Sentul City Cultural Park has fun attractions for children to adults


Who does not know tourism in the Bogor area? The area, known for its cool and beautiful air, has a number of natural attractions that are a shame if not attempted. One is the Sentul City Cultural Park in Bogor.

This park is 61 kilometers from the center of Jakarta and has a panoramic view of 4 mountains, namely Mount Pancar, Mount Salak, Mount Gede and Mount Geulis. It is 6 hectares in size and is often used as a reference place to relax. Do you want to know? Let's get to know this area better!

Map of cultural park tourism via Tamanbudaya

Map of cultural park tourism via Tamanbudaya

The scope of reaching thousands of square meters

Taman Budaya was founded in 1994 under the leadership of PT. Mount Geulis Elok Abadi. It is very surprising that this park has an area of ​​3000 m2 only for fields with up to 2000 people. Of course, the field can be used for many activities the meetingParty, community outing, product launches, on the market.

Location, route and route to the culture park

Located east of Bogor City and only 30 minutes from Jakarta. To be precise, namely on Jl. Siliwangi No. 1, Sentul City.

You can use private or public vehicles to get there. Both are equally comfortable because the road is wide and paved. Especially along the road are tall, shady trees with clean sidewalks with cyclists. Just like abroad, right?

If you are coming from Jakarta and using a private vehicle it is better to reach the road via Jagorawi Toll road as Taman Budaya location is not far from Sentul Selatan exit. However, if you are using public transportation, such as a train, get off at Bogor station and go straight to Botani Square. Then take the Trans Pakuan to Bellanova Country Mall to finish at Sentul Hill.

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Ticket prices vary by vehicle

Although entrance to Taman Budaya is free, visitors have to pay to try different tours. But take it easy … because the costs incurred are relatively cheap and comparable to the experience and excitement gained.

Travel packages are also offered to facilitate visitors, namely:

  • Package for outgoing children, valued at Rp. 270,000 and filled with 11 games from, lunch, souvenirs, as well as instructors and insurance
  • Smart Kids package, valued at Rp. 350,000 and filled with The boy who came out, instructor, program options (can making clay, batik, t-shirt or painting), welcome drinkand lunch
  • Child soldiers, valued around Rp. 250,000 with a program package Child soldiersShirt Child soldierslunch, welcome drink, medals and instructors
  • The adult package is out, rated at Rp. 350,000 with 7 games, giant swings, lunches, coffee breaks, instructors and insurance
  • Paintball package, rated at Rp. 500,000, included in the form of activities Paintball with 50 bullets, from, instructor, insurance, lunch buffetand coffee break 2 times
  • Trekking package rated at Rp. 350,000 with adventures in pine forests or waterfalls, instructors, welcome drinklunch and insurance
  • Cultural tourism, valued around Rp. 200,000 and filled with traditional games and Flying Fox, painting kites / batik making, doll making cassava sticks, lunch and welcome drink, instructor, and making grasshoppers from leaves
  • Camping package rated at Rp. 450,000 with packages tents & camping equipment, eat 4 times, fun game, coffee break 2 times campfire and instructor
  • Team development package, valued at Rp. 370,000 and packed with activities Team building program as well as Flying Fox, the instructor, coffee break 2 times, insurance, lunch buffetto certify
  • Company outing, valued at Rp. 370,000, with activities in the form of interesting games and flying foxes, coffee break 2 times lunch buffetand instructor

* Prices can change at any time

Different rides in the culture park

Taman Budaya is a nature tourism area that focuses on tourism education activities. For this reason, it is not surprising that there are 4 zones, namely Adventure Center, Green Center, Cultural Center and Facility Center.

Attraction in the cultural park

Attraction in the cultural park

In the Adventure Center, visitors are invited to enjoy the fun high rope, hiking, paintballand other interesting games. That said, the equipment in this park is the largest and most comprehensive in Indonesia.

Usually adults like to play vertically, Zig Zag Log Step, Buma Bridge, Giant Swing as a vehicle that challenges adrenaline. In children, gladiator rings, swings and balance bars are often used as an option.

In addition to outbound, this park is also designed to improve teamwork so that there are exciting games PaintballThis game requires teamwork and good teamwork to win.

Sentul Paintball Cultural Park

Sentul Paintball Cultural Park

This vehicle is certainly great if used for office or school events. Afterward, visitors can enjoy the nuances of the night with a campfire and roasted corn in the tent.

For those of you who like hiking, what to try is a trip to traditional villages, plantations, and green rice fields, as well as views of Mount Pancar waterfall. Afterward, visitors are also invited to pretend to have a picnic lunch by the waterfall, accompanied by the shade of the pine forest there.

Don't worry if someone likes tinkering as things are also offered. For example making cly and cly making activities, batik making and painting. Creative media also vary, ranging from lanterns, t-shirts, bags to kites.

Attraction in the cultural park

Attraction in the cultural park

There is one fun that not everyone can enjoy. If the park field is not used for events, many people will use it to play kites. This is certainly not possible if the time of the visit coincides with a large event. In this environment, many kite sellers are valued from Rp. 25,000. Unique is that the size of this kite is very large and has a different shape. There are figures of butterflies and many other animals.

For those wishing to increase their knowledge of agriculture, Sentul Park also has rice field vehicles, animal vehicles and nature education vehicles. During this trip we teach farmers, starting with plowing, planting and maintaining rice.

We also learn to care for and milk animals. In fact, we also learn to pick plants and mash rice. There is one vehicle that is very popular with children, namely angklung games, traditional dances, clogs, drama and congklak.

Food Court, other facilities and souvenirs in Taman Budaya

Don't be hungry there as there are several places like Oey Coffee, Pancarsari Restaurant and Food Court to reduce your thirst and hunger. The food is also very complete as in urban areas. And although it is in a tourist area, the prices regarding food and drink are very reasonable. For example, the price of one serving of meatballs with chicken is only around Rp.

For those wishing to bring souvenirs, a bazzar has also been prepared that sells many fashion and jewelry products and souvenirs Cultural parkWow, incomplete?

Sentul Foodcourt Cultural Park

Sentul Foodcourt Cultural Park

There are also comfortable accommodations

For those who want to stay, there are also people staying in the tourist area. One of them is Neo Hotel. Unique is that this hotel is directly connected to Taman Budaya. So while it doesn't look like a place from the outside, it looks like the inside is integrated.

Stay at Taman Budaya Sentul

Stay at Taman Budaya Sentul

This hotel is perfect for those of you who love the green roof concept with a natural and modern style. You can also swim with family because there is a swimming pool for adults and children. A good price tag is not like breaking a bag, because the price of a room per night is around 600 thousand.

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Another tour near Taman Budaya

If you want to visit other attractions in the park, don't look too far as there are so many attractions you can visit in Sentul. For example Kuntum Field on Tajur Highway. This area is a mixture of livestock, fisheries, plantations and organic farming.

There is also Jungleland Adventure Theme Park, Bidadari Waterfall, Ah Poong Market, Gunung Pancar Pine Forest, Fantasia Nature, Gunung Pancar Hot Spring, Science Garden and so on.

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How would you like to take a break from the noise of the city and enjoy a quiet day in Sentul? Then the choice for a holiday at Taman Budaya is perfect to spend your holiday.

In addition to being easily accessible, your family vacation is also helpful as there is an educational tour. What are you waiting for Hopefully useful and have fun!

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