Nice vacation to visit the Tangerang Portrait Park, that's Kece for Instagenic Photos


When you come to Bandung you will definitely hear the name Taman Poto. Well … this time it's almost the same as in Bandung, Tangerang has a park called Portrait Park. Just like twins, right?

Taman Portrait is one of Tangerang's favorite locations. Garden area of ​​5,000 m2 was originally called Selfie Park. Somehow the name has changed to what is currently used after the construction of the park has been completed. This park was inaugurated in 2015 by the mayor of Tangerang.

The Portrait Park is well visited at night by children, young people and the elderly. This place is quite interesting and beautiful to visit. If you go to Tangerang, stop by for belongings in this park.

Portrait park via Tangerang stands

Portrait park via Tangerang stands

Location and how to get to Portrait Park

This park is located on Jl Sudirman, exactly in the city of Tangerang. Portrait Park is a kind of amusement park packed in family recreation. The location is just west of Tang City Mall.

There are several ways to get there. But if you are using a private vehicle, it is good to find a safe, cheap and responsible parking space as there are parking spaces that are not easy to find. You can also follow the route indicated by Google Maps. Easy right?

If you want to use public transport, wait in the center of Tangerang and keep waiting for buses, public transport and so on. Then stop at the Tangerang bus station and then use a motorcycle taxi to get to the park. When you arrive, you can of course do that by seeing the dancer statue as welcome.

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The appeal of a portrait garden

The Portrait Park becomes a family vacation place through Kompas

The Portrait Park becomes a family vacation place through Kompas

Once at the park location and you see a statue of a dancer, you can observe the back. There is a replica of a sailboat which, in detail, is very similar to the replica of our very famous ancestral ship, the pinisi ship.

This replica of the ship is decorated in brown and dominates with a sail-like sail design. There is also an inscription "TNG" which can also be interpreted as an abbreviation for the name of the city of Tangerang. The uniqueness is, of course, very unfortunate to miss without taking photos.

In addition to writing TNG, the portrait park also contains the words "LOVE". Many young couples who capture their love by taking pictures there. There is also a long text in the corner of the park with the phrase "I Love My House Clean and Beautiful". This phrase is very effective in realizing the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the park environment for visitors or the public.

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Once you are happy with the photo, continue the journey by going to the back of the ship. There are 3 hippos there that may be included in the pools. Don't worry … this hippo is very docile. In fact, they are usually invited to take selfies and take photos of visitors who come. If you're brave, you can also sit on a hippo and capture your brave moments.

After seeing the hippos and their inseparable swimming habits, you will find a classic bridge model with a curved pillar pointing to the side. To the left and right of the barrier are monuments such as chess children. It is only about 5 meters high and has a crown like a castle tower.

The fort icon is inseparable from the nickname Tangerang City. This nickname is closely related to the well-being of the Chinese Peranakan community, which is called China Benteng. They are descended from the Tang Dynasty, so the name Tangerang comes from the words Tang and Gerang. Tang-Gerang is a combination of words that mean people from the Tang Dynasty. Wow, how unique is that?

Continue to the back of this park. There you will find a ditch that is wide enough and deep enough. This moat extends over the Cisadane River Bridge. This river is one of the icons and arteries of Tangerang City.

If you have walked to the end of the bridge, there is a building across the river that is quite sturdy. The building is a pavilion with typical Betawi architecture. Although Tangerang is associated with Benteng Cina, there is a spread of culture from the Betawi region.

It is exactly the spread from the Citarum River to the Cisadane River in the west. Well … finally the Betawi tribe became one of the ethnic groups that also gave color to the life of the city of Tangerang.

For those of you who are on holiday with family and there are children, do not worry that they will be bored, because in the Portrait Garden there are different types of games for children. there are about 3 slides and a mushroom shaped bridge. In the corner is a giant statue that makes children scream happily.

Nice vacation to visit the Tangerang Portrait Park, that's Kece for Instagenic Photos

Visitors to the portrait garden via Bantenprov

The portrait garden feels like heaven for photography enthusiasts. There are different types of artwork, all of which seem very suitable for the photographer's camera view.

In fact, it's not uncommon for many brides to keep pre-wedding photos in this place because of the uniqueness and beauty of every corner. Moreover, free photography is free.

You only need permission from the park manager. This is intended to ensure that photography activities run smoothly without the intervention of other visitors.

For those who want to picnic with family, this park in Tangerang is also the right place. There you can spread mats and lunch from home while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Isn't it fun? But don't forget … don't lie around as it may disturb other visitors.

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Existing facilities in the Portrait Park

Many facilities are available for visitors to the park. Varying from playgrounds to photo spots as mentioned above. But there are also some other support features designed for the comfort and satisfaction of visitors, namely:

Special waste bins

This dustbin is intended as a management obligation to maintain the cleanliness of the tourist area. Don't be surprised if trash cans are installed in every corner. Even waste can be divided into 3, namely organic, non-organic and B3 waste.

Organic waste is obtained from food waste and leaves. Non-organic waste usually occurs in the form of waste from food containers, used plastic, paper and cardboard.

Well … for B3 waste, many people are not yet sure if the waste categorized in this section is related waste, used batteries to diapers. So be careful when sorting and removing the trash to avoid getting confused.


This facility is located in the south and behind the park. The toilet is fairly clean and comfortable to use.

Parking spot

Both for two wheels and for four wheels there is a parking space in the park, which is located at the rear.


This is a facility waiting for free internet seekers. Yep … near the Portrait Garden is also equipped with free wifi access and fast enough to explore the internet for those who need it.

In addition to the above amenities, there is also a small mosque for worship and a small room that is quite comfortable.

Culinary tourism in a portrait park

Food Tours in Portrait Gardens via Tribunnews

Food Tours in Portrait Gardens via Tribunnews

In the park there are also areas where visitors can pamper their stomach. The reason is that there is a hawker market that offers many menus from 15 existing kiosks. The canteen's concept has also been created in European style, making it more attractive for visitors to eat there.

The location is also on the Cisadane River side, accompanied by cool air and beautiful gardens.


Thus a glimpse of tourism in the Portrait Park Tangerang. It is good to go on holiday there because it is cheap and close to the city. You can spend your holiday there and enjoy the beauty of the park. Have fun with it! Do not miss it: Have a nice holiday to Taman Kota BSD Tangerang

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