The natural charm of the Saluopa waterfall in Poso is truly enchanting


DifaTourism, POSO – Saluopa Waterfall is one of the major tourist destinations in Tonusu Village, Pamona Pusulemba District, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi.

The view is insanely beautiful. Surrounded by shady trees. Neatly arranged natural rocks and beautiful view of clear water that flows from the top of the mountain for about 25 meters.

Uniquely, the Saluopa waterfall has 12 levels, forming a small pool on each level that can also be used for swimming or just soaking.

Dany, a local tourist from Palu City, admitted to being amazed at the natural beauty of Saluopa Waterfall. He said he felt comfortable visiting this place.

“I came here to witness the opening of the Poso Lake Festival. However, I heard that there is a beautiful waterfall in this place. That’s why I took the time to come here. good. It’s amazing that the scenery here is very beautiful,” he said.


Not only local tourists who visit this tourist attraction, also Dhasi, a tourist from Switzerland, has been in Central Sulawesi for a month for a tour. Earlier, Dhasi had visited Ampana and Poso.

“Wow! Very nice and beautiful,” he said.

Currently, Dhasi is in Tentena to enjoy the beauty of Saluopa waterfall. Moreover, the tourist destination of Saluopa Waterfall is the main tourist attraction of this year’s Lake Poso festival.

To enter a touristic location, every visitor first buys a ticket at a very affordable price. Only at five thousand rupiah per person.

Visitors then walk half a kilometer through a small forest surrounded by large and shady trees. The air is quite fresh and the air is cool.

The tourism manager, Syahrul, who is also a tourist attraction safety officer, said that almost every holiday, especially after holidays and weekends, this tourist location is packed with tourists. Not only from Poso Regency but also from outside Central Sulawesi and even from abroad.

“On holidays, it can reach thousands of visitors. On weekends, that is an average of one hundred to two hundred visitors,” he says.

“For those of you who want to visit this place, you only need to spend 5000 rupiah to enjoy the beauty of Saluopa waterfall,” he said.


To get to Saluopa Waterfall, you have to travel an hour and a half overland from the center of Poso City or 264 kilometers from Palu City. From Tentena, North Pamona District, to Saluopa Waterfall is only 12 kilometers away.

This waterfall attraction from Saluopa is one of the attractions of this year’s Lake Poso festival.


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