Mount Lawu, a mountain with mystical nuances in Indonesia

1560 – Mount Lawu, Java Island is known as one of the provinces surrounded by active and inactive volcanoes. For example Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Slamet, Mount Agung, Mount Lawu and many others. But among the various mountains that have been mentioned, there are mountain names that are known and widely used as a tourist destination for climbers and climbers. This mountain is called Mount Lawu.

Mount Lawu, a mountain with mystical nuances in Indonesia

Perhaps to some readers, especially those who really enjoy traveling and climbing, the name of this mountain is familiar. On this occasion, the guide will discuss interesting things about Mount Lawu and also discuss different types of mysteries.

Mount Lawu has become one of the most famous mountains, especially among tourists and mountain climbers. This mountain is a kind of mountain that is no longer active. This volcano last erupted in the '85s, to be precise on October 28, 1985, as a result of an eruption that caused ash showers around the provinces of Central Java and East Java. But due to the residual results of the eruption, this area is very fertile and several types of very interesting natural tourist destinations are emerging.

Where is the location Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu is located in the province of Central Java, exactly in Karanganyar, about 1 hour's drive from the city of Solo (Surakarta). This mountain is on the border of three districts at the same time, namely Karanganyar Regency (Central Java), Ngawi Regency (East Java) and Magetan Regency (East Java).

Although inactive, the top of this mountain still has a small crater that still gives off water vapor (Funnarol) and sulfur (Solfatara). The composition of Mount Lawu has three peaks, namely Hargo Dalem Peak, Hargo Dumiling Peak, and the highest peak of this mountain is called Hargo Dumilah Peak. In addition, this mountainous area also has some well-known forests, namely Dipterocrap Forest, Upper Dekteropkap Forest, Montane Forest and Ericacaous Forest.

Mount Lawu climbing route

Mount Lawu, a mountain with mystical nuances in Indonesia

If you want to climb Mount Lawu, here are the routes to climb Mount Lawu, namely:

  1. Your first hike should start from Cemoro Sewu. At this place you will pass two sources, namely Panguripan and Sendra Drajad, which are located at pole 1. The road you have to pass is better than Cemoro Kandang.
  2. Post 2 You pass a large rock called watu iris and you pass a mosque building that turns out to be a tomb
  3. At posts 3 to 4 there are natural stone paths, but the paths are quite challenging
  4. In post 4 to 5 you will pass a path that is already good and can hide here
  5. A few kilometers later you reach the top of Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu, a mountain with mystical nuances in Indonesia

The top of Mount Lawu

Mount Lawu has three peaks, Hargo Dumiling Peak, Hargo Dalem and Hargo Dumilah. The summit of Hargo Dumillah is the highest peak with a height of about 3,265 meters above sea level.

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Hilah Dumilah peak

Interesting facts about Mount Lawu must know

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Basically, the Mount Lawu area is a kind of mountainous area that has a variety of uniqueness and excitement compared to mountain types in Java island. Moreover, this mountain also has a number of interesting facts that you should know, namely:

  1. Mount Lawu is located in the border area between the province of Central Java and the province of East Java. On the slopes of the mountain there is a connecting road between the two provinces, namely Plaosan District (Magetan Regency, East Java) and Karanganyar Regency (Central Java province). Despite being on a mountain slope, this road is very busy. People call it the Passage Way. Also around the road it is surrounded by exotic cliffs and there are also some interesting tourist destinations
  2. In Lawu area there are some very interesting natural tourist destinations, for example Cemoro Sewu, Tawangmangu, Telogo Sarangan, Majapahit era temple complexes (Sukuh and Cetho temples), very large tea plantations, Balekambang gardens, Sekipan hill, burial complex (Astana Giriloyu and Astana Mangadheg), which includes the burial complex the family burial complex of Indonesian President Suharto No. 2 called Astana Giribangun
  3. Mount Lawu is one of the oldest ancient mountains in Java island and this mountain is called the seven peaks of Java (seven peaks in Java) which was called Wukir Mahendra in ancient times.
  4. Several types of jumbo-sized animal species have been found on Mount Lawu, as well as several rare plant species. In addition, this mountain area also records traces of people who lived in ancient times with various types of fossils of ancient people found in ancient times.
  5. Lawu is known as a very exotic place to enjoy a red sunset
  6. Climb the top of Mount Lawu, there is a spring called Sendang Drajad, which if you get washed on your face will soften your soul mate and wealth.
  7. Mount Lawu is one of the favorite climbing spots for climbers. In addition, this mountain has official climbing routes, namely Cemoro Kandang and Cemoro Sewu
  8. When you climb this mountain, you will find the highest kiosk on the island of Java, the Mbok Yem stall which is located at post V of the Mount Lawu hiking trail.
  9. Mount Lawu has a very difficult hiking trail and is therefore not suitable for beginners
  10. Another interesting fact about Mount Lawu is that this mountain has many myths and mysteries

Mystery of Mount Lawu You should know

Indeed, it cannot be denied that Mount Lawu has several myths and mysteries. Many people consider Mount Lawu to be one of the doors to the invisible world (the invisible gate). In addition, many of the climbers have experienced many strange events. This is evidenced by the number of climbers who disappear or die while climbing this mountain. Here are the mysteries of Mount Lawu you should know, namely:

  1. You will pass the Cetho shrine which is considered one of the mysterious points where the entrance to the magical kingdom gate is
  2. On the way there are artificial pocong hanging from trees as this place is considered a place to find pesugihan
  3. Octagonal light is common, known as supernatural light
  4. From the existence of stories about the village that has been lost to date, it is not known that its existence only left its legacy.
  5. Even though they are no longer active, the Yellow Lake and Slayur Lembung still produce a strong sulfur odor

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