Taman Jajan Bintaro – A meeting place and hunt for a variety of delicious culinary dishes!


Bintaro has now been transformed into one of the culinary tourist centers in Tangerang. The area known as the home of the townspeople, whose activities always run from & # 39; in the morning to & # 39; walking in the morning turned out to be a valuable tourist area, the Bintaro Snack Center or better known as the Bintaro Snack Park.

Make high activity questions becomes a place to relax and the number of comfortable meeting places increases. In such a place, visitors expect to be able to socialize with colleagues and continue working, but they can also enjoy dishes at relatively cheap prices. For this reason, Taman Bintaro Jajan is now present to fulfill all these requests.

Taman Jajan CBD Bintaro via Youtube

Taman Jajan CBD Bintaro via Youtube

The history of Bintaro Snack Park

Before it became Taman Jajan, this area was a collection of disorganized kiosks. For this reason, Jaya Real Property wants to improve this place as developer of the Bintaro Jaya area. But what's full of praise is the behavior of this developer.

The reason for this is that they have not evicted the owner of the stable that has been sold there since 1995. Instead, they have appointed PT Indo Arcline to manage the site by involving tent owners in the Bintaro Snack Park area there.

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Location and directions to Taman Jajan

Even though it is not in the middle of the city, it is a bit far from the hustle and bustle of Central Jakarta, but the Taman Jajan area is very strategic and easy to reach. This location is even close to the JORR toll gate.

The location also borders the Permata Bank building and the Hari Hari supermarket, which is located on Jl. Boulevard Bintaro Jaya, Bintaro Sektor 7, Pondok Aren, Tangerang. From the direction of Lotte Mart you can get to the JORR toll road to get there and after seeing the Permata Bank building, turn left and enter the park area.

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Opening hours for Bintaro CBD snacks

Oh friend, you can walk here from 4 pm to noon while you eat, you know. So it is not the speed of arrival.

Facilities in the Bintaro CBD Jajan Park

This park is well managed, so you don't have to worry about the available facilities. You do not have to worry about parking the vehicle, because there is a large and clear parking lot.

In addition, the cleanliness in this area is also well maintained, there are bins at every outlet, so we will definitely feel very comfortable in this Bintaro snack garden. Certainly not only clean, neat and comfortable.

Kulineran at Bintaro Snacks Park

Once there, the merchant tents are ready to welcome you. You will certainly get confused when choosing which menu you ordered. Because there are so many types of food from snacks to heavy.

In fact, there are also traditional Indonesian snacks for the typical snacks from different countries. The taste is guaranteed to be adapted to the local tongue. Intrigued by what are the menu choices in Bintaro Snacks Park? Let's look at the following list:

1. Fish care

Fishing trip through Adityamuliawan

Fishing trip through Adityamuliawan

Fish Streat is probably a cheap version of Fish & Co. Is the name almost the same? But remember, although a cheap version of Fish & Co., Fish Treat is not a "cheap" food that can be underestimated. Try one or two menu items then you are guaranteed to be very addicted to the menu there.

The 3 main menus and favorites of visitors are Fish and Chips valued at IDR 29,000, Seafood platter valued at IDR 35,000 per serving, and finally there is a Crunchy Crispy Calamary that costs the same as Fish and Chips, which is IDR 29,000.

For those who want to try Seafood Platter, you should know that the contents of the menu include grilled Dori fish, green mussels, grilled shrimps and grilled squid. Finish right?

This menu is then paired with yellow rice with a very dominant karinya flavor. Served with potatoes and a few raisins, a delicious treat is guaranteed. For those who want to visit, Fish Streat is open every day from 10am to 10.30pm.

2. Rice Uduk Pak Jhon

Rice Uduk from Mr. Jhon via Foody

Rice Uduk from Mr. Jhon via Foody

This is one of the pillars of Taman Jajan. This rice shop in Uduk is very busy and never empty of visitors. There is a unique story as to why this shop is called Pak Jhon Uduk Rice even though its real name is Marjono.

It appears that the study has been calibrated, Bp. Indeed, Marjono is often mentioned by Bp. Jhon was mentioned by everyone who knew him well, until eventually the name for this store appeared.

The menu served there is not only uduk rice, but there are also some side dishes like fried chicken, fried pigeons, fried catfish, fried duck, goat curry.

Pak Jhon Uduk rice is very popular for its fragrant rice and sprinkled with fried onions. Especially in combination with fried chicken side dishes in East Java. Certainly not surprised if this menu is a mainstay. Marjono store host open daily from 10am to 10pm.

3. Warung Pringga

Warung Pringga via Warungepay

Warung Pringga via Warungepay

Warung Pringga is a warung that serves Japanese and European special dishes at friendly prices. The main menu is Chicken Katsu, which costs IDR 38,000 with a serving of chicken pieces running nose and wrapped in crispy flour.

In addition, in combination with fries and also a fresh salad. This store is open Monday to Friday from 3:00 pm to 11:00 am and Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm & # 39;

4. Cubite people

The Cubite via Picluck

The Cubite via Picluck

Cubite presents a menu there with a pinch. Cakes are also a favorite snack when served in elementary school with a wooden cutting board decorated with the silhouette of a woman using chocolate powder. 7 pieces of cake arranged like this.

There are many flavors in Cubite, namely Meises, Oreo, Nutella, Greentea KitKat, Ovomaltine, to mini marshmallowYou can also order half-cooked cookie dough. The price for one serving is 14,000 IDR to 29,000 IDR.

5. Coffee archipelago

Kopi Nusantara via Foody

Kopi Nusantara via Foody

This coffee shop is very popular with coffee lovers in Jakarta. Because different types of local specialty coffee are served directly from different regions in Indonesia ranging from Toraja Coffee, Flores, Bajawa, Kakaya to Parindingan and other coffees.

You can also order Ice Caramel Latte as it is a set menu served with pancakes with additional ingredients ice fresh toppings. Certainly very tasty. Kopi Nusantara is open daily from 7am to 11pm.

6. Mr. Cobek Sambal Bebek

Mr. Duck Sambal Cobek via Qraved

Mr. Duck Sambal Cobek via Qraved

The next place to eat delicious food in Taman Bintan CBD Jajan is Mr. Duck Cobek Sambal. This restaurant has special dishes from some

You can try the duck meat with savory, crispy and of course the soft taste combined with the well-known green chili sauce.

If you're hungry, imagine your processed duck plus green chili, especially with hot rice that melts saliva. In addition to the main menu in the form of duck, you can also try processed fish, catfish and other chicken.

7. Ucok Durian Bintaro

Ucok Durian Bintaro

Ucok Durian Bintaro

Who doesn't love durian? This super tasty fruit can also be enjoyed in your Bintaro CBD snack garden. After Ucok Durian had great success with their branch in Lebak Bulus, they are now also opening a branch in Bintaro.

Warung who serves king of fruit It produces durian that is said to come from Medan and several other processed durian menus.

So that Ucok durian fans in Medan don't have to go all the way to Medan, you can also enjoy it in the Bintaro 7 sector.

Ucok Durian Bintaro

Bintaro CBD Jajan Park (except self-service day)

WhatsApp: 081381702010

Instagram: @ ucokdurian.bintaro and @ ucokdurian.lebakbulus


In addition to the above menu, there are other menus that are no less tasty, such as Palembang pempek. There is also toast in Indian specialties. Interestingly, the price of food there is very affordable compared to other cool places.

More than seventy food tents certainly provide a different atmosphere than the others. The neat, clean and comfortable layout is very popular with visitors. Even so clean, you will find a trash can in every store where you find food. The cleaning staff are also diligent and vigilant to maintain the cleanliness there.

You can also enjoy free food without the help of beggars, hawkers and street musicians. Not that you don't want to give, but you can eat quietly, that's an important point.

A glimpse of the Bintaro Snack Garden. I hope it is helpful. Do not miss it: Have a nice holiday to Taman Kota BSD Tangerang

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