Tukul Dam Healing, New Way SDN 1 Karanggede Pacitan Celebrates Santri Day


DifaTourism, PACITAN – Still in the atmosphere of National Santri Day. This time, SDN 1 Karanggede, Arjosari District, Pacitan Regency, East Java was enlivened by enjoying the beauty of a local tourist destination, Tukul Dam.

Head of SDN 1 Karanggede Nanik Sugiati said the culmination of the National Santri Day celebration followed a series of activities held since October 18, 2022, starting with reading the Quran, memorizing juz amma and al barzanji.

“At the height of the celebration, we deliberately took a healthy walk to the Tukul Dam,” he said on Sunday (23/10/2022).

SDN-1-Karanggede-3.jpgAbsorb the atmosphere of the Pacitan Tukul Dam area. (PHOTO: Endah for DifaWisata Indonesia)

According to Sugiati, the aim of this activity is to introduce students to the existence of new tourist destinations about 1.5 kilometers from the school.

“In addition to knowing, students can also know the benefits of the Tukul Dam,” he explained.

Sugiati ruled that treatment while enjoying the natural atmosphere is the best choice because some students do not understand the benefits and functions of the Tukul Dam, which was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo in 2021.

“The Tukul Dam will function as a source of raw water, irrigation and flood management as its capacity has a capacity of 8.68 million cubic meters and a flood area of ​​44.81 hectares,” he explained.

SDN-1-Karanggede-2.jpgThe Tukul Dam in Karanggede Village, Arjosari is flanked by beautiful hills. (PHOTO: Endah for DifaWisata Indonesia)

It should be noted that Tukul Dam is the only dam in Pacitan that catches the water flow of the three telu rivers or rivers of Karanggede Village.

Not only that, in the future this dam is expected to become a new tourist destination for tourists.

The uniqueness of this gigantic water reservoir is its location in the middle of the crater, flanked by several hills, which makes the landscape very beautiful.

Another advantage of this place is that it is not far from other natural tourist destinations, Tirto Husodo Hot Springs and Jenderal Sudirman Monument.

Until now, the Tukul Dam has not been opened to the public because some of the infrastructure is still under construction.

“You are not allowed to enter the inner area. If you want to do work in the dam area, you must first get permission from the manager because there are various infrastructural work processes that have not been completed,” said security guard Parman.

Although they could not enter the interior, the enthusiasm of the students to be invited to heal was extraordinary. They claimed to be interested in knowing the only dam in the city with 1001 caves.

“It’s nice to be able to travel with friends and learn about the benefits of dams,” said fifth grader on SDN 1 Karanggede, Fika after enjoying the natural beauty around Tukul Dam while climbing the summit of the National Santri Day Commemoration in Pacitan.


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