Living Garden Lake, hidden paradise in the Argopuro Mountains


DifaTourism, PROBOLINGGO – Mount Argopuro, East Java, is the longest hiking trail on the island of Java and is very tiring for anyone climbing Argopuro. But while tired, the climbers seemed to find a hidden paradise. That paradise is Lake Living Garden with clear waters and a place for climbers to relax.

Yes, Taman Living Lake is the only lake on the Mount Argopuro hiking trail. The location is in the Probolinggo Regency area. While the area, the Argopuro Mountains, is divided into four districts. Namely Probolinggo, Situbondo, Bondowoso and Jember Regencies.

To reach the lake at 1,980 meters above sea level (masl), climbers can follow two main routes. You can go through the entrance of Bermi Village, Krucil District, Probolinggo Regency. Or, with Baderan Village, Bantengan District, Situbondo Regency.

But in general, if climbers only want to go to Taman Hidup Lake, the correct route is through Bermi Village, Probolinggo Regency. Because if you go through Baderan Village, Situbondo, the path is much longer. DifaWisata Indonesia shared the experience of climbing Lake Taman Hidup.

Return to the trail to the Lake of Life Park. From Bermi Village, climbers have to prepare many things. From logistics to physical fitness. Please note that to get to Living Garden Lake via Bermi, you have to take an uphill road. Some spots are quite extreme and the path is like climbing stairs. So it is definitely tiring and forces the leg muscles to tighten strongly.

Although the trail is extreme, climbers will pass through a lot of plant vegetation. If traced from the lower path, climbers will be the first to encounter people’s plantation plants. Such as coffee, cabbage and other vegetable crops. The air temperature on this route is still relatively warm.

After passing the plantations of the people and a little sweat starts to cover the body, the climber will enter a super shady and cool area. The climber’s body that was originally warm may suddenly become cold. If the body is not fit, it is not impossible for climbers to feel hot and cold. The area is a resin forest.

Lake-Garden-Life-2.jpgAround Lake Taman Hidup is a field where climbers can pitch their tents. (PHOTO: Bermi climbing pole for Indonesian DifaWisata)

The resin tree rose and grew close together. That’s what makes the resin forest area super cool and lacks sunlight. However, the path in the resin forest is gentle. For climbers, the resin forest trail is a “bonus” climbing.

“The track is flat, sloping. Not bad for relaxing the leg muscles, after the trail continues to climb earlier,” said Kustimansyah, a climber accompanying DifaWisata Indonesia.

After going through the resin forest, each climber goes through a vast forest with different types of plants. Even hundreds of years old trees, with a diameter of about 2 meters, can be found. Don’t think there will be many fruit trees in the forest. Absolutely not. But for climbers who want to deepen survival material, the plants are enough to survive as low as possible.

After going through a long path, climbers come to a field that is not that wide. One of the trees in the field has the name of East Java’s Center for Conservation and Natural Resources or BBKSDA installed. The sign reads “Yang Highlands Wildlife Sanctuary Area”.

Well, when you arrive and see the signpost, it means the climber is about 300m east towards Taman Hidup Lake.

To get to Taman Hidup Lake, climbers no longer pass the climbing route. The path is flat and easily opens the “door” of the Garden of Life.

Yes, we arrived at the lake known as mysticism. But take it easy. As long as we don’t do anything negative, we will not experience this mystical event.

Lake-Garden-Life-3.jpgThe sign indicates that Taman Hidup Lake is included in the Yang Highlands Wildlife Refuge. (PHOTO: Bermi climbing pole for Indonesian DifaWisata)

“It’s nice to see the vast expanse of the Living Garden. The fatigue paid off,” Kustimansyah said.

Please note, the drainage of Taman Hidup Lake is quite large. Swamp grass grew all around him. So to reach the clear waters of Taman Hidup, climbers can cross a bridge that resembles a pavilion.

At the end of the platform is a simple roof so that everyone can take shelter under it. Most climbers use it under the roof to enjoy the exoticism of the Garden of Life, with a backdrop of hills. There are also climbers who fish to get fresh fish from the waters of the lake.

“It feels good to be in the Living Garden. The air is cool. Eyes looking at the green leaves around the lake do not bore us,” said the climber from Kraksaan District, Probolinggo Regency.

Meanwhile, Syamsul Arifin, an officer of the Argopuro Climbing Post in Bermi Village, Krucil District, said climbers would not be bored going to Argopuro. “Although the track is uphill, I’m sure it will be fun,” he said.

The man popularly called Cak Ripen reminds every climber to uphold ethics and climbing procedures. For example, report to the climbing pole to collect data, do not throw away any waste during the climb. “Keep climbing in ethics too,” he said.

So if you plan to hike to Lake Living Park on Mount Argopuro, prepare yourself physically and mentally. Continue to follow proper climbing procedures while maintaining climbing etiquette.


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