Travel equipment you can get from Miniso and Daiso


Who can't resist buying nice things from Miniso or Daiso? Second retail brand: which is known for selling various kinds of goods at affordable prices, you can say it's heaven traveler, you know! How not, many travel items are sold at relatively affordable prices.

As any traveler knows, there are many essential items and travel essentials that must be prepared well in advance of the day of departure. For example neck pillow, bottle for storage toiletries or toiletries, travel pouch, and much more. Well, you can easily find all these needs at Miniso or Daiso.

Aside from the price factor, both retail brand: You can also find this on mall nearest. So you don't have to worry anymore, you have to stop by in many places to stock up your travel gear! Well, below are 10 essential Daiso and Miniso products that can help when: traveling. You must buy before you travel!

1. miniso neck pillow

travel gearOn a long journey it is better traveler save energy by sleeping so that when we arrive at our destination in peak condition and ready to explore new places. Well, you don't have to worry about neck pain when you sleep in a plane, train or car because there is a neck pillow that will help you to sleep more comfortably and firmer.

Price: 191,500 ID cards
Buy Miniso neck pillow at Shopee

2. Miniso eye patch

travel gearFor some people it is difficult to rest with the light on. You certainly don't want to be disturbed by lights on planes or trains during your break. So don't forget to buy an eye patch so you can sleep better, OK!

Price: 49,833 IDR
Buy miniso eye patch on Shopee

3. travel pouch small

travel gearNot just women, men need too travel bag, or a small bag for storing toiletries or skin care. Apart from making equipment traveling so neater. Later, when you need this kit, you can easily find it without disassembling the whole case and making a mess.

Price: 49,900 IDR
To buy travel pouch miniso at shopee

4. Refillable Bottles traveling small

travel gearTravelers will understand, not all hostels offer toiletries or full toiletries. Yes, that's why we need to be ready with our own toiletries. In order not to take up space, you need a few small refillable bottles that are suitable for different skin treatments.

So, so you don't get confused, Miniso will send it right away travel bottle set contains eight bottles that you can customize to your liking.

Price: 49,900
Buy Miniso refill bottles at Shopee

5. selfie stick also known as Miniso Tongsis

Travel equipment you can get from Miniso and DaisoYou don't want to miss those precious travel moments with your loved ones. That is why the selfie stick is an indispensable tool to always have in your travel bag.

This tool can help make selfie photos more aesthetically pleasing as the view on the phone screen will be wider. If you want to record the whole trip and make it like video diary or vlog You really need a stick to move around more easily if you have to walk around while recording with smartphone We.

Price: 59,900 IDR
Buy miniso tongsis at Shopee

6. Miniso Wet Wipes

Travel equipment you can get from Miniso and DaisoThis item should not be missing in the travel bag in any situation. There are many benefits, especially if you can't find water, wet wipes help to clean dirty hands, chairs, tables, even if your face is too sweaty, wet wipes can also be used to wipe your face to make it fresher to make. .

Price: 49,900 IDR
Buy Miniso Wet Tissue at Shopee

7. Daiso Luggage Tag

Travel equipment you can get from Miniso and DaisoDuring travel, luggage is usually mixed up by accident. To prevent this, it never hurts to mark your suitcase with a cute pendant. This is very useful for recognizing our own stuff, avoiding bringing other people's stuff and vice versa.

Price: 29,800
Buy Daiso Luggage Tags on Shopee

8. Cooling package daiso

Travel equipment you can get from Miniso and DaisoDo you want to travel to a tropical climate? Don't let the hot sun get in the way of the fun of your trip. Always take it with you cooler bag in the bag. This will help you feel more refreshed in hot weather.

Price: 29,800 IDR
To buy cooler bag Daiso on Shopee

9. Daiso Hand Fan

Travel equipment you can get from Miniso and Daisoif cooler bag alone is not enough to cope with the hot weather, don't worry, there is still a portable fan. You don't have to worry about running out of power because this fan moves manually, you just need to push the lever by hand until the fan turns.

Price: 29,800 IDR
Buy a Daiso hand fan on Shopee

10. Daiso Foldable Raincoat

Travel equipment you can get from Miniso and DaisoTourists should be prepared for various weather conditions, including rain. It will be very inconvenient if we have to put the umbrella in the bag traveling, agree? If you continue traveling in the rain with wet clothes, you run the risk of causing illnesses such as the flu.

You can replace the umbrella with a raincoat for this. The raincoat is not only easy to fold and does not take up much space in the bag, but also effectively protects the body from heavy rain.

Price: 29,800 IDR
Buy Daiso Packable Raincoat on Shopee

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