Sadeng Gunung Kidul Beach, Yogyakarta


Sadeng Beach – Until now, tourists still use the sea as a way to spend time with friends, friends and family. The pleasure of nature tourism is not something that can be beaten. Although, sometimes the beach is a scary area with tidal waves.

However, the reason why going to the beach is strong enough to neutralize all those bad thoughts. As is the case at Sadeng Beach. This tourist attraction is quite impressive in presenting a white pasit panorama combined with sea water, so that. The result is a different shade.

The waves at Sadeng Beach are not too big. So you can swim with it. It's just that it shouldn't be considered in the middle because although unpretentious this beach has a wild side.

Sadeng Beach Ticket Prices

Sadeng beach ticket prices

To enjoy every charm offered, you must pay the Sadeng Beach ticket price of 5,000 rupiah.

In addition to parking fees, you will be charged 10,000 rupees for cars and 5,000 rupees for those using motorized vehicles.

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Address and location of the route

                Beach address of Sadeng


Address Sadeng Beach is located in Song Banyu Village, Girisubo District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta 55883. On the way to this tourist attraction is about 80 km from Yogyakarta city. Or it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Route to Sadeng Beach If you are leaving from the city of Yogyakarta, drive by vehicle to wonosari, pathuk, Sambipitu, Gading, Siyono. Then go to Jalan Baron, Desa Mulo, Bintaos and then enter Tepus.

Turn left towards Jepitu, before the market right towards Girisubo subdistrict. Then continue the journey to the flute, Songbanyu. You will arrive at the location point shortly.

The road to Sadeng Beach not only crosses Yogyakarta, but you can also travel from other cities such as Klaten and Solo. Well, for those of you who are close to Klaten, don't worry because you are going to the location point.

When leaving Klaten, drive a vehicle via semi-permanent to Giripanggung. Culen, Japanese market. Then follow the signs available at different angles everywhere.

If you are alone and want to visit it. First send a vehicle to Sukoharjo, Wonogiri, to the Praci market. Then turn right until you enter the area. Rongkop, Nglindur, Nrancah Market. Then turn right and follow the signs as above. How, easier and closer than to visit this beach?

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Sadeng Beach sights

1. Fishing village

Sadeng beach tour

The tourist location of Sadeng Beach is known for its fishing village. Where in 1983 many fishermen from Gombong were here and settled in this village. not only that, we can also see the largest fishing port of Jogja City.

All fishing activities from fish auctions, refueling and departure can be seen here. This harbor is even more impressive due to the presence of a towering lighthouse.

This lighthouse serves as a guide for anglers engaged in nighttime activities. It is clear that fishing vessels are still traditional, so there are no special lights to illuminate them.

You can also use this crooked boat as one of the best photo spots on Sadeng Beach. So don't forget to bring a camera so that every moment can be captured well with photos and pictures.

Sadeng Beach tourist harbor, we can also buy fresh fish caught by fishermen. Don't forget to negotiate well to get the right price based on the size of the fish.

In this port we can also enjoy different kinds of long history about Sadeng beach. In addition, there are also cooperatives specially designed for fishermen to make fishing easier.

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2. Fishing

Sadeng beach tour

Not only will swimming and playing with white sand like we can do here and most other beaches, but you will get a fishing spot near the harbor faster.

This place is inhabited by fish such as tuna, snapper, grouper and more. You can sit and wait for this fish to be caught by your hook, then we can enjoy it or take it home.

Do you want more challenges? we can rent a fishing boat and participate in their fishing activities on the high seas. Or also around Gunung Kidul beach. You can enjoy this experience if you pay about 500 thousand to 1 million rupiah. This price depends on the ship used. The better, the more expensive the rent.

Or you can also use it to get around Sadeng beach just by paying 50,000 rupees. not only good because of the natural environment. As for the residents you take are also very friendly, like Suadara herself.

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3. Distilled ponds

Sadeng beach tourist location

This tourist attraction looks impressive due to the existence of this Suling Lake. Admittedly, locals also believe this lake is the remnant of the water flow from the Ancient Solo River Bengawan.

It seems that the story of this citizen is not just a fabrication. There is a limestone hill that extends. There are two elongated shapes in the center of which is a valley that has now been transformed into a plant field that is currently very fertile.

This valley has a length of about 7 km. Where, if we follow this path, we can reach praci. Here too we find a turning point from the Bengawan Solo river.

4. Culinary tourism

Sadeng beach tourist location

As for Sadeng Beach with an abundance of fish, enjoy a variety of food menus in the form of seafood, has a taste that will make you float in the air.

You can also use the fish you bought at the auction as food. The price is quite cheap and friendly in the bag. There are different types of preparations that we can choose from.

Starting with baking and also baking. There is sweet and sour sauce, rica rica or just toasted butter. All of these foods combine perfectly with warm white rice and vegetables.

Interestingly, you can not only eat delicious food menus. But you can also enjoy all activities on the harbor with a charming view. So the disadvantages often have to be if you don't try.

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Our journey finally ended at Sadeng Beach. We have again revealed all psona from sudt to the corner. When do you visit this attraction? Remember that Pantai Tengah cannot wait to welcome you here.

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