Little Heaven, Gili Labak beach

189 – The city of Sumenep Madura has a tourist area called a little paradise because of its beautiful nature, namely Gili Labak beach, This tourist area is actually an island called Gili Labak or Labek Islands. Right in the area of ​​Kombang Village, Talango District, Sumenep Regency. Notably, the site on the island covers an area of ​​approximately five acres with thirty-five families.

Gili Labak beach

Cool vacation in a beautiful place created by God

Vacations on Labil Gili Beach get interesting places and also provide knowledge, namely the beauty of the marine life. Snorkel and diving enthusiasts will certainly be very satisfied on the beach on the Labili embankment.

Scattered coral clusters of different colors and shades. In addition, fish will be seen in the sea and tourists will feel at home enjoying the beauty of the amazing natural panorama there. This situation also contrasts with the clean white sand and the view of the blue sea. The charm of the beauty of this sheep beach is still beautiful and secluded.

Gili Labak Sumenep Madura tour

Road access to Gili Labak beach

It can be started by passing Surabaya city through Suramadu Bridge. From here, visitors wishing to come to Labak Gili Beach will continue to Sumenep Regency, in the easternmost part of Madura Island, approximately four to five hours away. Travel times with your own car or bus.

Arriving at the southeast coast of Sumenep Regency, tourists only need to use a boat to reach Gili Labak Island. Several other routes that can be used as access to Gili Labak Laboratory are from Kalianget Port, the largest port in Sumenep Regency, so it is often used as a coastal access route from Gili Labak Island.

Especially by the village of Lobuk in the Bluto area. This route is the closest route to another route to Gili Labak beach. Has a mini dock to go to Gili Islands and Gili Gilis. At the location of Bluto district, right at the hub of the district, is Lobuk village where there is a small pier where tourists can book a boat on their way to Gili Labak laboratory.

Another access can be through Tanjung in Saronggi district, a sub-district behind Bluto sub-district. There is also a pier that offers transport in the form of small boats to the coast of Gili Gilis Island.

Then from Kombang village on Talango Island, Poteran Island. The route is almost the same as through the port of Kalianget. It is just that, before going to Labak embankment, the tourists who have climbed out of Kalianget harbor first go to Poteran Island and then to Labak dyke beach,

see Gili Labak beach map on Google Map.

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