Ngrumput Beach, a must-try beach for those who love camping


Camping on the beach has started to bloom especially in recent years. If you want to camp on the beach with a view of the Indian Ocean, Ngrumput Beach is one of the interesting choices for those who want to visit the beach tourism in Yogyakarta.

Besides the fact that you look out over the wide open sea, the view of the beach itself is quite unique and beautiful. Aside from the name Ngrumput, it turns out that a stretch of white sand with scattered corals, as well as rows of cliffs, caves, and corals complement the natural beauty of the natural beach. Tourists who spend the night setting up tents on a wide cliff.

In this coastal area there are also hills with a height of up to 50 meters above sea level. From the top of the hill called Kosakora you can see a wide and beautiful view, including views of Ngrumput beach, the location of which is hidden behind hills and cliffs. Aside from the cliff above, Bukit Kosakora is also used by visitors to pitch their tents.

What else can you try, which is interesting for outdoor activity fans? In addition to camping in a high enough place, in addition to avoiding the waves that appear or getting a good perspective to look around and take photos. What is clear, with camping you have free time to enjoy the sky at sunrise and sunset, from the east and west.

Ngrumput Beach, a must-try beach for camping enthusiasts! via @ suga7098
Ngrumput Beach, a must-try beach for camping enthusiasts! via @ suga7098

So for those of you camping with a few friends, why not just try it? You can bring your own tents or rent them at an affordable price. With some friends you can make a campfire. In addition, there are several stalls where food and drinks are sold. Residents who manage this area also provide amenities such as toilets and other important equipment such as lanterns.

Access to Ngrumput beach, entrance fee to Ngrumput beach

This beach is located in Ngetisrejo Village, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul Regency. The location next to Drini Beach will help you find the location as the beach is not far, only about 800 meters east of Drini Beach.

Swimming is one of the activities you can do on Ngrumput Beach. via @ gawulwekwek25
Swimming is one of the activities you can do on Ngrumput Beach. via @ gawulwekwek25

Depart from Yogyakarta station and send a vehicle to Drini Beach or Baron Beach, the first beach in this Gunungkidul beach tour. About 2 hours away, you will arrive at the Retribution Post upon arrival at Baron Beach and pay a ticket of IDR 10,000 per person. Then continue the journey to Drini Beach to the park and continue the journey on foot.

Alternative walking can be done via the beach in about 15-20 minutes, or over a slightly curved hill, about 45 minutes. Even if it is longer, you don't have to risk being exposed to high water through the hills.

If you are bored with the atmosphere of the city, you can camp at Ngrumput Beach, Gunungkidul, Jogja. via @jogjakartaid
If you are bored with the atmosphere of the city, you can camp at Ngrumput Beach, Gunungkidul, Jogja. via @jogjakartaid

It is highly recommended for tourists to use non-slippery shoes as the path you take is rocky and will be slippery when it rains.

Travel tips to Ngrumput beach

Here are some travel tips to Ngrumput beach that may be useful for your next visit to this beach.

The sunset at Ngrumput Beach is extraordinary. via @anisarwosih
The sunset at Ngrumput Beach is extraordinary. via @anisarwosih
  • Actually bringing your own tent doesn't hurt to avoid fatigue. In addition, the state of a private tent is certainly safer. Bring all accessories, such as facial soap, tissues and toiletries, as well as medicines and warm clothes for the night.
  • If you arrive in the area when it is still clear, you will of course need equipment such as sunglasses and a hat. To anticipate the rain, you should always have an umbrella.
  • There is nothing wrong if you ask a lot of questions about what to consider while staying in the Ngrumput Beach area.
  • Camping with family and school-age children also trains children's social skills to become braver and wiser. It is also good to sharpen their sensitivity to other people and nature.
  • Cell phones are important not only for photos in cool locations, but also for emergencies. Fully charge your mobile phone and power bank before you leave!

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