The beauty of Bunaken Marine Park cannot make eyes blink!


Bunaken Marine Park is one of the natural resources of Indonesia whose beauty is commendable. How is that possible? Bunaken became the first Marine Park in the world and is still the most beautiful underwater tourism.

Due to the sea life and the calm waves, tourists from home and abroad do not want to separate themselves from tourism in this part of North Sulawesi.

Bunaken is located in the bay of Manado and has an area of ​​approximately 8.08 km2The Marine Park is located around the island of Manado Tua. This view is definitely a shame to miss.

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There are many types of coral reefs that are unique and striking. Don't miss the small underwater tunnel that makes this location heaven on Earth.

The beauty of the Bunaken Underwater World

The beauty of the Bunaken Underwater World

The basic history of Bunaken

Bunaken Marine Park has existed since 1400. Initially, this location was not a protected area, but only as a residential area. It was not until 1975 that underwater beauty was discovered by a group of divers from Manado, and finally Bunaken National Park was established in 1991.

There is a unique story during the discovery of this area. Fishermen aggressively warn divers not to dive in the area because it is inhabited by evil spirits.

But the warning was ignored and they eventually found a coral wall that is still overgrown with marine plants and many rare fish species.

In 2005, 16 years after Bunaken was founded, the National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNIESCO.

Bunaken means place to spend the night. The indigenous people come from immigrants from the Bowontehu Kingdom, one of the kingdoms in Manado Tua. In addition to Bunaken Island, they also live in Mantehage, Naen, Siladen, Naen, Bangka Island, Talise, Gangga and the north coast of the Minahasa Peninsula.

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How to reach Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken Marine Park Map

Bunaken Marine Park Map

Traveling to the National Park is very easy. There are currently 3 airlines on the way to Manado, namely Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air and Batavia Air. This takes about 3 hours. From Sam Ratulangi International Airport you can reach Manado Harbor in just 35 minutes.

To get to Bunaken you can use a taxi, rental car and more. In the middle of the Molas area Marina Blue Banter or Marina Nusantara Dive Center (NDC) with a travel time of only 30 minutes.

Marina Blue Banter while the travel time is faster for diving Marina Nusantara dive center takes about 20 minutes.

It is also possible to rent a motorboat at a cost of Rp 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 per group with a 45 minute journey from the port of Manado. Of course, the price of the speedboat in the port of Manado is cheaper than that MBB or NDC.

There is a special tip for making inexpensive intersections i.e. you can take a motorcycle taxi nearby. The price is only 100,000 rupiah per person and also departs from the port of Manado. But this ship was there at certain times, so not every hour.

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The perfect time for an eruption

You can really always go to Bunaken. But the best dive time is from May to August. The reason is that the sea water is warm and clear within 4 months. The waves are calm and temperatures between 26-31 degrees Celsius are quite comfortable for activities in the underwater research area. You can also leave in the morning because the visibility is good at 7am.

Entrance fee Bunaken

You can cheer for joy, since the entrance fee for Bunaken, also known as free, has been abolished since 2016.

Great underwater charm

The Bunaken Marine Park area covers an area of ​​approximately 75,265 ha with 5 core islands, namely Bunaken Island, Naen Island, Siladen Island, Manado Tua Island and Mantehage Island. Island children are also scattered around it. The total population of the five islands is roughly 21,000.

Geographically, Bunaken is indeed part of the waters in the "Golden Triangle". Because the "Golden Triangle" is a seawater route connecting the Papua Sea, the Philippine Sea and the Indonesian Sea.

For this reason, there are over 3000 species of fish, such as Napoleon fish and sea kingfishes that live only in the deep sea and are ancient animals.

Bunaken is also known for preserving mangroves and coral reefs. The potential in the organic part of the country is very rich and is inhabited by a variety of flora and fauna species.

Many things that visitors do there ranging from research, conservatory to just enjoying the beauty of the marine park, like riding a glass boat, snorkeling, to dive, underwater photo up to Sun,

You can see and do all of these activities from different points including Fukui, Lekuan 1, 2 and 3, Ron & # 39; s Point, Mandolin, Tanjung Parigi, Pangalisang, Sachiko Point, East Bunaken and finally Kampung Advance.

Photo of the beauty of the underwater park of Bunaken National Park

Here are some photos of the beauty of the sea beneath Bunaken National Park that you will always want to miss when you come here:

The underwater beauty of Bunaken National Park

The underwater beauty of Bunaken National Park

The underwater beauty of Bunaken National Park

The underwater beauty of Bunaken National Park

The underwater beauty of Bunaken National Park

The underwater beauty of Bunaken National Park

The underwater beauty of Bunaken National Park

The underwater beauty of Bunaken National Park

Door – Typically Bunaken

Traveling to a place naturally also wants to buy souvenirs that are typical of that place. Therefore, here is a list of typical souvenirs from the Bunaken area that you can buy there, namely Shake Nuts, Manado Balapis Cakes and Manado Dodol. There are also Cake Lights, Klapertaak, Cakalang Fufu and Halua Walnuts. You just have to choose and guaranteed to be very tasty.

Accommodation in Bunaken

Bunaken Beach Resort

Bunaken Beach Resort

Don't worry, there is no temporary place to stay as in Bunaken there are a number of hotels, resorts to cabins with all facilities complete with additional licensed dive instructors and foreign languages ​​ranging from English, German, French to Dutch.

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Tips for traveling in Bunaken

There are so many tips to see during your holiday in Bunaken. These tips include:

  1. Bring cash, so renting scuba gear and other costs is not complicated. Unlike Bali, Bunaken chose to preserve natural virginity without being hit by modern technology that could damage the features of the tourist village there.
  2. Be careful when choosing a dive point as there are some that are currently experiencing damage to coral reefs. You can choose from Pangalisang, Siladen, East Bunaken, Likuan and Fukui places with an average depth of 20 meters.
  3. Never damage a coral reef, throw any waste or even touch it, let alone move animals out of their habitat there.
  4. Find costs for the tour to minimize irresponsible fraud.
  5. Don't be afraid to ask as people from Manado are very friendly and easy going.
  6. Avoid visits from December to January due to flooding.
  7. Choose October to view the Bunaken festival.
  8. Plan your vacation to the full with full preparation of the accommodation.

Likewise, travel reviews Bunaken Marine Park, one of the most beautiful national parks and also the first marine park in the world. Could be useful.

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