Ranu Agung Lake Probolinggo, road conditions, locations, routes


DifaWisata.com – Lake Ranu Agung is one of the best lakes in East Java especially Probolinggo Regency. The first formation of the lake was caused by the eruption of Mount Lemongan, which is still active to date. At first glance, Ranu Agung Lake looks like a bowl, like a former crater.

Lake Ranu Agung Probolinggo is one of the best lakes in East Java

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Ranu Agung Lake

The silence of Ranu Agung Lake

The atmosphere at Ranu Agung Lake is still natural, the air around the lake is very cool, the water in the lake is also very clear, plus high cliffs on the lake side, making this lake look like a painting on the lake. picture looks very nice.

Ranu Agung more cliffs


No wonder every tourist who visits this lake feels at home and wants to linger. While enjoying the panoramic view of the lake, tourists can also see the stormy Mount Lemongan which stands quite high.

Other interesting activities generally performed by tourists are around the lake with the Getek boat. Getek Boat is an assembled small boat made of bamboo that is wrapped around a rope to form a board.

Tourists can pick up objects from different angles on the boat. And not a few of them visited this photo of the lake "selfie"By the river in the middle of the lake.

Tip: if you are getting a boat around the lake you have to be careful as it is quite far in the middle of the lake.

State of Ranu Agung Lake

Ranu Agung Lake's location is somewhat hidden, and unlike other tourist attractions that can be easily reached by motorized vehicle. The route to take is quite an uphill through a series of wilderness.

Ranu Agung lake forest

Panorama of Lake Ranu Agung

At that location, there are also no auxiliary facilities such as restrooms, prayer rooms, food stalls, etc. Therefore, tourists must bring their own lunch from home if they want to eat and drink. The good news is that without building around the lake, the authenticity of the lake is preserved.

globallyThis lake is highly recommended for everyone traveler who love beautiful nature with challenging terrain.

Location of Ranu Agung Lake

As the name implies, this lake is located in Ranu Agung village, in Tiris district, Probolinggo regency, East Java. On the way to the site, tourists are treated to beautiful hillside views, so the long journey is not exhausting.

To get to this lake the route to follow is:

Probolinggo City => Kec. Krucil => Kec. Tiris => Ranu Agung village => Ranu Agung lake

You have to be careful if you want to visit this lake as the access road is quite narrow, especially if you pass a 4-wheeled vehicle. The narrow road is caused by a landslide that gradually erodes the left and right sides of the road.

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