Sarangan Beach, the beautiful two cliffs that flank it


Let's count how many beaches in Yogyakarta can we enjoy here? The answers are certainly numerous. Interestingly, each region has its own beauty and features.

Starting from a place to relax, for snorkeling, camping, fishing and many more activities you can do here. Like Sarangan beach.

Some tourists may still not know this attraction. Sarangan Beach's location is actually not far from Krakal Beach, next door. The two tourist attractions do not differ much in form. Same lengthwise, only Sarangan Beach is slightly curved.

If you look again, the coastline is only 200 meters. Very short. However, the charm comes from the two cliffs that flank it.

In addition, beach tourism in Sarangan has waves that are not too high and dangerous. Play water comfortably. Like swimming or just playing sand.

You can also sit on white sand and enjoy coconut ice cream which is very refreshing. There are many moderate tenants here. For those of you who want to chat and relax. With friends, friends or family.

Sarangan Beach Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Sarangan beach

Enjoying attractions doesn't have to be expensive, the entrance fee to Sarangan Beach is just 10,000 rupees. That's all along with Pok Tunggal Beach, Krakal, Baron, Sundak, Drini and along the coast in this region.

For the parking fee itself, we will charge 7,000 rupees for those who bring a car. Meanwhile, those who transport motorized vehicles pay three thousand rupees. For those driving in groups and buses, it costs 20,000 rupees.

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Address and location of the route

Sarangan beach location route


Sarangan's beach address is located in Ngestirejo village, Tanjungsari District, Gunung Kidul Regency, special region of Yogyakarta, 55881. To reach this place we need to use private vehicle. Can be by car or motor vehicle.

There are two routes to Sarangan beach. The first road to Sarangan beach is from Yogyakarta to Piyungan and then by car to Bukit Bintang. Then head back to Patuk, Sambipitu, Gading, Wonosari.

You can also drive the vehicle to Baron Road. Mulo then went to Bintaos to Tepus. Turn right towards Indrayanti, Sundak, Krakal, until you finally reach the location point.

You can also take another trip if you leave from Jalan Wonosari, Sampaan, Piyungan, Bukit Bintang. Then go to Pathuk, Sambipitu, Bunder Forest, Gading, Wonosari. Then drive the vehicle to Jalan Baron, Mulo, Kemadang. Then, enter the Krakal road, Kukup, until you arrive at the location point.

Also visit Nguluran beach, which is no less beautiful.

Things to do in Sarangan Beach

1. Jujugan Hill

Beach address in Sarangan

As we know, the beauty of this tourist spot can indeed be seen on two dense cliffs. One of the names of this cliff is Bukit Jujugan. Where we are spoiled with various types of facilities that are present at this location.

The beauty of Sarangan Beach will be seen clearly from here. Enchantment of blue sea water combined with clear ceilings. Presents a charm you will never forget.

Jujugan Hill is the most favorite place especially for those who love fishing. Because many say that under this hill there is a gathering place for big fish. So don't be surprised if you're here. This place is full of fishermen.

However, you must bring your own equipment from home. Because there are no friendly facilities to rent fishing equipment.

According to those who fish here. The fish is not only big, you know. But also friendly, you get fish more often. True or not, please prove it.

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2. Puncak Giriri

                Sarangan beach tourism location

Don't just settle for arrival in Bukit Jujugan. It's up to you to lose if you don't go to the top of Giri. Because we can enjoy other beautiful views here.

Interestingly, a scam block has been installed from the top of Giri on the way here. Access is therefore very easy and convenient, not dusty during the dry season and muddy when entering the rainy season.

Unfortunately you still have to walk to reach the top. Because there is no parking space specially provided for you here. The charm you can see is really great.

On the right, the coastline starts from Krakow, Kukup, along, Drini, visible from here. Giri Peak is set up so that you can use it for photography. Usually many photo communities visit here.

They see a recessed sink that is really interesting to capture with photos and photos. The resulting silhouette seems like the perfect sequence for a twilight story.

I was very impressed. Here you can also pre-shoot photos. With a price of only 300 thousand rupiah. If you are already there, don't forget to watch a beautiful sunrise no less impressive than a sunset.

Also come to Kukup Beach with a charming view.

3. Camping

camping on the Sarangan beach

Interestingly, Sarangan Beach is a campground also aimed at those of you who want to enjoy the night in this place.

Interestingly, we can see here that there is a coral that is usually used as a place to take pictures and photos.

It is hoped that you will stay clean here. Return the waste you produce while camping. Then throw it in the trash or just give it to the manager.

Also come to the South Mountain Gesing beach, which is very interesting to visit.

4. Nearest accommodation

hotel on Sarangan beach

You don't have to worry about accommodations. Since Sarangan beach tourism locations are already available, many hotels, host families, villas and resorts have facilities and prices that can be adjusted to suit your budget.

The recommendation we can give you is The Royal Joglo, located in a forest area, Ngastirejo, Tanjungsari District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta

The price per night starts from 390 thousand rupiah. This place is very close to several beaches in Yogyakarta. You could say in the middle. Only 6 minutes to Indrayanti. You just have to walk to Krakal. up to 5 minutes of sundak.

The facilities offered are no joke. There is a super comfortable bed that you will enjoy. With its shape like a joglo, the Javanese nuance makes it feel that way. In addition, the situation is very clean and comfortable, like being at home.

Royal Joglo can be ordered through different hotel booking channels at different prices depending on the room facilities you will enjoy.

See also Sadeng Beach, which is still close by.

Sarangan Beach is another beauty we can enjoy in Yogyakarta. Where you can relax in a beautiful and natural area in this area. When do you visit this attraction with friends, friends or family?

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