nature activities that still exists. Vehicles to channel this hobby are still quite rare. Because, rock climbing can’t be done haphazardly, free on all cliffs. There are special specifications regarding the rocks that make up the cliff, so it is safe for this activity.

Just below the Ondo Wesi Hill is a mile-long gorge. The gorge is the dividing line between the two hamlets. The canyon also has a depth of tens of meters, from top to bottom.

Nur Kholis said this rock is composed of andesite rock on one side of the cliff. While the other side consists of solid rock. He called this Andesite cliff a spot that has the potential to be used as a rock climbing site.

“There was a rock climbing practitioner who saw first hand the rock structure on this cliff. According to him, it is made of andesite rock that supports his activities rock climbing,” he says.

Kriwul, one of the residents who took part in the exploration, said there are many points that can be used for rock climbing. The location is spread from the tip to the location of the Teleng waterfall. Also with different difficulty levels each.

“There are many choices according to the characteristics of the cliff. Such as slope, height and others. Of course we still need further research into the feasibility of the cliffs for activities rock climbing,” he says.

Kriwul continued, cliffs with andesite rock features in Ngawi Regency only exist in local hamlets. This is based on information from rock climbing practitioners who have directly observed the cliff.

“Andesite cliffs are highly sought after by enthusiasts rock climbing. If the information comes from practitioners, in Ngawi it’s only here,” he said.

Reaching a cliffside location that has the potential to be a location rock climbing, not an easy thing. The path taken is quite extreme. Facing the abyss. In one part you also have to cross a pedestrian bridge that is almost 90 degrees perpendicular.

However, the fear is quite answered with such an amazing natural panorama. It can be said that the local forest is almost still ‘virgin’. Local residents only use the land to look for animal feed. No over-exploration.

Teleng Waterfall, which flows from the cliff hole

The last spot offered is Teleng Waterfall. This waterfall is not as well known as most natural attractions in Ngawi Regency. But it gets interesting because the entrance to the site is still a natural forest area. There is only a half-meter wide path that is the only access to the location of the Teleng Waterfall.

In addition to the entrance to the site, the weed path is also used by residents to look for forage grass. Residents also use footpaths to monitor waterways, which originate from waterfalls.

Nur Kholis said that the latter place is suitable for hiking activities. The path to get to this waterfall is quite comfortable to walk. Is usually gentle and quite safe for nature lovers.

‘You can imagine it as a movie set’Jurassic Park‘. The forest area is still very beautiful, due to weeds, there are still many fruit trees. And one more thing: the springs are plentiful, fresh and can be drunk right away,” he said.

In addition, at some points it can also be used to set up a tent. Usually, on weekends, nature lovers often camp along the river, to the waterfall teng.

When we arrived at the location, it turned out that there was not just one waterfall. Seven waterfalls have been discovered. Uniquely, the water does not flow from the top of the cliff. But from the middle of the cliff. Unlike most waterfalls. Just a few waterfalls that don’t seem to flow. Some are covered with gardens and woodland plants.

“So the waterfall flows from the cliff hole. Not from a cliff or from a river,” says Kriwul, a local resident.

I hope the district government intervenes

Nur Kholis and local residents hope the Ngawi Regency government will step in to develop the area. Residents hope the site can be used as a place for wildlife tourism, extreme sports and education.

“We see the potential and hope that the Ngawi Regency government can start using this location as a tourist spot,” he hoped.

Until now, the location is still managed simply by local residents. There is also no admission ticket for visitors who want to enjoy the beautiful panorama, the hidden paradise on one side of Mount Lawu entering Sanan Hamlet, Ngrayudan Village, Jogorogo, Ngawi.


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