Nice vacation to Taman Bunga Cibubur


Taman Bunga Cibubur – For those of you who live in the Cibubur area, Depok, you may be familiar with one of the popular tourist destinations, Taman Bunga Wiladatika Cibubur. This tourist park has become a favorite place for the people of Depok.

Although often referred to as the Cibubur Flower Park, the exact location of this attraction is in the Cimanggis Regency, Depok. You should also know that the name Taman Bunga Wiladatika is short for Widya Mandala Krida Bakti Pramuka.

Because the location of this flower garden was not far from the Cibubur campsite. For those of you who enjoy cool natural attractions, this Wiladatika flower garden is the way to go.

Taman Wiladatika Cibubur

Taman Wiladatika Cibubur

Before learning about this attraction in Cibubur's flower garden, you should know a brief history of this park. Where the Wiladatika flower garden has actually been opened since 1980.

The inauguration of the flower garden happens at the end of the day. Mr. Suharto as the second president of Indonesia. This flower garden has been visited by tourists from the Depok and Jakarta area since the inauguration. There are even tourists from other areas who are curious about this one flower garden.

Wiladatika's flower garden has an area of ​​approximately 15 hectares, which is used as a park and location for game drives. With its rather advanced age, this park seems to have quite lush vegetation.

You can even easily find large wooden trees that grow thick and green. This state makes this flower garden more attractive because of its guaranteed beauty and suitable as a recreation location with family.

Location and address of Taman Bunga Taman Cibubur

For those of you who are outside the Depok area or out of the Depok area, you can visit this attraction. This flower garden is located at Jalan Jambore number 1, Cimanggis Depok or exactly near the toll gate of Cibubur.

Route to Cibubur Flower Garden

If you want to travel to this flower garden, you can use public transport or your own vehicles. If you opt for public transport, you can use public transport on lines 121 and K44 from Kampung Rambutan Terminal or you can use the AC42 bus from Tanjung Priok.

Three routes by public transport take you to the reception of the Melia Cibubur General Hospital. In addition, from the bus stop you can walk about 4 minutes to the tourist area of ​​Taman Bunga Wiladatika. Meanwhile, if you use a private vehicle, you can travel to the Cibubur toll gate as the location of this tourist attraction is not far from the toll gate.

Map to Taman Bunga Cibubur

Fun activities at Taman Bunga Cibubur

After arriving in the flower garden of Cibubur you will be welcomed by the air around the park which is very cool and beautiful as this tourist area is close to Cibubur Junction. Not only the cool air, this attraction also has a very beautiful flower garden and is covered with green pepohononan.

Mini Cave in the flower garden of Wiladatika

Mini Cave in the flower garden of Wiladatika

To complement the beauty of this park, the manager also planted colorful ornamental flowers in this flower garden. This flower garden can actually be categorized as a tourist attraction that is quite old in the Jakarta region. Not only the flower garden, this attraction is also equipped with mini caves, fountain pools and artificial waterfalls.

In the flower garden of Cibubur are also Japanese houses that can add to the excitement when visiting the park. As one of the family's favorite tourist destinations, Taman Bunga Wiladatika also offers a playground for children so that your baby can play freely.

Traditional Japanese house via YouTube

Traditional Japanese house via YouTube

Swings, seesaw, slides and other games for children are provided for the playground. In addition, there is also a snail-shaped tunnel that can also be a children's playground.

To further complement the excitement while traveling to the Cibubur flower garden, the manager also offers a mushroom house that looks like a cartoon. Not only a place for children, in this tourist area there are also several water attractions for adults to enjoy.

Rides include water balls, water boats, and mini tricycles. For those who just want to enjoy the beauty of the Wiladatika flower garden while accompanying your baby, you can sit on a chair with an umbrella to relax.

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Facilities in the flower garden of Wiladatika

Amusement garden in Wiladatika offers complete facilities so that tourists can feel comfortable and comfortable. Amenities in this tourist area include water boats, mini tricycles, swimming pools, bicycles and playgrounds.

Photo or photo recording facilities are also available by the manager for a pre-determined fee. Other support facilities are also available at this park, ranging from toilets, parking lots to mosques.

Family tourism at Taman Bunga Wiladatika Cibubur Depok

Family tourism at Taman Bunga Wiladatika Cibubur Depok

Entrance fee to Wiladatika Park

To enter the Wiladatika flower garden, tourists only pay a ticket at a reasonably affordable price of Rp. 8,000 per person for general visitors. While Scout visitors pay an admission ticket of 4,000 per person.

If you invite a group of at least 50 people, you will receive a special discount on the entrance ticket. But if tourists want to enjoy attractions like water boats, mini tricycles and water balls, they need Rp. Pay 10,000 per person.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy the fun of swimming and playing water, you will get an entrance fee to Rp pond. Can pay 25,000. There are no costs associated with games like Playgorund. For renting a bicycle, a rate of Rp 5,000 is charged.

See the ticket price list below for more information:

  • Swimming pool: Rp. 25 thousand
  • Water ball: Rp10 thousand
  • Mini tricycles: Rp. 10 thousand
  • Water boat: IDR 10,000
  • Cycling: Rp. 5000
  • For wedding photos: IDR 275 thousand
  • Photo advertisement: Rp. 550 thousand
  • Amateur photo: Rp 100,000
  • Filmmaking: IDR 2,500,000

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Stay overnight in the Taman Bunga Wiladatika district

For those of you who want to spend the night and park more time Cibubur flower garden do not worry. Because there are many hostels in this tourist area, it varies from host families to star hotels.

Naturally, each preparation offers comfortable facilities to rest. Because the problem of rental prices for accommodation in tourist areas is quite affordable.

By simply paying from 200,000 rupees per night you get a comfortable stay with full facilities. Of course, you can choose accommodation based on the budget you have, so that your holiday stays in your bag in a friendly way.


So an explanation for flower garden tourism in Cibubur as a favorite family destination for your family.

For those of you who live in the Depok area or from other areas who want to take a vacation to Depok, take the time to visit Taman Bunga Wiladatika. Because there are many interesting activities that you can do that are supported by fairly complete facilities, making your holiday more pleasant and enjoyable. Related article: Have a nice holiday to the beautiful Taman Mini Indonesia (TMII)

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