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The most attractive tourist attractions in Ngawi – Ngawi is a district in the province of East Java and also directly adjacent to the province of Central Java. Ngawi is also close to the Pacitan district, which the author discussed about tourist attractions in Pacitan in the previous section. Like Pacitan, which is nicknamed 1001 cave cities, Ngawi also has a nickname, not even a nickname, yes, the Ngawi district has several nicknames, including the city "bamboo city" which is believed to be the origin of the name Ngawi Regency is awi, which means bamboo and is added with ng.

In addition, ngawi is also called Kota "tempe chips", because there are typical tempe chips in ngawi and are rarely found in other cities. Now the last nickname of the city of Ngawi is that Ngawi is a city "Friendly city" , the nickname is the slogan of the city of Ngawi, but this city of Ngawi is cool.

Okay, we'll discuss it tourist attraction in Ngawiwhat happened in ngawi? do you want to know? see this article to finish. small photo, tourist attractions in the city of Ngawi synonymous with natural attractions. only great for those of you who like nature tourism.

Here are 8 of the most interesting tourist attractions in Ngawi

Bride waterfall

tourist attractions in Ngawi

The first tourist attraction in Ngawi is the waterfall of the bride, maybe some of you have seen the Indonesian horror movie, the main location of the movie, the waterfall of the bride. But take it easy, the bridal waterfall is not as told in the movie, there is no tension, scary and different atmosphere. There is only the natural charm of a waterfall that pampers the eyes.

This waterfall has a unique name and takes on the bridal waterfall, as there are several waterfalls in the same place with the same height, which is about 12 meters from the base of the waterfall. For those of you who don't like the hustle and bustle of this place, be sure to highlight it first, as the bridal waterfall is still rarely known to people who remember the venue which is quite difficult to find. It is located behind the tea plantation Jamus, the tourist icon of the city of Ngawi. The Jamus tour will be discussed in the next section. This waterfall is located exactly on Dsn Besek, Ds Hargomulyo, Kec Ngrambe Ngawi. To reach this location it is necessary to travel by land with a motorized vehicle about 3 hours from the center of Ngawi.

Tea plantation Jamus Ngawi

traveling on ngawi

Like the author's promise in the previous section that will discuss the beautiful Jamus Ngawi attractions. Yes, this attraction is located in Dsn Jamus, Ds Girikerto, Kec Sine Ngawi. This tourist attraction is a mainstay in the city of Ngawi. You know, this tea garden is a relic from the Dutch colonial period. If you go where you can enjoy the coolness of tea plantations from Borobudur hill which is part of the tea garden. Borobudur Hill is named because of the shape of the hills that resemble Borobudur in Magelang. Unlike the tea gardens in other teas, many tea trees in this jamus are hundreds of years old.

In addition to beautiful views of the tea garden, there are also flying foxes on the property and clear springs of the Lanang spring at the tea plantations site. Not only that in the tea garden, you can also see the tea making process and take the typical jam tea that has a coffee flavor.

Srambang Ngawi waterfall

traveling on ngawi

The next tour is still about nature tourism. That's the hidden Srambang waterfall, due to its location on the slopes of Mount Lawu. Located exactly on Ds Girimulyo, Kec Jogorogo Ngawi. This waterfall is set among pine forests to create a cool and peaceful atmosphere. This tourist spot is recommended for those who like to travel, given the winding journeys required to get to the location of Srambang waterfall. To reach the location, you must travel 25 km from Ngawi city to the ticket gate. After passing the gate ticket cost you must continue the journey on foot until it takes about 30 minutes to reach the waterfall location. The journey is quite long, hey, but calm down when you arrive at the waterfall location, you will feel tired, will pay off with the beauty of the waterfall.

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Pondok Ngawi reservoir

traveling on ngawi

Pondok Ngawi Reservoir is a water tourism destination in Ngawi, offering beautiful reservoirs and mountain views. This reservoir is located in Dampit Kec, just 6 km from Ngawi city center. In this place you can play Jet Ski, sail around the reservoir and take pictures with exotic environments

Trinil Ngawi Museum

tourist attractions in ngawi

For those of you who like to visit prehistoric objects, this museum is well worth a visit. In this museum there is a species of Phitecantropus erectus which is a popular fossil. The fossil was found in the ngawi area, so that a museum called Trinil was built. The Trinil Museum is located in Dsn Pilang, Ds Kawu, Kedunggalar Ngawi Regency. The place is about 14 km from the heart of Ngawi. In the museum you can observe different types of fossils, such as ancient human fossils, plants and animals. You can also find traces of ancient human life by observing some fossils in the Trinil Museum.

Fort Pendem from Bosch

tourist attractions in Ngawi

The next historical attraction in Ngawi is Pendem Van Bosch Castle. This fort is a Dutch fort that is rich in historical and exotic values. This fortress has a different appeal than other fortifications, namely walls that look worn and dull. Although it looks like this, this fort is still sturdy and sturdy. For those of you who like to take pictures against the background of old buildings, this place is great to be a cool photo object with the features of old buildings and beautiful architecture. Benteng Pendem from Bosc is located at the meeting point of Madiun Begawan and Bengawan Solo.

Srigati Pesanggrahan

tourist attractions in Ngawi

The next tourist spot in Ngawi is Pesanggrahan Srigti, which has historical requirements and also has mystical value. This guest house is located in Ds Babadan, Kec Paron, about 12 km from the heart of Ngawi. According to the story, this place is not only the guest house of Raja Brawijaya, but also a palace for the kingdom of supernatural beings. With so many people using the place to receive blessings and seek magical knowledge. But that is not allowed in religion. However, this place seems to be related to the history of the city of Ngawi. You should therefore visit Ole as a historical tour in the city of Ngawi. And you don't have to be afraid of stories going around, as long as you don't do anything there. In this guest house there are some very interesting places to visit such as spring, loosening tassels, Sukarna. Pelenggo Agung Srigati and Silogonggo combat springs

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The special food of Ngawi City

tourist attractions in Ngawi

Once you are satisfied with exploring interesting tourist attractions in Ngawi, it is time to try the special cuisine of Ngawi city. tofu and wedang grave that damages the tongue. Tepo is a food similar to rice cake made from rice, which is distinguished from rice cake by its shape and texture. This special dish in the form of rice cakes and tofu can be served together, celery, cabbage, bean sprouts, a pinch of chopped nuts and crackers with a special sauce that is very fresh.

In addition to special dishes that are so tasty, Ngawi also has a special drink that is no less tasty. Namely wedang cume made from a mixture of cane sugar, coconut milk, ginger, white bread and green beans. This drink is suitable to be served hot and enjoyed in cold air such as cold air in Ngawi.

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