Komodo National Park, Tourism in the Amazing Wild


Talking about nature tourism is synonymous with beautiful, cool, refreshing and serene panoramas. But there are also natural attractions that offer different adventures, with a different view of nature tourism in general. One of them is nature tourism Komodo National Park,

Location and access to Komodo Park

Map of the island of Komodo

The location of Komodo National Park in Sumbawa and Flores Islands, East Nusa Tenggara, is a natural tourist area with a habitat for Komodo Dragons, an ancient lizard species with a very large body. The body size of the largest dragons usually varies between 3 meters and weighs 90-135 kilograms. The park consists of three main islands namely: Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island.

There are two ways to get to Komodo Island Nature Tourism Site, departing from Lombok Island starting point or departing from Kupang by plane to Ende, then to Labuhan Bajo by minivan for about 10 hours and only then to Komodo Island by speedboat for two hours. read also

The beauty of wild tourism in Komodo Island

Komodo island tourA visit to the tourist area of ​​Komodo National Park gives you a different holiday feeling than usual. Here you are invited to go on an adventure and enjoy the beauty of the natural panorama, while witnessing firsthand the daily life of animals classified as predators in their habitat. It is sure to be an exciting, unique and fun adventure for you.

A handler who specializes in dealing with wildlife will be your guide if you want to see dragons here. Classified as a predator, it is highly unlikely that you will witness the life of this beautiful animal without an experienced person.

Komodo's habitat is covered with beautiful savanna grass. It looks so alluring and exotic plus the presence of a large lizard roaming above it. Only in Komodo National Park this is what you can see up close how wild animals live their lives. It will definitely be a great experience for you.
On the island of detail you can see cool dragons in front of the National Park guard house. On this island you can also enjoy the beauty of white sand beaches, mangroves, grasslands and blue water. You can also snorkel or dive here. Because this island also has a very beautiful underwater life. read the Stingray package

For maximum travel in the wild Komodo National Park, by witnessing the life of the dragon yourself, you should prepare for good body condition and strong legs. Since you need to see these predators in their natural environment, make a trip to the nearest hill. On the island of Komodo, you will hike 3-4 kilometers to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Komodo dragon life.

You only need to spend 1.5 hours on Rinca Island. If luck is on your side, you will see firsthand how the dragon attacks its prey. What an extreme sight. But external experiences can also be experienced. But if you can't see this phenomenon, you can still see other wildlife here, such as deer, wild horses and buffalo.

Although Komodo National Park is famous for its wild natural attractions, you can still enjoy the beauty of the breathtaking panoramic sea such as: Loh Liang in Komodo Island, Loh Buaya in Rinca Island and Pundar Island. Also learn how to save money

Ticket price

Tickets for Komodo IslandThe HTM charged is Rp. 90,000, including trekking costs, introduction to the island of Rica and the island of Tadar. As additional information, Pandar Island is considered a paradise for snorkeling and diving. Because the beauty of the biota is really amazing here and there are also many beautiful places you can explore. There are about 42 beauty points. Plan your holiday destination right away Komodo National Park and discover the feeling of adrenaline while on this beautiful island.

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