Ranu Segaran Lake Probolinggo, Origin, Tickets, Location


DifaWisata.com – Lake Ranu Segaran Probolinggo is a lake formed by volcanic activity. Before this was over, this was more of a former crater. Until the crater eventually left a puddle. And puddles are now a lakeside tourist destination that is never without tourist visits, especially during holidays.

Lake Ranu Segaran Probolinggo is a volcanic lake formed by volcanic activity.

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Ranu Segaran Lake

Ranu Lake Tourism, Segaran Probolinggo

Activities generally performed when traveling to the lake are by duck boat in the middle of the lake. This activity is very interesting and fun, especially when you are done with loved ones and family.

In addition to taking a boat to the center of the lake, tourists also sit in a shop accompanied by a cup of coffee and hot drinks while enjoying the tranquil atmosphere of the lake and the panorama around the lake with fresh eyes. .

Fresh Ranu Lake picture

Panorama of Lake Ranu Segaran

Local people are very friendly. They always welcome tourists who will be okay. Every tourist must behave well towards the local community. And must cooperate in maintaining a clean environment, such as not lying down and others.

The rate for renting a duck boat: Rp. 10,000

Please note this price is subject to change at any time.

Not far from the lake there are hot springs. The locals call it Tiris hot water. In this pool, tourists can swim to relax after their activities or take a tour of Ranu Segaran Lake. The body usually returns after a few minutes a week fresh and fit again.

Drain the hot shower

Hot springs

The water in the hot springs of Tiris contains sulfur. So that this water has the ability to cure different kinds of skin diseases when you enjoy this warm water. So if you are on vacation to Ranu Segaran Lake, there is nothing to worry about if you take the time to stop at this hot spring.

The facilities of the Tiris bath are very adequate, with a bathroom, luggage storage and a small shop that sells locals at the swimming location.

Entrance ticket to Ranu Segaran Lake

Tickets for the lake are very cheap, that's only Rp. 2,000. Even then, you can enjoy two tours at once, namely Ranu Segaran Lake and Hot Springs. With a friendly price, you can visit relatives or relatives without worrying about ticket prices.

Location of Ranu Segaran Lake

The location of the lake is not far from the center of Probolinggo. The distance from this lake to the town of Probolinggo only takes about 30 minutes.

Ranu Segaran Lake is located in Ranu Agung village, Tiris district, Probolinggo regency. The entrance to the lake is opposite the Koramil.

How would you like to travel to a serene and refreshing panorama? Invite your family to visit this lake.

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