Indonesian local sneakers that keep you cool while traveling


You could say the shoe industry sneakers there is no death as it has always been a favorite of many. Especially now that there are many sneakers Indonesian local brands have emerged and managed to attract the domestic market to compete with foreign brands.

Local sneakers are no longer to be underestimated because of the quality and the design that is no less cool. The price is also very affordable, making it easier for you to mix and match by clothes other. This can of course help to display mode become more modern style and help boost self-confidence, especially when: traveling.

In addition to the appearance, the comfort of local sneakers is also commendable. Because when traveling we are easy to move, please use sneakers comfortable, does not tire the feet and does not blister. Don't hesitate, here are recommendations for local sneakers that are popular in Indonesia and you must have them right away.

1. Local Compass Shoes

Image credit: Instagram Shopee @sepatucompass (right)

This is a local shoe brand that made it possible a few years ago change image so many people talk about it. Founded in 1998, this brand has collaborated with several local and international artists whose designs are so cool that many are waiting.

Their success meant that their shoes sold out quickly and buyers had to be prepared to stand in long lines to buy them at the fair. Attraction sneakers it also gets stronger because they produce it in limited quantities, which makes the shoe a rarity.

Price: from IDR 375,000
Buy Compass shoes at Shopee

2. Project NAH

Local Sneakers - NAH Project
Image credit: Instagram @nah.project

The NAH Project brand became more and more popular as President Jokowi wore it at various events. that design sporty show as the ride gets cooler. In addition, the material is very stretchy and soft, so your feet won't hurt or blister when you have to walk for a long time.

Price: from IDR 203,000
Buy black NAH Project sneakers at Shopee
Buy white NAH Project sneakers at Shopee

3. Ventela

Image credit: Instagram @ventelashoes

This local brand from Bandung is known for its beautiful designs simple but looks elegant. The price is also very affordable and pocket friendly, starting at Rp. 150 thousand. Although the price is cheap, the quality is not cheap because Ventala has special technology on the insole that makes it comfortable to use all day long and traveling.

Price: from IDR 239.000
Buy Ventala low sneakers on Shopee
Buy Ventala 70s sneakers at Shopee

4. Geoff Max

Local sneakers - Geoff Max
Image credit: Instagram @geoff_max

Judging by the name, some may think that the brand is from abroad, but it turns out that this is a local brand that is very popular with both young people and adults.

With a variety of designs and colors, many domestic and foreign musicians also use sneakers he. Although they are very popular, the prices they sell are very affordable and pocket-friendly, so you don't have to hesitate to wear them anytime. traveling.

Price: from IDR 250,000
Buy Geoff Max blue and white at Shopee
Buy black Geoff Max at Shopee

5. Brodo Local sneakers

Local sneakers - Brodo
Image credit: Instagram

Another shoe from Bandung whose name is already popular in various circles. These Brodo shoes are known as: sneakers Stylish sporty at the same time relaxed which can be used at various events, both casual and semi-formal. Besides making you look cooler, one of the reasons why these shoes should be worn is when: traveling That's because it's convenient and at a price that won't make your wallet scream.

Price: from IDR 257,000
Buy Brodo white sneakers at Shopee
Buy Brodo Cream sneakers at Shopee
Buy Brodo Terracotta Shoes at Shopee
Buy green Brodo sneakers at Shopee

6. Saint Barkley

Saint Barkley
Image credit: Instagram @saintbarkley

Bandung is indeed a haven for quality local produce and Saint Barkley is a must have. With vintage designs and different models, their shoes managed to penetrate the world market. The success of this brand led President Jokowi to purchase the shoes during the Jakarta Sneakers Day event.

Price: IDR 345,600
Shop black Saint Barkley sneakers on Shopee
Shop white and blue Saint Barkley sneakers at Shopee

7. FYC Local sneakers

Local sneakers - FYC
Image credit: Instagram @fycfootwear (left), Shopee (right)

The FYC brand is synonymous with skateboard culture that is very contemporary and timeless. Its simple design with a combination of colors makes it look much loved by young people. The comfort and softness of the material make these shoes very comfortable to use during everyday activities, including: traveling.

Price: from IDR 400,000
Shop Blue FYC Shoes on Shopee
Buy red FYC sneakers at Shopee

8. Local Sneakers – Kodachi

Image credit: Shopee

The 90s generation must be familiar with shoes often referred to as dragonfly shoes. Maybe some people don't know that Kodachi is a local brand from Indonesia. Their very popular shoes are sneakers white with 3 red and blue stripes. Kodachi sneakers now trend back that is not only for sports, but also for hang out together and traveling.

Price: from IDR 100,000
Shop Red and Blue Kodachi Shoes at Shopee
Buy Kodachi Rainbow Sneakers on Shopee

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