Situbondo White Sand Beach, Admission Ticket, Location.

667 Situbondo White Sand Beach is a beach on Jalan Madura with clean white sand that stretches along the coastline. This beach is very popular among the people of East Java as it offers a million beautiful panoramas. On this tour, tourists will find colorful corals and cute fish grouped by coral reefs.

Panorama of White Sand beach, Situbondo

The calm waves offer a special charm and allow tourists to explore the underwater landscape. Lush trees surround this beach. So that tourists visiting during the day can take refuge in these lush trees.

Various types of events are often held during the holidays, from music concerts, boat races, fishing and more.

Situbondo White Sand boat race

The existing facilities at tourist locations are also sufficient so that visitors traveling on the beach feel at ease. Public amenities available to visitors include;

  • Islamic prayer room
  • Center by (Souvenir)
  • Bathroom
  • Sofa to relax
  • canteen

Well, after playing on the beach, visitors usually relax in a shop that sells different types of food and drinks, pampering their eyes to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the sea.

Panorama of White Sand beach, Situbondo

When visiting this tour, there are several interesting activities that visitors can do. This tour offers a variety of interesting activities such as;

  • swimming
  • Sailing with "Cano"
  • Snorkeling (diving)
  • fish
  • ATV cross
  • and so on.

The activities listed above are just some of the activities and there are many more activities that can be done with family members and relatives. Moreover, this beach is also known as a place to produce fish. Not infrequently when the holiday comes, many people from East Java come to this place to get fresh fish at low prices.

Location of White Sand Beach, Situbondo

Situbondo White Sand Beach is located on East Java's Pantura route, right in this regency. Situbondo, Kec. Bungatan, Pasir Putih Village, Dsn. Kembangsambi. Due to its strategic location, this White Sand Tour is easy to find.

Route to White Sand Beach Situbondo

There are two routes that are usually taken when visiting this tour, namely from the east and west. If you are departing from the east, the Banyuwangi route to take is straight to Situbondo. If you are departing from the west, you must take Probolinggo straight to Situbondo. Both routes are on the north coast. As you pass the Pantura route, upon arrival in Situbondo you will find a sign where the white sand is located.

see Situbondo white sand beach on Google Map.

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