Lake Gunung Tujuh Kerinci, Mystery, Legend Location, Route.

656 – Lake Tujuh Gunung Kerinci is a lake tour in Kerinci Seblat National Park, right on the top of Kerinci mountain, Jambi. This national park is the largest flora and fauna area on the island of Sumatra and is an area designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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Lake Tujuh Gunung Kerinci has a million beautiful panoramas

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The charm of the beauty of Mount Kerinci

Traveling to natural places is always interesting. When it comes to tourism entitled Nature, Indonesia is always at the top of regions with extraordinary natural panoramas. Almost every area has its own best place to showcase the charm of natural beauty. Like this tour in Jambi, Mount Kerinci lake with a million exoticism that makes your eyes feel fresh. When you visit this place you will not feel disappointed, on the contrary, you will feel comfortable in a comfortable atmosphere.

Sunset lake at Tujuh Kerinci

The existence of this lake was caused by the eruption of Mount Kerinci. The water in the lake is very clear and clean and is connected to the cool atmosphere around the lake. This lake is not only a favorite tourist spot for the people of Jambi, but is also used as a fishing spot by local residents.

Mystery / Legend of the Lake of the Seven Kerinci Mountain

The lake, also called the "Lake of the Gods", contains several myths and legends. Based on sources obtained from statements made by local residents. This lake is inhabited by ghosts in the form of tigers and various dragons. The author himself is not sure of the truth about this myth. Regardless of whether the myth is clear or not, this lake has a million beauties that can be used as a tourist destination when the holidays come. So if you visit Jambi try to take the time to come to this tour.

Location of Lake Gunung Tujuh Kerinci

Danau Tujuh Kerinci is located in the village of Pelompek, Kec. Kayu Aro, Kerinci, Jambi Province. The location is a bit far where it is about 3.5 hours drive from Jambi city center to tourist sites.

Route to Lake Seven Kerinci Lake

If you are departing from Jambi city, the route to take is to Pelompek Village. Now Pelompek village is the village where the entrance gate is located Kerinci National Park mediocre. Arriving at the gate you have to follow the path that leads to the location. The journey on this road takes approximately 2 journeys.

see Seven Mountains Lake map on Google Map.

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