The opening of the Poso Lake Festival will be lively and lively


DifaTourism, POSO – The Lake Poso Festival (FDP) performance entitled “The Magnificent Enchantment of Central Sulawesi” astonished thousands of visitors who witnessed the opening of the FDP on the shores of Lake Poso, Pamona Village, Pamona Puselemba District, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi , Thursday (20/10/2022) night .

The opening of the Lake Poso Festival featured a variety of arts and culture native to the province of Central Sulawesi, including the colossal dance of 350 typical students of Poso, the Lake Poso Princess Parade, fashion show and Karambangan music.

Governor of Central Sulawesi Rusdy Mastura said at the opening of the Lake Poso festival: Central Sulawesi is like a little piece of heaven that God has found on earth. It is therefore not surprising that Central Sulawesi is a country rich in several potential natural resources.

Likewise with its exotic and majestic natural beauty. One of them is Poso Lake. The lake formed by tectonic activity is the third deepest lake in Indonesia with a length of 32 km and a width of 16 km.

“Lake Poso is a habitat for a number of endemic fish such as eels or more commonly known as sogili, eels and freshwater snails,” the governor said.

In addition, not far from Lake Poso, prehistoric megaliths are scattered along the slopes of Napu Valley, Besoa Valley, and Bada Valley.


“Of the remnants of this megalithic era, we have labeled the tourist attractions of Poso as Poso with 1000 megaliths. Because we know that megaliths in foreign countries like Korea are only about 1700 years old, but megaliths in Bada valley are 3000 years old. old man,” he said.

Prehistoric relics should be considered, the governor of Central Sulawesi said.

He said the Lake Poso Festival is an annual festival held on the lake since 1989 by displaying various cultural arts attractions from every district and city in Central Sulawesi.

During his trip, he continued, FDP got stuck due to the conflict in Poso Regency in the 2000s. After the conflict, the FDP was held again with the aim of removing the negative stigma and improving the image of tourism in Central Sulawesi province in general and Poso Regency in particular.

He hopes that this FDP can increase the number of tourist visits in Poso Regency and Central Sulawesi province. In the future, he hopes the Poso FDP can be included in Nusantara’s event calendar.

Poso Regent Verna Inkiriwang added that the Lake Poso festival was held as a means of promoting Poso tourism, but also as a means of proving to the outside world that Poso is very safe, comfortable and peaceful to explore the existing cultural and tourist charms to revisit. really amazing.

“We are focusing this year on implementing the FDP to bring in more tourists than in previous years. Indeed, the essence of cultural and tourist performances in Poso and Central Sulawesi in general is a place to promote tourist potential areas. and the very high cultural potential of Central Sulawesi,” he said.

For your information, for residents visiting the FDP location, there are three locations (locations).


The opening ceremony and performances of traditional music and dances were held in the Poso Lake Pavilion area, which is also occupied by creative economy players (ekraf). The products sold are well known in Indonesia and even abroad.

Then the second location in the old FDP area called Venue ‘Mangkoni’ (meaning to eat), this area is occupied by about 33 booths full of culinary businessmen and coffee businessmen.

The third location allows visitors to enjoy acoustic music performances in the Panorama Pine Forest area.

Earlier, the head of the Central Sulawesi Tourist Office, Diah Agustiningsih, said the collaboration between Central Sulawesi Dispar and Poso Dispar is expected to be attended by about 7,000 visitors, both residents of Poso and those from outside Poso and its environs. Sulawesi which lasted 3 days, Thursday-Saturday (20-22/10/2022).

“The area of ​​the site or the area of ​​​​the FDP implementation is about 5 square km this time, namely for the Lake Poso platform area to the old FDP site and other locations in pine forests,” he explained.

Diah added that some of the activities performed included performing traditional music and dances from different districts and towns in Central Sulawesi, burning bamboo rice (breaking the MURI record) and coronation of Putri Danau Poso.

The Lake Poso Festival 2022 is also supported by Central Sulawesi Bank, Bank Indonesia and PT Poso Energy.

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